9 chic summer loungewear sets that will keep you looking cute and feeling comfy.

As a proud homebody, I’m not ashamed to admit that I spend the majority of my time in loungewear (if loungewear comprises an oversize t-shirt and a pair of pyjamas that I’ve had rotting in my closet for the last five years).

But to be honest, when you live in comfortable but not-so-cute clothes, you can sometimes end up feeling a bit meh

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A matching lounge set however, makes you feel like the opposite. Still keeping comfort in mind, chic loungewear can make you feel sophisticated and as if you have your whole life together — you also won't feel embarrassed when the postal worker comes to your door to drop off a delivery.

It's also a necessity if you’re a remote worker — at least when your manager springs a surprise video chat on you, you'll look presentable and not as if you scrambled to find a clean shirt in 0.3 seconds.

So, taking all of that into consideration, I knew it was time for me to invest in a home uniform that’s not so … daggy. If, like me, you also want to look presentable 24/7 while still remaining comfy, then keep reading, because these are the best sets I found.


Uniqlo Linen Blend Short Sleeve Pyjamas, $49.90.

Image: Uniqlo.

Cotton On Haven Short Sleeve Shirt, $39.99; Haven Wide Leg Pant, $49.99.

Image: Cotton On.


SANCIA The Ambra Pant, $199; SANCIA The Juliana Blouse, $159.

Image: SANCIA.


Target Mossimo Shirt, $35; Target Mossimo Maxi Slip Skirt, $40.

Image: Target.


Mossimo Woven Shirt, $35; Mossimo Wide Leg Pants, $40.

Image: Target.

Elm Emmeline Shirt Spliced Floral Print shirt, $99.95; Elm Emmeline Wide Leg Pant Spliced Floral Print, $99.95.

Image: Elm.


Suzanne Grae Linen Print Top; $69.95; Suzanne Grae Linen Culotte, $59.95.

Image: Suzanne Grae.


You + All Blue Abstract Short Sleeve Shirt, $49.99; You + All Blue Abstract Relaxed High Rise Shorts, $39.99.

Image: You + All.

Commonry Linen Shirt, $149.95; Commonry Flat Front Linen Pant, $169.95.

Image: Commonry.


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Featured Image: Suzanne Grae/Cotton On.

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