The 5 things you probably didn't know were impacting your teen's acne.

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Ahh the teenage years… we’ve all been there and if you're a parent, well that can be a whole new kettle of fish.

The mood swings, the rampant growth spurts and that great confidence crumbler, acne. Some people are lucky enough to go through life with nary a spot, while others struggle with painful breakouts not only on their face but their body as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that impact your teen’s acne and what you might be able to do to help with that journey.

1. Hormones

Look, this one is not really surprising to anyone. The overabundance of hormones raging through their bodies as they change and grow can cause an over abundance of oil that can cause blocked pores, papules, pustules and cysts – poor kids, it sounds delightful doesn’t it? In teenage boys or transgender teens undergoing testosterone therapy, the severity of this can be quite significant.

2. Bacteria

This really leads on from the above and once the pores become clogged this can then trigger a bacteria build up (in particular Propionibacterium acnes), that can be spread and really becomes self feeding and because its bacterial, easily spread.

3. Sugar

There is a lot of back and forth on whether sugars cause acne. According to Healthline, sugar can stimulate the production of hormones that can cause excess oil to be created and secreted by oil glands. It spikes your blood sugars and these spikes cause your body to create more sebum.

4. Clothing

Yes, clothing. 

Clothing that rubs on your skin can worsen acne… particularly bacne as well as other areas of the body. Preferably wear breathable fabrics and if working out, change clothes straight after (I know, trying to get a teen to change clothes, or into the shower or even change socks is a feat in itself... well, mainly for boys. IYKYK).

5. Mental health

According to Healthline, stress can trigger oil production, leading to acne. This creates a vicious circle. We all know it's important to look after our teens' mental health, and here is just another reason why. 


What can we do about it?

It all seems a lot and like I said, if it’s a teenage boy, just getting them to bathe is sometimes a win (we all know the scent of an early teenage boy’s room. It’s unique, eye-watering and it will eventually go away but remain burned into your olfactory memory forever).

Thursday Plantation has a product range specifically designed for acne and body acne including back acne, or “bacne”. Their key ingredient is tea tree oil, a natural ingredient with powerful cleansing properties, perfect for teenage skin. 

With teenagers, we need to keep it fast and simple so let's look at a two-step system that is easy for them to do (and stick to). 

Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne (Always read the label and follow the directions for use). Image: Supplied. 



Step one is to cleanse. Cleanse, not scrub the living daylights out of their face and body. 

The purifying power of tea tree oil penetrates build-up without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne is a deep cleansing, gentle soap free foaming face wash with the added benefit of chamomile to soothe skin redness and helps prevent acne to leave skin looking clearer, fresher and healthier. 

The Tea Tree Body Wash for Acne does the same but for the body. It’s a soap-free, in-shower cleanser specifically designed for those prone to body acne, including bacne which is so prevalent in teens (and teenage boys especially). It also contains lemongrass oil to help purify the skin and is refreshing.


Now you have cleansed the skin, step two in both face and body routine is to target the affected area. Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne is a concentrated, invisible gel made with 100 per cent pure Australian-grown tea tree oil which penetrates into the skin to dry out and reduce the symptoms of acne. 

It’s really that easy.

Once you get them committed to a routine as easy as this, you can then build upon this routine to make it a preventative skincare daily habit as opposed to a reactive response, but let’s go one step at a time.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne: Always read the label and follow the directions for use. 

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Thursday Plantation’s range of acne products are formulated with our natural ingredient, tea tree oil, which is made by nature, backed by science. Our acne range is gentle, making it perfect for teen skin. Shop the range from Australia and New Zealand.