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alix12 October 10, 2021

Can we please stop pretending that motivational speakers with zero qualifications or training, have anything to teach us about health or diet or exercise? Please stop giving these people oxygen. It's harmful.

alix12 September 23, 2021

Please do not take motivational speakers advice on anything. Not even motivation. 

alix12 September 15, 2021

@rush yes! So much skincare advice on social media is by and for people under 20 who have got totally different skin to people in their 40s and up. I live James Welsh but we have totally different skin types so if he raves about something, I'm not rushing out to buy it. If you're aware of the skin type of the influencers you follow, it helps with the FOMO. 

alix12 September 13, 2021

@chrissyb Agree! I just have no real interest in children, which is probably a great sign I shouldn't have them! Everyone says it's different when they're yours, but I mean, why would I put myself through all that for something I don't even want in the first place? People seem to think that women are a binary of either nurturing mother or bitter old childless hag. There never seems to be an option of "not for me thanks".

alix12 September 2, 2021

Your last sentence is just good general advice for everyone. Stop handing out unsolicited advice, full stop. It's usually the messiest people trying to tell others how to live anyway.

alix12 September 2, 2021

This is such an important message. I went to my uni gym (as a 40 year old staff member) and told the very young trainer I wanted a plan for strengthening my body, but I wasn't that interested in weight loss. He was fantastic. Didn't mention food once, wrote me a plan that started slow and I could build on. I feel like really young people have grown up with more of an understanding of inclusivity and sensitivity to mental health and disordered eating. These were things it was embarrassing to acknowledge or talk about when I was a teenager. I have so much hope for the next generation. 

alix12 August 6, 2021

@ak87 primer doesn't feel tacky to the touch, it's tacky in that it's a base layer that grips your foundation and stops it sliding off your face.

And mixing a full coverage foundation with a dab of moisturiser or oil to thin it out is something people have been doing for decades. And you absolutely can apply a small amount of full coverage foundation with a wet sponge over a really hydrated base to get a more natural finish. I do it frequently.

alix12 August 4, 2021

Hacks are supposed to make your life easier, how is this making life easier? If you don't have BB and want a natural finish with your foundation, just use a very small amount and blend it out with a damp sponge. Mixing with primer seems counter productive since primer is supposed to provide a tacky base for your foundation to sit on top of.