All the affordable anti-chafing shorts that'll rescue your thighs this summer.

I reckon we can all collectively agree that summer is freaking great

The warm sun, the longer days and the outdoor barbecues...

But even good things come with downsides - like an increased amount of bugs, acne from sweating all day and the most annoying of all … thigh chafing.

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Every year, we try all the rogue tactics like applying deodorant or baby powder between our legs to stop the sweat, when really there is a much easier solution: anti-chafe shorts. 

Because, let's be honest, none of us want to end up looking like Ross Geller in that Friends episode where he dumped baby powder between his sweaty legs to help pull his leather pants back on.

We've all been there. Image: Warner Bros.


Now, if the thought of shorts underneath your dress stresses you out, the options we’re about to recommend are all breathable and comfortable

They're not like shapewear that'll restrict you on a 40-degree day - we are purely on a mission to stop that sweat rub. 

So we’ve gone ahead and found the best anti-chafe shorts for every budget - there’s even some for when you’re on your period. 

B Free Australia Anti Chafing High Waist Midi Cotton Shorts, $69.95.

Image: B Free, The Iconic.


The B Free Anti-Chafe shorts are suuuuuper stretchy and flexible so they're a great option for all body types. If you're someone who sweats heavily, these are a great option as the breathability is unmatched. 

Bella Bodies Coolfit Everyday Anti Chafing Shorts, $32.95.

Image: Bella Bodies.


The Bella Bodies Coolfit Anti Chafing Shorts come in three different shades and six sizes. They're cooling and super soft, but the best part is that they're seemless so you won't see them under your outfits. 

Snag Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts, $17.99.

Image: Snag.


The Snag Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts are designed to keep your body temperature down, so aside from banishing thigh sweat, they're designed to cool you down. Oh, and they're available in multiple different colours so you can match your outfits for fun. 

Taking Shape Australian Cotton Anti Chafe Short, $29.95.

Image: Taking Shape.


These cotton anti-chafe shorts come in so many vibrant shades that you could probably get away with wearing them on their own. Starting from a size 12 and going up to size 30, they're a great option for everyday wear. 

Modibodi Anti-Chafing Short, $50.

Image: Modibodi.


These Modibodi anti-chafe shorts are a lifesaver when you're on your period. Not only do they stop the sweat, but they also act as a period underwear so, you're getting two things for the price of one.

Big W Emerson Women’s Anti Chafe Short, $12.

Image: Big W.

Yes, you read that right. Anti-chafe shorts for $12. We'll take 10 please. All jokes aside, these are just as good quality as some of their more expensive counterparts, so if you want to stop thigh chafing on a budget, check these out.


Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts, $49.95.

Image: Sonsee.

These Sonsee anti-chafe shorts flatter curves and keep the thigh rubbing at bay. But if you don't believe us, just read the multiple 5-star reviews.

Ambra Curvesque Anti Chafing Short in Beige, $34.95.

Image: Ambra, MYER.


Invisible is the word we would use to describe these Ambra anti-chafe shorts. Invisible because you can't see panty lines underneath your clothes, but also because you barely know they're on when you're wearing them.

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Featured Image: Modibodi.

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