HALLELUJAH: Netflix's YOU season 3 has been confirmed. So here's a bunch of wild fan theories.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season two of You. Continue reading at your own risk.

From the moment the long-awaited second season of You dropped on Netflix, the fan theories have been rolling in thick and fast.

The new season, which dropped on the streaming service on Boxing Day, has been absolutely devoured by fans – and the constant discussions and theories about the thriller series on social media certainly prove it.

If you’re up to date with the series, you’ll know that the second season of You is just as intense and dark as the first.

Watch the haunting trailer for season two of Netflix’s You. It’s a lot. Post continues below.

Taking place across 10 chilling episodes, season two follows former bookstore clerk Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), now known as Will Bettelheim, as he moves from New York to Los Angeles.

Upon moving to sunny LA in the hopes of leaving his past behind, Will soon meets his new obsession – Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

From there, things take a turn for the worst. From the return of Candace (Ambyr Childers), who is back and eager for revenge, to the new cast members who aren’t exactly who they seem, it’s certainly an intense season.

And while the latest instalment has only been out for a few weeks, fans are already thinking about the next one.

Thankfully, Netflix has already confirmed that the third season of You is coming to our screens soon.

The streaming service confirmed the news via an announcement made on the show’s official Twitter account.


The third season is currently slated to debut in 2021.

Naturally, eager fans have already begun to question who Joe’s next victim could be.

In the final scenes of the new season, Joe and Love were seen moving into a new home in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

While making the move, Joe also set his sights on a new target – his neighbour.

In the scene, the neighbour, who is wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, is reading through a stack of classic books.

“This is just the beginning. Because this is where I had to be exactly, where I want to meet You,” Joe said in the final scene.

“There you were with your books and your sunshine, so close but worlds away. I will figure out a way. A way to get to you. See you soon, neighbour.”

you season 3
Image: Netflix.

Here's just some of the theories about who Joe's neighbour could be in the season two finale.

Joe's mother

The most popular theory is that Joe's next obsession won't be a stranger. Instead, many fans believe he's actually stalking his estranged mother.

Throughout the season, we learned a lot more about Joe's childhood and his relationship with his mother through flashbacks, nightmares and even hallucinations.

It's also still unclear whether Joe's mother is alive or not, meaning the theory is definitely a possibility.

In a lengthy Twitter post shared on Saturday, one fan shared her reasoning behind the theory – and it's pretty damn convincing.

You can read the full theory below:




Although Beck was murdered in the first season of You, there are still some fans that believe she could be Joe's next victim.

Penn Badgley himself confirmed that Beck is dead in a recent interview. But regardless, some fans believe that much like Candace returned for revenge, Beck could do the same.

Yeah... we're not convinced. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


At the end of season two of You, Candace is injured – but there's no evidence that she's actually dead.

Could Candace return in season three? Only time will tell.

A stranger

Of course, there's always a chance that Joe's new victim is a brand new character.

After all, the first two seasons of the series were focussed on Joe's obsessions with two girls he didn't know.

Feature Image: Netflix.

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