Zoë Foster Blake just shared the 3 cleansing 'rules' she follows that'll give you better skin.

Zoë Foster Blake just shared her face routine with us and we need to talk about it indefinitely.

Because as a successful beauty mogul and founder of one of Australia's biggest skincare brands, Go-To Skincare, she just knows a lot of stuff. Including what's good to put on your face.

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That's why we were peeing-our-pants-excited when she recently posted a skincare tutorial to celebrate her new product, Very Amazing Retinal. (You can read our full review on Go-To's new retinal it here).

"I'm going to take you through my nightly routine with this guy," she begins, holding the new product. And yes, please tell us more.

And guess what? She does! Including some golden nuggets about what she does to cleanse her skin every day. These are the 'rules' she follows:

1. You should probably double cleanse.

If you're a very smart person who wants to look after their skin, chances are you probably wear sunscreen every day. You also might always wear makeup. Or, y'know, sweat and stuff.

If this is you, you might want to get into the double cleansing game, said Zoë

"I start with a double-cleanse," she tells us, pumping a couple of squirts of Go-To Fancy Face cleansing oil in her hands, "I do this because I wear sunscreen every day — which, if you're using vitamin A such as this serum, you'll also be using a sunscreen every day — and makeup."

See! Told ya.

While double-cleansing sounds like a chore (we can see you rolling your eyes from here!), it's a fantastic way to get rid of oil, dirt and build-up that would otherwise cause congestion.


"As I've told you many times before, cleansing oil is just a really thorough way to get rid of every little bit of makeup and build-up throughout the day," Zoë said, massaging the formula into her skin.

2. For best results, start with an oil cleanser.

Oil cleanser is a fun time, you guys. Especially if you feel like taking makeup off is always a real slog.

"Now, double cleansing is not essential but if you're not using an oil cleanser, why not?" she said, smiling. "No, but you get a really good cleanse."

"You also get a bit more of a manual cleanse with a cloth as well," she said, removing the oil cleanser with a warm, damp muslin cloth.

"The thing about cleansing also is that if you're going to spend good money on good serums and creams, and all the good stuff, please do your best to make sure your face is completely clean."

Which kind of makes an awful lot of sense, no?

3. Cleanse for one whole minute.

Another very excellent tip she shared? Don't put cleanser on your face for like, five seconds and wash it right off right away. Why? Because it doesn't do a lot. Also, massaging cleanser into your face always feels nice, so as if you wouldn't??

"Please cleanse for at least 60 seconds," said Zoë. "That's how you're going to get the best results."

We love the best results!

The last step? Admire how stupidly clean, and lovely your face is.

Do you agree with the cleansing steps? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@zotheysay.

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