13 Twitter reactions that accurately sum up how the world feels about Zara's new logo.

While we weren’t looking, something curious happened.

You see, Spanish fashion label Zara stealthily unveiled a brand new logo across all of their social media platforms.

It’s almost as if they thought nobody would notice…

But they did.

The new Zara logo features the signature four capital letters from the 2011 logo most of us can pick out of a crowded shopping centre, but overlapping in a different font.

She’s a bit fancy. And the R has a lot of flair.

The old Zara logo designed in 2011. Image: Twitter.
The snazzy 2019 Zara logo, thoughts? Image: Twitter.

Some customers feel the overlapping design of Zara's new logo fairly accurately depicts what it's like trying to squeeze yourself into their clothes in the change rooms, or fight for the last blazer on the shop floor.

Others with design sensibilities say the new look logo is an assault on the eyes.

And then, there are those who can't really see what all the fuss is about. Those who actually... quite like the new logo, thank you very much.

There are a lot of emotions, so we rounded up the 13 best tweets that summarise exactly how the world feels about the new-look Zara.

Here we go:






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