From eyeliner tattoos to anti-wrinkle injections: 10 women on how much they spend on cosmetic treatments.

If there's one thing you need to know about us here at Mamamia, it's that we're quite nosy. Especially when it comes to finding out what other people's beauty routines look like. It's so deliciously pervy!

And while we're usually found taking a peek into other people's beauty cabinets and makeup bags, this time around we want to know the low-down on cosmetic procedures. That is, how much women are spending on everything from anti-wrinkle injections to lip fillers and cosmetic tattooing.

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So, we decided to ask. And guess what? They told us.

Below, 10 women share what treatments they get, how much it costs – and why they get it.


"I spend $500 on anti-wrinkle injections every three months. It smooths my forehead like PURE MAGIC and all my wrinkles disappear to keep me looking fresh and awake. I also can't stand seeing my eye creases in photos so getting this done leaves me feeling confident and ready to take on the world."


"I spend $850 on anti-wrinkle injections every three to four months. It used to be less but now I get more and I go somewhere better. I am 38 and I don't have any lines on my face. I look fresh when I am tired and my makeup goes on really nicely."


"I spend $200 on full-body laser every three years. When I first started laser nine years ago, I would get it every month and now I'm just on maintenance. I buy two at a time when there's a deal."


"I used to get anti-wrinkle injections and filler in my lips every three months, but life has gotten SO expensive that I have had to cut, and I am living with a wrinkly forehead."


"I would pay $350 for the anti-wrinkle injections, and lips usually come out at $400. My lips got to the point that I needed less, less often, so I didn't need to get them done every time (even though you still pay for the full ml even if you only use half)." 


"I get masseter anti-wrinkle injections for my jaw pain (with the added benefit of jaw slimming). It costs $600 plus another $300 because my muscles are so strong. I have to get it every three months. However, I don't have headaches and don't clench my jaw."


"I get eyeliner tattoo. It costs $420 initially and then $220 for top-ups every 12 to 18 months — I splurged on this procedure in December last year because I wanted perfect eyeliner each and every time." 

"It has boosted my confidence, makes my eyes pop and the convenience of my eyeliner being tattooed means I’m shaving time off getting ready for work each day. It looks natural, and on no makeup days, it looks great with only mascara applied. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier."


"Every three to four months I get anti-wrinkle injections in my forehead, number 11 lines between my brows and crow's feet. It costs about $600 a time — which is bloody expensive — so I'm trying to cut back! I get a lot because I am 44 and need a lot of help!"


"I finally invested in my brows and had them micro-bladed which cost $800. I think I only have to get them done once per year thereafter, and I'm not too sure how much the top-ups cost."

"I used to get minimal anti-wrinkle injections (forehead, frown, and brow lift). I think I paid $360 last time I went, but that's been put on the back burner due to expenses. I keep telling myself to just grow old gracefully." 


"I just spent $530 yesterday getting anti-wrinkle injections — forehead, frown, crow's feet and brow lift. I only usually go once a year — it's not really a routine I have, but I'd like to start going every six months to maintain the results better."


"I spend $400 every six months on anti-wrinkle injections — on my forehead and number 11 lines. I had a really deep line in the middle of my eyebrows that I hated and always used to look at in photos of myself. So you could say I had a '1' not so much an '11'."

"I've been having anti-wrinkle injections in the same spot for about three years and recently started doing my forehead at the same time."

How much do you spend on cosmetic surgery treatments? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Canva; Getty.

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