ANOTHER ONE: There's a new Yanny or Laurel debate and it'll divide your office.

Remember that Yanny or Laurel debate that ruined your friendships and self-confidence this week?

The four second clip that sparked the greatest debate of our time?

If by chance you missed it, earlier this week a clip went viral on Reddit because people couldn’t decide if a male voice was uttering the name ‘Yanny’ or “Laurel’.

You can listen and decide whether you’re Team Yanny or Team Laurel here.

It’s basically the audio equivalent of the black and blue/white and gold dress that destroyed lives in 2015.

Now, anyone who feels a shiver down their spine at the mere whisper of Yanny or Laurel should brace themselves.

Because we have another one.

This time, the internet is divided over whether the dummy-looking light bulb in this five second clip says ‘brainstorm’ or ‘green needle’.

The sick twist? We don’t know how, but the recording says the word you’re thinking of in your mind. No matter what, every single time you play it.

We dare you not to spend the next 20 minutes trying to outsmart this footage.

The clip, which plays on a loop, was originally recorded on YouTube by a user called DomsRider. And just to confuse you even more, he says the video is only meant to say ‘brainstorm’.

In other words, he has no freaking clue how or why the footage sometimes says ‘green needle’.

Listen too long and you might just loose your mind. Mostly because ‘brainstorm’ and ‘green needle’ don’t even sound REMOTELY THE SAME.



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