Nara Smith is the latest tradwife on TikTok. But there's far more to her story.

#Tradwife is having a moment online right now. 

Think Ballerina Farm or Lex Delarosa, with many female content creators posting in an aesthetic that is very '50s housewife — promoting a very hetero-normative traditional outlook on gender, femininity, and a woman's role in the home.

Now there's a new potential tradwife on the block, and her name is Nara Smith.

Take a scroll through Smith's TikTok and Instagram feeds and you'll find her doing one of three things — cooking from scratch, sharing a 'what I cooked for my husband today' or 'what my toddlers ate today'. All while looking absolutely immaculate and embodying very traditionally 'feminine' ideals.

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Video via Mamamia. 

Smith is a model with 2.3 million followers, but her latest videos have been getting over five million views. She lives in America with her model husband and their two kids, with another child on the way. Her age is unclear — in one report back in 2020 when her wedding was covered in People, Smith's age was listed as 24. But in a video from August 2023, she told followers she was 21... so let's just say she's in her 20s.


Circle back to a mere few months ago, and Smith's content looked similar but had a different edge.

There were still videos of her cooking decently elaborate meals for her husband and kids, with a few nods to her daily scripture readings in her morning routine content.

But it was often interspersed among videos with captions like: "POV — you're watching your husband tidy up and make the kids snacks while he made you sit on the couch and take a break."

There was balance.

Now, the housewife vision has increased. And it has her following intrigued.

Smith cooks even more elaborate meals for her husband and kids, all whilst wearing silk feathered bathrobes, cashmere lounge sets, blouses that give Christian Fundamentalist vibes, perfectly coifed hair and a full face of makeup.

Their kids request cheese toasties? She makes the meal from scratch — both the cheese and bread. The kids feel like cereal? She painstakingly makes them homemade and organic Cocoa Puffs, which is really quite a marvel. The hours that would have taken... a lot. 

Only the best for her toddlers, who are named Slim Easy Smith and Rumble Honey Smith.

@naraazizasmith absolute perfection 🫶🏽 #easyrecipe #homemade #baking #toddlersoftiktok #grilledcheese #fypシ ♬ Me Cry - NGOTUAN NGUYX
@naraazizasmith couldn’t stop craving this🫶🏽 #homecooking #lasagne #comfortfood #fypシ #mealideas #recipes ♬ original sound - Nara Smith

Previously, Smith has clarified that cooking for her husband isn't something she does out of requirement, rather it's her way of showing love.


"I love cooking for the people I care about. It's not something that's expected of me or something that I need to do, I just love doing it," she said in a TikTok video.

A lot of people online though feel that as of late Smith has jumped onto the #tradwife aesthetic in a bid to gain social media traction. Interestingly, it's a subculture online that has readily grown — thousands upon thousands of women sharing their experiences of submitting to their husbands like it's 1959. 

For Smith at least though, some believe it appears to be more cosplay. Or is it?

@srmilesauthor #narasmith cosplay is cool but don’t sleep in the #trailerpark and #apartment #sahmlife #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Shanna Miles’ Books

Her husband, Lucky Blue Smith, is quite famous in his own right. He's a well-known American fashion and runway model. Online, he too loves a 1950s aesthetic, though he does also enjoy sharing his religious views based on his Mormon faith and upbringing. 

Lucky has been very vocal about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For many Mormons, it's reportedly encouraged that their partners convert to the religion when they marry.

Recently, Lucky wrote on Instagram: "I want to encourage you all to learn more about Jesus Christ and to follow the commandments that have been given to you. I truly believe we are in the last days, please reach out to him and humble your hearts. And I am beyond grateful to be a member of the LDS church."


Perhaps relevantly, one of the ideals that Mormonism focuses greatly on is this — outward appearances matter. They place value in being well-dressed and 'made-up'. Back decades and decades ago when Mormons first went to Utah, the second president of the church instructed his followers: "Beautify your gardens, your houses, your farms; beautify the city. This will make us happy, and produce plenty."

This has since extended to physical appearance too, the church believing that being well-groomed and modestly dressed is a sign of godliness. It's also a way to promote an idealised domestic life — something Smith's content does very strongly now.

The Mormon Church has faced controversy for some years now, with some outsiders and former members of the church saying the institution promotes strict gender roles, the suppression of women, homophobia and racism. The church strenuously denies this. 

Ultimately, the overriding vibe from Smith's content is food and her very impressive cooking skills, rather than overt references to religion. But we certainly don't exist in a vacuum. 

Regardless of what her husband posts in tandem, it appears Smith's tradwife videos are here to stay — whether you personally assume it's 'Mormon propaganda' or not. 

Feature Image: Instagram @naraaziza.

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