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All the clues you may have missed in episode five of The Masked Singer Australia.

We’re getting to the nitty gritty of The Masked Singer. We’ve de-shelled Prawn (hello Darren McMullen), and we have only a collection of large, masked mythical creatures and creepy crawlies left to reveal.

We’re officially into the semi finals of this bizarre reality TV show, and quite frankly we can’t wait for Cody Simpson to be unveiled as Robot so we can watch Channel Ten cash in on his current moment in the limelight (he’s been pashing Miley Cyrus and it’s literally everywhere).

Last night we also had Luke McGregor join the panel as a fifth judge (we’re still so confused by the introduction halfway through of a fifth rotating judge, but okay).

Here’s the unmasking of the prawn from last night. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

We also had our first group performance… which we have questions about.

Did they rehearse in costume?

Do they know who each other is?

Why do we continue to be confused by the most confusing show on TV?

Anyway, here are the new clues we picked up on from episode five:


The first few clues for Robot are visual – we see him holding a guitar with stickers for USA, Florida and Hawaii on the side and then we see a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs next to a babushka doll.

Robot was privileged growing up and was surrounded by those who shared his passion. But he doesn’t always take the straight and narrow route (here we see his security guards doing the can-can).

Singing I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, Robot brought a personal clue from home which he revealed at the end of his performance.

“My personal clues are swimming medals and trophies. I won them around the same time I first made a splash,” Robot explained.

robot masked singer
Robot's personal clue was swimming medals. Image: Ten.

Previously we learnt Robot is 182.8cm, was created in the digital age, cares about the environment, is a surfer, and "grew up surrounded by gold".

As a young Robot, his favourite animal was a butterfly but now he prefers things that go "tweet."

Like many young robots he left his factory and headed east like a "moth to a flame" but soon realised others were controlling his programming and he was starting to feel a "bit like a clone".

Some years ago Robot was honoured by a grand historian.

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Aaron Carter.

Previous guesses: Usher/Joey Fatone.

Dave Hughes: Bruno Mars.

Previous guesses: Conrad Sewell/Pat Rafter/Daryl Braithwaite.

Dannii Minogue: Niall Horan.

Previous guesses: Matt Corby/Timomatic.

Jackie O: Liam Payne.

Previous guesses: Troye Sivan/Cody Simpson.

Luke McGregor: Buzz Lightyear

Mamamia's guess: Cody Simpson.


Lion's subjects "love her and fear her" and she barely remembers a time when people didn't know her.

She has learnt that life never goes where you think it will, and you have to chase down your prey.

Lion has been very open about her life (here we see a visual clue - Lion flipping through pictures of supermodels) and has performed as "someone else" many times.


Lion busted out Heroes by David Bowie and her personal clue that she brought in was a TV Week Logie. However, she said that only a few people have won in her category since she did.

Lion's logie
Lion's clue was a logie. Image: TEn.

Previously we learnt Lion is 153.4cm, and came to acclaim through a competition she entered as a child which "changed everything".

We also learnt TV had an important part to play in her career, and that this is not the first time she was "queen of the jungle".

We saw Lion playing tennis last week and she said she has something in common with "a great queen of the grass court".

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Tyra Banks

Previous guesses:Rebel Wilson/Mark Holden.

Dave Hughes: Tina Turner.

Previous guesses: Pauline Hanson/Julia Gillard.

Dannii Minogue: Tziporah Atarah Malkah.

Previous guesses: Serena Williams/Casey Donovan.

Jackie O: Tziporah Atarah Malkah.

Previous guesses: Julia Morris/Vanessa Amorosi.

Luke McGregor: Tina Turner.

Mamamia's guess: Kate Ceberano.


Wolf likes to roam and isn't in the same place as where he started. He has been "in excess" in what he's done (which has to be a clue because that just makes no grammatical sense).


He's discovered that fighting his way to the top is like "climbing a greasy pole".

Wolf sang Disco Inferno by The Trammps and his personal clue was a lawnmower which is apparently how Wolf used to make a living.

wolf lawnmower
Wolf's clue was a lawnmower. Image: Ten.

Previously we learnt Wolf was 178cm tall, is "up all night," thinks he's constantly misjudged and underestimated and has been an apprentice a number of times.

He was known years before he was successful, is a triple threat and as a pup was keen on sport (in particular AFL).

Success came to Wolf in an unexpected way but "always under the southern cross" and getting to where he is is a miracle like "walking on water".

The judges guesses:

Lindsay Lohan: Jemaine Clement.

Previous guesses: Simon Le Bon/Keith Urban.

Dave Hughes: John Stevens.

Previous guesses: Redfoo/Barry Hall.

Dannii Minogue: Andrew De Silva.

Previous guesses:David Hasselhoff

Jackie O: Altiyan Childs

Previous guesses:Rob Mills/Jason Donovan/Blair McDonough.

Luke McGregor: David Burn.

Mamamia's guess: Rob Mills.

Happy guessing everyone.