PSA: ALDI is selling a $90 massage gun plus a bunch of affordable exercise equipment.

OK, listen up.

As we're all aware, exercise equipment sold out pretty damn quickly when Australians first went into lockdown. So if you decided after a few weeks that you were in the market for a new yoga mat, well... good luck to you.

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Now that Victorians are back in the thick of it, we can all agree that exercise is one of the few ways to put our minds at ease right now. But when you can't go outside or enter a gym to do so, you have to get a little creative.

That's where ALDI comes in.

Next Saturday, August 15, ALDI is blessing us with another one of their Special Buys. This time, it's an exercise edition. The sale includes a fancy-yet-painful-looking massage gun, stupidly cheap activewear and some at home exercise equipment. 

But what we all need to remember is that ALDI Special Buys always sell out fast. The line begins early and there usually isn't much stock.

So to prepare us all ahead of August 15, here's a list of everything that will be on sale.

First up is the $89.99 massage gun.

Image: ALDI.


Over the past few years, plenty of fitness junkies have boasted about the benefits of massage guns. They are designed to massage the muscles and aid recovery post-workout.

With this ALDI version, customers have already noticed that it looks pretty similar to the Theragun, a popular massage gun that retails for $899. So for $90, that's a bloody bargain.

Next, they'll be offering a few other pieces of exercise equipment for your home gym: a $199 boxing bag with a stand, $14.99 boxing gloves and mitts, and a $199 spin bike.

Image: ALDI.


Image: ALDI.


Or if you're looking for some equipment that doesn't take up as much space, the ab mat, ab roller and massage stick (all $7.99) might be more fitting.

Image: ALDI.

And of course, the sale includes affordable activewear to wear alongside your new equipment.


Image: ALDI.

For us ladies, there will be floral and black leggings ($14.99) and fitness tanks ($7.99), and for men and women, there will be hoodies ($19.99), track pants ($12.99), runners ($29.99) and socks ($5.99).

Lastly, there will be affordable supplement and protein powders, reusable water bottles and a heart monitor.

Check out the whole list here.

What will you be getting your hands on at this ALDI Special Buys? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: ALDI.