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alix12 December 4, 2022

I don't know why we are still so obsessed with what people are doing in the northern hemisphere. Why should we care about autumnal colours, leather and felt hats in summer in Australia? Are we supposed to remember that this stuff is trendy in 6 months when we go into winter? 

alix12 November 25, 2022

@mystal84 absolutely. Microdosing is being used in other countries with really incredible results. We've legalised medical cannabis treatments, why can't we legalise this for use under medical supervision? How can you legally be prescribed opioids which are highly addictive,, destroy lives and have created a thriving illicit drug market, but you can't be prescribed non-addictive substances derived from mushrooms that grow wild in Australia that Australians can literally go out and pick themselves? 

alix12 October 16, 2022

@mish11 then you're willfully ignoring all those who've been irreparably damaged by it. How many churches are being forced to sell property to pay damages for systematic child abuse? How many LGBTQ kids took their own lives or were disowned because of religious parents? How many girls were forced to give birth to children that were the result of abuse because religion forbade abortion? 

alix12 September 28, 2022

Maybe it's just me, but a man who constantly publicly praises me all over social media is not "husband goals" to me at all. That sounds awful. It's enough for me that my husband shows ME love and respect. He doesn't have to perform it for strangers for likes. It's weird and creepy. 

alix12 September 24, 2022

Forever New is still fast fashion. If you're going to buy a statement staple like a trench coat, the idea is to invest in good quality, well made items that will last for years. Nothing from a fast fashion brand qualifies.

alix12 September 21, 2022

@michelle.james137 how is it public if it's, not only a private business, but you have to pay a fee to be there? I would question that legal advice. 

alix12 August 29, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I have worked at multiple universities and in several creative industries where these outfits would be fine in the office. I've worked in offices attached to heavy industry where high vis was de rigeur and these outfits would be too dressy "Office" doesn't imply anything about the type of business or the dress that's deemed appropriate. "Corporate" does though.

alix12 August 28, 2022

You look lovely and there is some good advice here (ditch underwire bras!). I work in a pretty relaxed office too so anything goes. I think less people in the comments would be taking issue if you dropped the word "corporate" all together since these outfits are more casual or smart casual. "Corporate" infers a very specific type of workplace, like a law or finance firm where suits, ties and strict standards of professional dress are adhered to. But that shouldn't mean the rest of your great advice is ignored. I have been looking for a great blazer and thrift all the time, but never thought to look in the men's section!

alix12 August 27, 2022

@rush this is exactly it. 15 year old YouTube influencers with perfect skin, towelling on layers and layers of makeup is an incredibly unrealistic way to apply makeup if you ever want to leave the house or be observed in natural light. I'm all for people having fun and expressing themselves with makeup, but when you have young girls who think they need to spend hours contouring their face into an entirely new shape just to leave the house, it's not healthy. I was a teenager in the 90's and none of my friends were makeup at all unless we were going out. We never even thought about about it. It makes me sad that that has been lost to some extent. 

alix12 August 24, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 men literally never hold other men to account. We know not to expect that. As always, it falls to women to try and make men behave decently

alix12 July 26, 2022

I've been trying to phase social media out of my life to regain some mental space and Instagram just made it easier to delete this app. Thanks for being terrible as always, Facebook!

alix12 July 26, 2022

@mustlovebooks he's been creeping on Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things since she was a literal child if you want and indication of how much of a creep he is.

alix12 July 26, 2022

Excellent article. Now I'm 42 I was looking forward to becoming "invisible" the way many older women report they do. I thought it would be wonderful to not have to worry about being groped and harassed because men didn't find me attractive any more. And now I have to worry about some douchebag feeling sorry for me instead and giving me flowers? The best gift a woman could ever get is men leaving her the f**K alone

alix12 July 21, 2022

@dolphin_girl41 yet here you are reading and commenting on an article about who she was dating so clearly you do care...

alix12 July 20, 2022

@rush yeah anyone over 35 with an internet connection and a passing interest in her music has known this for decades.

alix12 July 11, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 so because you choose to read articles about her being criticised, you think SHE sounds exhausting? Honey, someone is exhausting here and it ain't her

alix12 July 10, 2022

Listening to the podcast Maintenance Phase really hit home for me how the diet industry is really a massive scam that sets people up to fail. Highly recommend it if you are interested in a really well researched, funny and compassionate exploration of food and exercise fads.

alix12 July 1, 2022

Why let one ignorant idiot ruin this for you? It's not like it's the instructor who said that. 

alix12 July 1, 2022

Complaining about poms in Bondi is like complaining about Aussies in Shepard's Bush. Just get out of the backpacker tourist havens and you'll find a country full of different people. Hell, drive 20 minutes to Marrickville and you'll find Greek, Vietnamese and Lebanese communities. I never understand why people go directly to the areas where specific people are known to congregate and then complain it's full of those people. 

 Cadbury is trash, but I honestly can't taste the difference between the British stuff. It's all rubbish, cheap chocolate. There is plenty of great chocolate to be found in Australia like Koko Black, Hello Tiger, Haigh's (which is an institution) and Mrs Peacock.

Christmas in summer is the best. If you're going to make the effort to travel to spend time with friends and family, being able to swim, bbq, and sit under trees to eat and relax, beats the hell out of huddling inside a too small house where you can't get away from each other.

alix12 April 2, 2022

I would love to recommend the podcast Maintenance Phase. It's primarily to debunk diet fads and the wellness industry, but it's also really great at explaining anti fat bias and digging into the lived experiences of fat people (one of the presenters is a self-proclaimed "fat lady about town").  One of the main takeaways is that weight and health aren't the same thing. People expressing concern about fat people's health, never ask them for health markets like resting heart rate, BP or cholesterol levels. It's always about weight. People basically just need to mind their own business.