We tried the $15 Aldi fitness tights people reckon are 'perfect'. Here's our verdict.

Make brunch plans.

(Or book in a class at the gym, whatever floats your boat).

Check out Sam Wood’s exercise tips for bums and legs. Post continues after.

There’s a pair of leggings at Aldi for $15 that just might inspire you to start exercising. At the very least, they’ll give you a fun activewear wardrobe staple that’ll fool people into thinking you do.

Ta-daaa. Image: Supplied.
And here they are lying casually on the couch. Image: Supplied.

Designed with a vibrant hibiscus pattern, the quirky tights were from last weekend's Aldi Special Buys AKA that rogue aisle that never fails to stop you in your tracks, even when you just came for toilet paper.

And we're not the only ones loving the superstore's fitness range sick:


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I cannot stress enough how much I love @aldiaustralia’s fitness tights. I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars over the years on various brand name ‘performance’ running tights, but none has ever come close to fitting as well, lasting as long or being as comfortable as these. They never get saggy or shapeless, the designs are cool, and the high waist is ????????. They’re perfect for #teamthickthighs runners like moi. And the best bit: THEY’RE ONLY FIFTEEN BUCKS! I bought two pairs last year and wore them exclusively throughout my @nycmarathon training and the marathon itself. This year’s fitness gear has just gone on sale at Aldi today and I snapped up these beauties. This isn’t an ad or anything, I just really genuinely love them! If you’re an Aussie runner, do yourself a favour and give these a try! . . . #aldifinds #aldiaustralia #aldi #aldiloversau #runner #running #runninggear #runchat #runningmumsaustralia #runningmum #rundownunder #runningmom #instarunner #sydneyinstarunners #marathoner #marathonmum #nycmarathon #marathonmom #runhappy #runnerscommunity #inkedrunner #womenwhorun #womensrunningcommunity #runlikeagirl #igrunners #womenrunning #hibiscus #thickthighsthinpatience

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How good are the @aldiaustralia high waisted tights!? #aldiaustralia #aldifinds #aldispecialbuys

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Not only are they super affordable, they might just be the most comfortable pair of leggings we've met in a very long time.

How they look.

Three-quarter length and designed with a high waist, not only do they cover up your FUPA, they don't cut in to your tummy making for extra comfort.

They're also made from quite thick material - but not sweaty - which is both good for winter and means you can bend over without showing everyone your bum.



How they feel.

Like you're wearing nothing at all.

... Ok, not quite.

But they are very slinky.

They do run small - so opt for a size up.

Put to the test:

I wore them around the office for an afternoon and not only did I not get fired, I managed to do a whole range of fun, leggings-appropriate activities.

Such as:

Stretching. Image: Supplied.
This yoga pose. Image: Supplied.
... And my favourite activity to do in leggings: sitting. Image: Supplied.

The only con with this super-budget friendly pair of tights is that after a while, they did start to fall down a bit as the elastic wore. But that could have been a size issue.

The tights were part of last weekend's special buys, available until sold out. BUT good news: ALDI has multiple fitness themed Special Buys throughout the year, so you'll be able to pick up these tights in different colours/patterns sometime soon if you keep your beady eyes peeled.

You can snap 'em up and still have change for a large McDonald's fries, which you can totally eat guilt-free because buying activewear is pretty much the same as exercising.