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Say hello to The Block's new judge Marty Fox.

If you consider yourself a bit of a Blockhead, you've probably noticed a new face on the judging panel.

Early in episode one of the 19th season of The Block, fans were made aware that Neale Whitaker, was taking a step back from the show after 13 years.

"It's been an amazing honour really," said Whitaker about his time on the show.

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Video via Channel Nine.

The announcement left many wondering who would replace the design expert, but only momentarily, as the show quickly revealed real estate mogul Marty Fox would be joining the panel indefinitely.

The news, although bittersweet has also sparked some buzz, leaving many asking themselves who the heck Marty Fox is. So for anyone wondering, or in need of a little snoop, here's everything you need to know about The Block's latest addition.

Who is The Block judge Marty Fox?


Marty Fox is a successful real estate mogul, having already appeared on two episodes of The Block.

The first time in 2020, when Marty auctioneered Harry and Tash's home, then again in 2022 selling Rachel and Ryan's house. 

"It's really nice to come back into the show having been on the periphery in the past. It's almost like a tick for me professionally," he said.

Marty also founded his own company: WHITEFOX real estate, which he manages alongside his wife Charlotte Fox. Together the pair have worked closely on a diverse range of high end, luxury properties. Things don't end there for this power couple, together they also share three small children, Freddy, six, Olive, four, and Bonnie, one. 

This exciting new addition marks the beginning of a new chapter for the show as Marty's extensive experience offers afresh perspective fans have been waiting for.

Image: Channel Nine.

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