Aldi's bringing back their $10 salt and pepper grinders and precisely everyone's losing it.


In very important news, Aldi is bringing back their $9.99 electric salt and pepper grinders and fans are excited.

Not only are they the most aesthetic kitchen gadgets we’ve ever seen, they’re battery-powered (and yes, the batteries are included), and thanks to their unique design, they won’t leave your kitchen counter littered with salt and pepper bits long after the salt and pepper grinding is done. You see, the little silver ‘crushing’ mechanism actually sits at the top of the bottle and is automatically activated once you flip it upside down, meaning you don’t need to exert an iota of energy.

aldi salt and pepper grinders
The future is here. Image: Aldi.

Even better, each grinder is just $9.99 and they come in black, white, light blue, navy, teal and plum. They're even a bit of a dupe for this designer $139, non-electric set from Menu.

The salt and pepper mills previously appeared in a 2018 Aldi catalogue and sold out immediately, leaving many fans disappointed.

Sharing the find, Aldi superfan, Tammy of the Instagram account @aldiloversau, posted about the nifty device which is set to go on sale next Wednesday, June 10.

"Community Service Announcement. Those salt and pepper grinders are back Wednesday 10 July. Prepare for chaos!" she wrote.

aldi salt and pepper grinders
So pretty. Image: Aldi.

Hundreds of excited followers replied to her post, commenting with their glowing recommendations:

"Yaaaay, I stupidly only bought one last time been kicking myself ever since," wrote one very keen bean.

"I’ve been waiting so long for those grinders!!!" shared another.

"Just love my set bought them about two years ago. Still going really well," wrote a third.

If you do find yourself perusing the aisles of Aldi on July 10, their Special Buys is bursting with goodies for the home.


Also on offer are a variety of 100 per cent French Linen Sheet Sets for under $100, a Scandi Floor Lamp for $69.99 and a very chic Elwood Chair for $119, which we'd love to sit ourselves into.

aldi salt and pepper grinders
Image: Aldi.



So mark next Wednesday in your diary, or miss out at your own peril.

The FOMO will be very real.

Will you be buying an electric salt and pepper grinder from Aldi this week? Tell us in a comment below.