A nod to Peach and a celeb cameo: Just 10 details you definitely missed in You season two.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season two of You. Continue reading at your own risk.

On Boxing Day, Netflix gifted us with a brand new season of You and although it’s only been out for a few weeks, the new season has been absolutely devoured by fans.

The second season of the thriller series, which takes place across 10 chilling episodes, follows former bookstore clerk Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), now known as Will Bettelheim, as he moves from New York to sunny Los Angeles.

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Upon moving to Los Angeles in the hopes of leaving his past behind, Will meets his new obsession – chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

And as expected, things soon turn… dark.

Joe’s former victim, Candace, is back and eager for revenge and it turns out some new cast members aren’t exactly who they seem.

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From celebrity cameos to subtle nods to season one, here are some of the details you may have missed in season two of You.

The woman who tied Joe up.

While attempting to get intel on Love, a woman, who came across Joe snooping around her home, tied him up.

But this is where things get really weird…

The woman who tied Joe up is actually Gracie from The Nanny.

Yes, really.

Madeline Zima, who appeared in The Nanny from 1993 to 1999, is now 34 years old.

you season 2
Image: Netflix/IMDB.

Joe's new name.

Upon leaving New York City, Joe adopts a new name, which he stole from someone else – Will Bettelheim.

Interestingly, Joe's new last name matches Bruno Bettleheim, who was a psychologist known for his work treating emotionally disturbed children.

After his death, Bettleheim was accused of abuse and misdiagnosing his patients.

A nod to Peach.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

Joe first meets Love in the produce aisle in Anavrin (which is Nirvana backwards, in case you missed it) when Love asks Joe: "Does this peach look like a butt?"

The joke appears to be a subtle nod to Peach Sallinger, who was killed by Joe in season one.

Later on in the season, there's another subtle callback to Peach when Joe questions Love's friends' intentions, as he wonders whether they want to "steal" Love away to Paris.

In season one, Peach bought tickets to take Beck to Paris, which led Joe to kill Peach to keep them apart.

Celebrity cameos.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

Comedian Henderson is played by real-life comedian Chris D'Elia in You.

Upon meeting the celebrity, Joe watches Henderson's 'The Vacuum Guy Netflix Special' on YouTube, which is a nod to D'Elia's own Netflix comedy specials, including Incorrigible and Man on Fire.

Later on in the season, following Henderson's murder, real-life comedian Kathy Griffin has a short cameo when she reads his eulogy.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

A hidden spare key.

After being locked inside the glass box yet again, Joe is able to whip out a hidden spare key.

Last season, when Beck locked Joe in the cage, Joe was able to escape with another spare key.

"When Mooney locked me in, I learned a big lesson: hide a spare key so you can get out of the goddamn cage," he said at the time.

A nod to Italy.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

When Candace returns in season two, she shares her lifelong dream of travelling to Italy, much to the anger of Joe.

The reference is a subtle callback to season one, where viewers were led to believe that Candace was living in Italy after cheating on Joe.

Instead, we now know that Joe tried to murder his ex-girlfriend and buried her alive.

Joe's hiding place.

In season one of You, Joe hid his "souvenirs" from his victims in a box inside a ceiling vent above his bathroom.

In season two, however, Joe hid his sinister box – which included a stolen pair of Love's underwear – in a hole in the wall behind a painting.

In the book which the series is based on, Caroline Kepnes' You, Joe actually hid Beck's belongings in a hole in the wall behind a painting as well.

A nod to Mr Mooney's bookshop.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

In the first episode of the new season, Joe walks past a real-life mural in Hollywood, California.

The mural, which is a painting of a stack of books, is a nod to Joe's past at Mr Mooney's bookshop and his future as a bookseller at Anavrin.

Ellie's new home.

Towards the end of the season, there's a brief clue about Ellie's (Jenna Ortega) new home.

Sending Joe a postcard featuring a snapshot from the film Key Largo, the postcard is stamped from Sarasota, Florida.


Joe's new target.

you season 2 netflix
Image: Netflix.

In the final scenes of the new season, Joe and Love were seen moving into a new home in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Although all seems well for Joe, however, it seems he may have set his sights on a new target – his neighbour.

In the scene, the new neighbour, who is wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, is reading through a stack of classic books.

"This is just the beginning. Because this is where I had to be exactly, where I want to meet You," Joe said.

"There you were with your books and your sunshine, so close but worlds away. I will figure out a way. A way to get to you. See you soon, neighbour."

Does this mean we'll be seeing Joe Goldberg again? Only time will tell.

Feature Image: Netflix.

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