Meet the real brains behind the success of every big Kardashian business.

Shapewear brand SKIMS has rapidly taken over the lingerie market, and while business mogul and reality star Kim Kardashian has (obviously) contributed massively to the brand’s success, it’s actually two lesser-known people who are the brains behind the entire operation.

When you search the term ‘Power Couple’, you’ll see a photo of Emma and Jens Grede, the co-founders and co-owners of SKIMS. Together with Kardashian, they’ve helped take the brand to unprecedented heights.

SKIMS is more valuable than Tom Ford and Patagonia. Despite still being in its infancy, the four-year-old brand is already worth USD$4 billion, and was named one of Time's most influential companies in 2022.

Sure, Kardashian’s insane social media reach of 364 million followers has helped push things along, but it's the Grede's marketing abilities that have helped set the brand apart.

This isn’t the first time they’ve worked with the Kardashian family. The duo are actually behind many of their brands, including Good American, a jeans company Emma founded with Khloe Kardashian in 2016; Safely, a line of natural cleaning products with matriarch Kris Jenner in 2021; and the latest, Kylie Jenner’s fashion label Khy, which sells pleather coats and dresses for under $200.

However, their most successful business venture to date is SKIMS, where Jens acts as chief executive and Emma works as chief product officer. 

So, who are Jens and Emma Gredes?

Jens and Emma Gredes are veteran marketers and university dropouts. Emma, who was born and raised in London, met Jens, who is originally from Sweden, in the mid-2000s when she joined his company.


At the time he was running his own fashion-marketing firm, Saturday Group, which was best known for pairing famous people with high-profile brands. Remember Beyonce rolling around in the sand for H&M? Yep, that was him.

Linking Natalie Portman with Dior? Yep, that was these guys again.

Emma and Jens Grede. Image: Getty.


The two worked together for a year before officially becoming a couple.

In 2011, Jens founded luxury e-commerce site Mr Porter with business partner Erik Torstensson (who is married to Net-a-Porter founder, Natalie Massenet). A year after that, the pair launched Frame, a popular denim brand of which  Torstensson is still creative director.

It was around this time Emma was introduced to Kris during Paris Fashion Week.

"She would always buy me lunch," Emma told The Cut

"We would meet at L’Avenue and it would be so fabulous. It wasn’t what it is now — the last time I went to L’Avenue with Kris, you couldn’t get in or out."

Emma and Jens Gredes with their four children. Image: Instagram @emmagrede.


In 2017, the Gredes moved from London to LA, where they took up residence in a US$24 million Bel Air Mansion. They made the decision partly because they wanted more opportunities and partly because of Brexit.

"I had built a big company and was a good taxpayer and citizen. The fact that it was felt that wasn’t worth anything – I took that personally," Jens, who had immigrated to the UK from Sweden, told The Guardian.

Since then, the couple have amassed a personal fortune of over US$350 million, with Emma being named one of the richest self-made women in America by Forbes.

While the couple largely remain behind the scenes, to say they’ve done well for themselves is an understatement. Personally, the couple share four kids, and have added more properties to their portfolio.

Feature image: Getty.

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