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Just who the heck is Scott Cam from The Block? A very serious investigation.

Australia's favourite handyman, Scott Cam, is known for many things, but none trumps his work on reality show The Block Australia.

As the show's host, Cam has been there for it all, from the disaster room reveals, to all the stressful money woes. 

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But before joining The Block in 2003Scott Cam had in fact had a whole other life.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, here are five things you may not have known about Scott Cam.

1. Scott Cam is a Logie winner.

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Whoever said that renovations were all hard work, and no fun has clearly never watched The Block.

In 2014, Cam was first nominated for 'Most Popular Personality on Australian Television' and 'Most Popular Presenter', both of which he won, marking a pivotal moment in the tradie turned presenters career.

Since then he has been nominated an additional four times for his work on The Block and Reno Rumble.

2. Scott Cam was on Backyard Blitz. 

Image: Nine.

In 2000, Scott Cam scored his first-ever television gig on Nine's popular gardening show: Backyard Blitz. 

A show that took home six of its very own Logies, was inspired by backyard improvements that could be done in minutes.


The show ran until 2007 when the network finally laid it to rest.

3. Scott Cam's own home is Block worthy.

Image: Nine.

Although technically not part of the show, Scott Cam may have made the perfect family home – and perhaps even the best house we've ever seen to come off the back of The Block Australia.


Cam's home comes with a 'chill zone' located in the garage, a stunning garden worthy of a wedding and a beautifully hand-painted bathroom. 

It's safe to say Cam knows his way around a reno.

4. Scott Cam has three children.


The now 60-year-old Cam is a father to two sons, Charlie, 26 and Bill 23, as well as his daughter Sarah, who is the youngest and also in her early twenties, having just graduated university.

5. Scott Cam is a brand ambassador.

Image: Mitre 10.

Scott Cam also became the mighty helpful brand ambassador for the Australian hardware brand, Mitre 10 in 2011 and has remained so ever since. 

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