Who was the worst man in Sex and The City? A very serious investigation.

Let’s get one thing straight that I think we can all agree on: the men in Sex and the City were pretty terrible. 

Who could forget the man who chose his porn videos over actual real-life sex with Miranda? And what about Carrie’s terrible friend, Mike Singer, who fell in love with a sales clerk but was too embarrassed to be seen with her in public?

Seriously, yuck. 

But even 25 years on since the hit show first graced our screens (yes, it really has been 25 years!) the one thing we can’t seem to agree on here in the Mamamia office is who was the worst of the worst. 

So to mark the return of And Just Like That... season two later this month, we’ve decided to figure out exactly who takes the top gong. 

And let me tell you, our team have some STRONG opinions. 

I’ll go first…

Mr Big.

Image: HBO.


Okay so this is not exactly a hot take, but suuuuuurely the king douche of the show (God rest his soul) is Mr Big. 

I’m a firm believer in the idea that if someone shows you how they really feel, you need to believe them! And Big showed Carrie time and time again that he just wasn’t that into her. 

Sure, he came around eventually after years of betrayal, emotional unavailability and a failed marriage to Natasha with a silent ‘r’, but that doesn’t make someone "The One".

It just makes them "The One That Got Older And Ran Out Of Better Offers". 

I always hated the messaging that if you just stick around long enough, you’ll convince someone to love you. You deserve better Carrie! 

And Just Like That saved us from another season of him acting like a giant man-baby by killing him off in Episode One. I actually got more enjoyment out of seeing Carrie get horrendously drunk with the lovely divorced math teacher, Peter, than I did in six seasons of Mr Big. 

I rest my case.

But if you’re not already convinced (seriously, I win right!?) here’s what the rest of the team thought. 


Jack Berger.

Image: HBO.

"Jack Berger has the emotional range of a peanut and broke up with Carrie with a post-it note. He's insecure and couldn't deal with the fact they were both creatives and she was more successful than him. He's got loser energy." - Maddie.

"Berger was the worst! The flirting with Carrie while he was still with Lauren, giving the bird to the answering machine when Lauren then left a message and that weird sound machine debacle."- Nic. 


"Jack Berger. Bad in bed. Fragile ego. Easily upset over scrunchies. POST IT." - Polly.

Richard Wright.

Image: HBO.

"The man broke my girl Samantha’s heart! When Samantha made his assistant write 'Love Richard' on all the gifts he was 'buying' her, he couldn’t just admit to being wrong/losing that he said that he loved her even when we all know that he didn’t mean it and then he CHEATS on her. I don't care that he had the perfect d**k, he was definitely the worst." - Tys.


Aleksandr Petrovsky.

Image: HBO.

"Aleksandr is clearly the worst male character on Sex and the City by so far it's almost not even worth pointing him out. This is the obvious and uncontroversial choice. He's self-obsessed, he's pretentious, he treats Carrie like a human doll to dress up and drag around, he doesn't laugh at the big group dinner, and Miranda – the show's moral compass – thinks he's a sack of s**t. He's also the only man who could make Big look redeemable and like the rational choice for a life partner. And eugh, the way he tries to make Carrie say his name correctly and pulls chocolates out of his jacket pocket like she's an idiot child (I mean, she is in many ways, but still) he makes my skin crawl. If he went on to become a serial murderer after the end of the show I would not be in the least bit surprised." - Elfy.


Trey McDougall.

Image: HBO.

"Trey was such a posh man baby. I can't get over the scene where he is in the bath and his mum Bunny is in there too having her cocktail. Just no. Also, when he and Charlotte were struggling to conceive, he gave her a cardboard cut-out baby as a 'joke'. Need I say more?" - Laura 


Vaughan Wyseli.

Image: HBO.

"Vaughan seemed like a great match for Carrie on face value. He was a writer, loved fashion and came from a great family. But just like all men with a fragile ego, when he had serious issues with premature ejaculation he refused to admit it! When Carrie gently tried to talk to him, he turned into a total spoiled brat. The fact that Carrie then spoke to his mother about it was enough to kill the relationship when he just should’ve grown a pair and dealt with it!" - Tara. 


Ray King.

Image: HBO.

"OMG, the jazz guy was the actual worst! What an annoying tool. He was totally into himself and so IRRITATING. And don’t get me started on that scene where he 'plays' her like an instrument. Yuck!" - Sunny.

So who do you think deserves to take the title? Let us know in the comments! 

Image: HBO + Mamamia.

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