"I got my colleagues to share their MAC lipstick favourites, and now I'm inspired."

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Hello, my name is Leigh Campbell, and I have a confession to make.

Having been a beauty writer for 15 years now, I’ve probably tried more makeup products than currently sit in your local MECCA.

But for some reason, I only think to wear lipstick for really special occasions. Like when I have to go to a fancy work event, or get invited to a charity ball, or to my own wedding.

Which is silly, because so often I arrive to the office in the morning and see my chic co-workers wearing amazing lip colours and it reminds me that I really need to get into wearing lippie more often.

A – Because it makes everything look really together, but B – also because it’s a much faster look than my go-to smokey winged liner.

So, I asked the stylish women I work with to spill when it comes to their favourite M.A.C Cosmetics lippies.

(Side note: I actually did wear a MAC lipstick on my wedding day. I took myself to one of the counters and explained I wanted a soft nudey-pinky-rosey-dusky colour – women and their descriptions, huh? – and ended up going for Faux, a lovely creamy satin in a muted mauve-pink. I loved it.)

Why MAC? Because the brand boasts seven different textures in over 200 shades. It’s the O.G. – and with a range like that it’s safe to say everyone has a fave. Here they are:

Eloise wears Diva Matte Lipstick, $36.


"This lippie does what the name implies, turning my makeup from day to night in a few seconds. It's perfect to throw in your handbag for after work drinks.

"It's a dark shade but it isn't scary to wear, and MAC's nailed it with a formula that doesn't dry my lips out, but also doesn't have my hair sticking to it in a hefty breeze. It's honestly the LBD of lippies."


Amy loves Chili Matte Lipstick, $36.


"Chili and I have had a lot of fun together. During the past week we've been to work (meh) and out for dinner, we even shared a croissant.

"The brownish orange-red shade suits my warm colouring perfectly. but possibly the thing I like the most is the formula - matte but not dry. For me, MAC matte lippies strike the perfect balance between being creamy, but not shiny.

"Word of warning - this colour will make you look and feel terrific."


Jessica wears Russian Red Matte Lipstick, $36.


"I never used to go for something as bright and bold as MAC's Russian Red, but I fell in love when I discovered it because it's a blue-based red, so it suits fair skin really well.

"In the past other reds have made me looked washed out or made my teeth look yellow. This one just makes me feel confident and also lasts perfectly for hours which is always a bonus."

Polly loves Pink Plaid Matte Lipstick, $36.


"I like to play up my eyes with lots of shadow and mascara, so I tend to go for neutral or light pinks tones when it comes to lipsticks.

"I like this pink because it's a cool shade - they call it a 'dirty blue-pink' - I love how natural it looks and the semi-matte finish means my lips don't get flaky and dry."


Jess wears Mocha Satin Lipstick, $36.


"There’s an art to the 'your lips but better' lip shade, and M.A.C.'s lippie in 'Mocha' delivers. It’s the perfect balance of pink, nude and brown tones and looks as great worn with a smokey eye, as it does with a slick of mascara and nothing else.

"The 'satin' texture looks and feels natural and the colour wears naturally throughout the day, without drying or bleeding over your lip line. Dare I say it, but I think this is what they mean by a 'holy grail lip product'."


Chelsea loves Vegas Vault Amplified Creme Lipstick, $36.


"I'm usually a nude lipstick kind of gal, but this colour is so pretty. It is the perfect pop of colour and is especially great in summer.

"When I'm not wearing my beloved Vegas Vault I tend to wear cheaper brands for day-to-day wear, but you can definitely tell the difference. This lipstick is really hydrating and creamy, yet stays on well throughout the day - I only found myself reapplying after lunch."


Bella wears Film Noir Satin Lipstick, $36.


"I love this lippie because it is perfect for an edgy Saturday night look, it's really rich and intense.

"Film Noir gives me major '90s witch vibes, and we all know that everything '90s is back right now. This shade makes me feel like I just walked off the set of The Craft."


Peta loves Creme D’Nude Cremesheen Lipstick, $36.


"I never used to wear lipstick. Even on my wedding day I had to argue with my mum and my sister about having to wear lip colour. I have a gap in my teeth (if I hear someone compare me to Madonna I’ll pull my hair out) that makes me quite self conscious about drawing attention to that area of my face."

"That's why this 'lippy' is the bomb. It's like a lip gloss but not sticky and it wears for hours. It's also sheer enough that it just gives a nice wash of colour. It's the perfect lipstick for those who don't like lipstick."


So, what did I do with all this inspo? I went and got myself the most delicious vibrant coral red lipstick, Lady Danger. And I'm rocking it on a Tuesday...because why should we save lippie just for special occasions?

What's your fave MAC lipstick? Tell us in the comments. 

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This content was created with thanks to our brand partner, M.A.C Cosmetics.

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