CULT BUY: "I might just marry Zara Beauty's new $20 matte lipsticks, they're that good."


Lipsticks are certainly not the first things that spring to mind when you think about Spanish fashion retailer Zara.

Affordable-ish versions of designer trends, yes. Wonderful blazers and tailoring that doesn’t cost a million bucks, sure. Funky designs you’re not sure you’ll ever be able to pull off, absolutely

But not beauty. Until now, that is.

Zara is the latest fashion house to dabble in the beauty space because, why not?

Side note, here are some makeup artist-approved tips the keep your lipstick from smearing all over your face. Post continues after video.

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The brand’s first beauty offering available to buy online and in-store features lip crayons, lip liners and liquid lipsticks, but it’s the Zara ULTIMATTE Lipsticks, $19.95, that have well and truly blown my mind.

The range comes in 12 shades from deep plums and vibrant reds right through to sheer nudes, with corresponding lip liners to pair if you’re really passionate about your lip products. Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath is also a fan, so that’s nice.

First impressions: These lipsticks look premium.

zara lipstick
I wish I looked this chic. Image: Zara.
zara lipstick
So photogenic. Image: Zara.
Not quite as chic on my balcony, but still beautiful. Image: Supplied.

The packaging is beautiful - the lippies come in a matte navy tube that feels substantial holding it in your hand. They are also magnetic, so you get a lovely 'click' feeling when opening and closing. It's the kind of lipstick that sparks joy seeing it on your desk during the day or reaching for it in your handbag.


That's all great, but is the Zara lipstick any good?

Yes. Yes, it is.

I've tried the Zara ULTIMATTE Lipstick in two shades: a blue-based firenegine red called UM15 and UM04, a colour I'd describe as an autumn nude.

As advertised, the formula is matte but it's not at all drying. The velvety, creamy texture enriched with vitamin E applies like a dream, which is great for anyone who has the propensity to eff up their lipstick.

The rounded, sharp tip of the lipstick is also nicely angled, making it easy to follow the natural shape of your lips. (A little tip: I start in the centre of my lips and apply a swipe of product with the angled edge of the lipstick from the top corners of my cupid's bow inwards to the centre, then draw outwards for a non-wonky lip line every time.)

The Zara lipsticks are basically the Goldilocks of matte lippies: highly pigmented, long-lasting, non-drying and it doesn't feel like your lips will crack into a million pieces when you smile or speak.

Here's the nude shade in the tube... Image: Supplied.
... And on my face. Image: Supplied.
Here's the red... Image: Supplied.
I'm obsessed with this shade of red. Image: Supplied.

The other thing you need to know is, the Zara lipsticks truly do last. Can confirm, they'll make it through sips of water, coffee, speaking and lunch (blot excess off before you eat then reapply as needed). And all of this for $20, which is more affordable than some pharmacy-stocked brands.

Final thoughts on the Zara ULTIMATTE lipsticks?

If I was ever going to legally wed an inanimate object, it would be one or both of these lippies.

Have you tried the Zara lipsticks yet? Are you more of a lipstick person or a lip balm fan?

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