The less than $25 kitchen gadget Chrissie Swan uses to make herself feel like a MasterChef.

Everyone knows that if you can’t cook, the best plan is to divert the attention of the person eating your food to something else.

Burnt cake? Cover it with neon green icing! Over poached your eggs? Pop on some edible flowers! Souffle totally flopped? Just kidding, us terrible cooks know souffle is at least a level nine and thus best steered clear of.

Anyway, you get the gist.

Now Chrissie Swan has found the ultimate distracting tool (or finishing touch, if your baking always goes to plan like Swan) that will also make you feel like a total Masterchef.

The Microplane.

A fancy grater, it can be used on spices, hard cheeses or citrus skin, “letting you create the magic dusts that pack a flavourful wallop”.

The radio host and TV presenter proudly showed off her school fete creation on Instagram over the weekend, complete with microplaned zest.

“Lemon slice for the school fete. Feeling a bit up myself with the grated lemon zest, to be honest,” she wrote.


“Also do you own a microplane grating thingie? Such an essential and underrated kitchen thing! Use mine all the time.”

Her followers were quick to share the love for the fancy ‘grating thingie’.

“My favourite utensil ever! Wait till you try it on chocolate on mousse at the table in front of people! Call me Mrs Oliver,” wrote one fan.

“I bought two microplanes after watching episode upon episode of Nigella Lawson using them. I think I was hoping if I had one I’d look like her. Didn’t work,” wrote another.

Usually retailing anywhere from $35 to the $80 mark, we found some currently on sale for just $22.95.


So what's so good about it? Apparently, it's made from surgical-grade stainless steel, meaning "a Microplane doesn't grate food so much as it shaves it with razor-sharp rows of tiny acid-etched blades."

So no, it won't cook stop your dinner from burning when you get distracted on Facebook, but it's the little touches that really count.

Oh and Chrissie - can we have that lemon slice recipe too please? We're drooling.