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An MKR team could get kicked off the show after cheating in an elimination challenge.

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There’s a My Kitchen Rules cheating scandal afoot, people.

You see, promos for Tuesday night’s episode are hinting that another team will be booted from the show… and this time it’s for cheating.

In case you missed it, Sonya and Hadil were kicked off the show two weeks ago for getting into a verbal and physical altercation with another team.

Hurricane Flo has blown back out to sea. Post continues. 

They were the first team in MKR’s history to be asked to leave the show due to their bad behaviour.

But… but… now it’s happening again.

The promo in question begins with a very dramatic voice-over saying, “So desperate to survive, one team will do the unthinkable”.

Then it kinda sorta completely implies that “ONE TEAM WILL CHEAT”.

In the ad Henry and Anna, Stella and Jazzey, and Olga and Valeria, are locked in a very intense cooking challenge in elimination house.

Then one team does a cheat and Pete and Manu are not happy about it.

Henry can be heard saying to Anna, “We’re in a bit of trouble, here” while the other teams are gasping and bein’ all dramatic on a viewing balcony.

So it could be them, but also it could not be them because this a reality TV show and they’re really good at editing things.

“I’m just angry watching them,” Suong tells her friends on the balcony.

“That’s a red card, isn’t it?” Nic says after apparently seeing the cheating go down.

And holy heck, this is exciting.

The “cheatin’ scandal double elimination” episode will air on Channel Seven at 7:30pm tonight.