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alix12 April 2, 2022

I would love to recommend the podcast Maintenance Phase. It's primarily to debunk diet fads and the wellness industry, but it's also really great at explaining anti fat bias and digging into the lived experiences of fat people (one of the presenters is a self-proclaimed "fat lady about town").  One of the main takeaways is that weight and health aren't the same thing. People expressing concern about fat people's health, never ask them for health markets like resting heart rate, BP or cholesterol levels. It's always about weight. People basically just need to mind their own business.

alix12 April 1, 2022

@shellroberts why are you so invested in a reality tv show? Like, there is real stuff in the world to be concerned about. 

alix12 March 22, 2022

I literally can't tell the difference between the sides.

alix12 March 7, 2022


Agree with both these comments. Be honest about what the thrill of getting caught really is, the thrill of bringing in a non-consenting person into your sex life. It's so incredibly violating, A woman was recently sexually assaulted on a hiking trail near where I live, if I turn a corner and see a man on top of someone, I'm coming in with a branch and a lot of profanity.

alix12 March 4, 2022

Spends her career selling women an unrealistic image to aspire to.

"Why are women so insecure about themselves? I thought we were past this. Oh well, guess it's a mystery we'll never solve.."

alix12 January 24, 2022

I've been doing the exact same thing. Ironically, I make more money in my 40's but I spend way less on clothes. Everything I buy is op shop or sustainable fashion. I knit or crochet any woollen items. Not having fast fashion in my wardrobe means everything lasts a lot longer and I enjoy wearing it more as the quality is better. Could never go back to constant shopping now.

alix12 January 22, 2022

The older I get, the more I value my "boring" relationship. When I was in my 20's I thought fighting and making up all the time was "passionate" and meant your relationship was important. Now I look back on it as exhausting and fighting to stay with someone clearly incompatible as a total waste of time. I have enough complications in life with work and my house and starting a business, I don't need it in my love life. Stable, reliable, respectful and caring are what matters. If your partner literally tries to make your commitment physically painful, RUN 

alix12 January 20, 2022

@snorks source? Being a human woman in a world where the double standard for physical attractiveness exists? But please do let me know of any men constantly being told to spend thousands of dollars a year on geting their hair and nails done, body hair waxed, cosmetics, skincare products, facials and cosmetic surgery, plus trying to find time to go to the gym. 

alix12 January 20, 2022

@krispy I find that very hard to believe too

alix12 January 19, 2022

@dee dee 100%, this guy doesn't sound like a nice guy at all. He sounds like a lazy, controlling man child. Women in general need to raise their standards. When I think of the years wasted on men who were emotional toddlers, not looking for a partner in life, but another mummy, I get so mad at myself. It sounds like the author is grieving for the life she might have had with this man (if he'd been a better person), not the actual life she had with him. Being alone is a thousand times better than climbing into bed with another person and feeling lonely. 

alix12 December 20, 2021

She's a national treasure!

alix12 December 20, 2021

@poodletime it's not a secret, women in the Mediterranean have been using it for centuries. No one is taking issue with it as a moisturiser. They're taking issue with a 52 year old millionaire saying the reason she looks 30 is because she slaps olive oil on her face. If that were true, every woman in Greece would be a supermodel.

alix12 December 15, 2021

@caz I was in the prime demographic for this show when it aired and I watched it, but I never identified with it. Even as a young woman making a lot of dumb mistakes myself, these characters were insufferable. I didn't and still don't understand the appeal of Big. He's rich and treats you like garbage? Next please.

alix12 December 11, 2021

@robynmurray42 it's illegal to ask a job applicant their age at any stage of the recruitment process according to the Age Discrimination Act 2004. I suggest you report any websites or companies doing so to Fair Work Australia.

alix12 December 8, 2021

You should never hassle anyone to drink alcohol, no matter if they're a friend or not. Offer once and if they decline offer something else. Don't ask why or make a big deal if it. You have no idea why someone is saying no to a drink: alcoholism, religion, health issue, pregnancy they don't want to disclose yet. The drinking culture in Australia is truly toxic sometimes, and I say this as someone who loves a tipple.

I think most of the advice in this article is just "be considerate" which should apply to everyone.

alix12 December 5, 2021

100% agree. It's pretty telling that a woman who was, at worst, rude, was and is treated worse than actual sex offenders.

And she was totally correct about Knocked Up. Apatow has form for writing deeply sympathetic and sweet male characters while the women are basically just personality free placeholders or actively unpleasant.

alix12 November 24, 2021

La Mer is over-rated. I was given a jar once and ended up giving it away because it STINKS. It feels super old fashioned like it was designed for older women who think their products have to smell like perfume to feel expensive. The scent is strong, fake and it lingers on your face so it's all I could smell all day. I guarantee even a jar of $2 vitamin E cream from Coles is better.

alix12 November 24, 2021

How about we stop promoting the idea of The One in a world of 6 billion people? The idea of a soulmate it's romantic, but t's statistically unlikely that there is only one person you  can spend your life with happily. People grow and change over their entire lives. You find the person who fulfills your needs at that time. It's that simple.

alix12 November 22, 2021

@georgio there are always exceptions, but by far most relationships where a much older man dates a woman who's practically still a child, is not healthy or equitable. I dated several men who were 10+ years older than me when I was a teenager and in my early 20's and my experiences mirror the article authors. They weren't bad people, but in hindsight, they were slightly pathetic.

alix12 November 21, 2021

@talezassian seems like it would have been less work and money to just pay a sex worker.