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bells74 April 1, 2024

In my 32 years of working in male dominated industries I’ve found that is the only reason men leave marriages (or unless the wife had an affair). So predictable. 

bells74 February 18, 2024

( I have a 17yo) and understand how hard it’d be to let your son go because as mums we always hope the bad behaviour will improve or change with our love and guidance but maybe that’s what needs to happen. Tell him to go and live with his dad so you and your daughter can have a chance at a normal, peaceful life. 

bells74 February 14, 2024

Thankyou for reinforcing my belief ( that in most cases) ongoing therapy for life is not the desired outcome. 

My partner pays for his daughters (14yo) psychologist sessions and while he doesn’t begrudge it I have pointed out to him that maybe this one isn’t working out since she’s still going after 3-4 years. There is no underlying mental issue just a fckd up ex ( the mother) and (imo) actually the root of the problems. A previous psych actually refused to see his daughter anymore due to the mother interfering in sessions.  

bells74 February 14, 2024

I haven’t watched this since the first series but after seeing the train wreck (of some) Sundays committment conversations and watching last nights dinner party I’m in. Sara is nasty and embarrassing herself, and I can’t turn away. 

bells74 December 25, 2023

While he comes across as a d!ck, there’s a pretty good chance he says that classless stuff all the time. Did she expect he’d change just because they’re getting married? I doubt it,  she knows what’s she’s in for. 

bells74 December 25, 2023

Great advice. I alway wonder if people getting married is about a greater sense of security or being insecure. I was in a defacto relationship for 18yrs and always felt the kids were the real commitment not a bit of paper. Now 2 years into new relationship and have made it clear that I don’t do marriage. Ironically at the beginning he was never getting married again ( after nasty divorce), he has relaxed that thought but I remind him of my thoughts on it haven’t changed. I don’t need to prove or show my love by getting married. 

bells74 December 20, 2023

Just discovered anti chafing shorts myself and this review would have been more helpful if you also commented  on roll down of the waistband (Tradie rolls down- imo because  it’s too narrow ) and according to some reviews on Big W site so do the Emerson ones. Hopefully my Bonds one I’m testing Christmas Day don’t roll. But otherwise, thank goodness for these shorts. 

bells74 November 18, 2023

I haven’t seen  2 friends, that I grew up with for over 2 years but we still message on birthdays and know that life is just busy. I know though that when i do eventually catch up with one of them ( her 50th in January) everything will just be the same like we saw each last week. The other will be the same although who knows when one of us gets around to organising something. They’re the friends we need and should be. 

bells74 November 17, 2023

Here’s a tip from my mum ( and my nan to her) who has always had naturally grown and long nails. ( I’ve worn acrylics for 30 years).  The most flattering nail tip shape is one that is the same or similar to the shape of your nail bed. And pointy tips do not look good if you have a short nail bed. 

bells74 October 27, 2023

It all comes down to love - if you truly love your partner you’re there for the good, bad and worst times. Their true colours and feelings ( or lack of) come out when faced with confronting situations. 

bells74 October 22, 2023

Couldn’t agree more. While I’m a big online shopper, maybe out of necessity, I still prefer to try on a brand in store to see what the fit is like. Being curvier makes it difficult it to find pieces that are stylish, fit well and are flattering, being limited in stores makes the mental struggle of our bodies even more difficult. 

bells74 June 26, 2023

Influencers are easily influenced when free trips, gifts and money are offered. How anyone can trust influencers is beyond me. 

bells74 June 14, 2023

Really? I can’t believe people would question a parent about such a thing.  How sad that they are not busy enough in their own ( probably over exposed life) to see there is absolutely nothing wrong,  and a lot right, about not posting photos of your babies/toddlers on public forums . 

bells74 May 26, 2023

How I present to the outside world affects how I feel inside. If I look I good I feel good. I do better and have more confidence . For a while I let that slip a bit and then so did how I felt about myself.  Then I decided fck it I’m going to do my hair and makeup every morning even if I’m just going to the shops or my kids soccer. I just don’t care what others think of me and do what I need to to feel good. 

bells74 May 6, 2023

Quality over quantity every time.

Their high school behaviours are totally on them - although I imagine they’d take no responsibility for it. 
Good on you for finding your freedom and well being after such nastiness. 

bells74 April 29, 2023

My smile changed although I did eventually choose my own happiness  because I was too young to be so unhappy and didn’t see that changing while I stayed. Talk to your husband he might want out too and then you can learn to co parent in a way that is best for your son. It might just work. But you need to look after yourself too. Single parent families aren’t all bad. I grew up in one and in one now with my 2 boys. We are all okay and you both will be too. 

bells74 April 29, 2023

What a true hero you( and your husband) are to have adopted this boy and despite his behaviours are still standing next to him and loving him. My words won’t help but I hope by publishing your account again it highlights the struggles some parents have and something positive will come about to help you. You are truly amazing. 

bells74 February 20, 2023

The lack of humour people show is roll your eyes boring. There’s clearly a lot of personal hate in those reactions. Good on Miss Handler I say ( and yes I have kids) 

bells74 February 1, 2023

But that’s exactly what the producers wanted ( at Sandy’s expense sadly), controversy. 

bells74 December 25, 2022

My 94yo nan, who died a few months ago after an amazing life ,  always wore tacky Christmas earrings ( she didn’t think they were though 😁) so to honour and remember her I bought tacky xmas earrings for all the females and after doing a lucky dip for them we have worn them Christmas Eve and today. Everyone loved it and will cherish the earrings because of what they represent. That little thought put a smile on our all faces and knowing she’d have loved seeing us wearing them.