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A very important investigation into which MAFS 2020 couples are still together. 

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Calling all MAFS fans, we’ve rounded up all of the gossip, pls.

We might be only one week in, but filming is well and truly done for the Married at First Sight alumni of 2020.

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While the show only premiered on our screens this week, the weddings were actually filmed back in September and yes, we’re keen for spoilers. Don’t judge us.

We’ve heard the whispers and seen the headlines – but what’s true and what’s not dammit? All we care about is who’s still together and who isn’t.

And look, the track record ain’t great – only three of 48 couplings are still together from previous seasons. However, we’re choosing to remain positive and trust in John Aiken’s  ̶m̶a̶t̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶k̶i̶l̶l̶s̶ very very flawed experiment.

So, allow us to present all of the evidence about which of the seven couples we’ve met so far are… still together.

Cathy and Josh – together (and if we’re wrong, we’ll cry.)

Cathy and Josh mafs
Image: Instagram @:joshyp_91

Let's start with the good news shall we. These two appear to be going strong.

They appeared on Fitzy and Wippa's Nova breakfast show together and gave away a lil' morsel of a clue.

"Before we came in for the interview, Cathy was picking at Josh's hair, saying 'You've got something in your hair'. Now if they weren't together, there's no way you would have done that," Fitzy said during the interview.

Then Cathy laughed and avoided eye contact. 

Stay with us.

That's a nervous laugh, yes? Like an 'I'm going to act casual because I am smitten and don't catch me' kind of tactic, no?

Look, that's the theory we're going with. We're on Fitzy's side here.

(We didn't say this investigation was going to be scientifically correct, and yes, we might be open to bias¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

While appearing on Talking Married, Cathy admitted that she'd "do it again."

As in, marry a stranger.

"It felt really bizarre because you've only just met the person and you've got to address them as your husband," she told host Shelly Horton.

"Like for me it was like, do you want to take this slow? Are we friends? Can I touch your butt?"

THEN, she talked about how "fortunate" she was to have been paired with someone who she had chemistry with and who she established "a connection with very quickly."

Done deal in our books, they're defs together.

Poppy and Luke - nope (we think.)

Poppy and Luke
Image: Instagram @poppy_marie

Okay, it doesn't look great for Poppy and Luke.

The night their wedding aired on the show, the Daily Mail spotted Poppy at a bar surrounded by friends... sans Luke.

We don't publish paparazzi photos here at Mamamia, but for the purposes of research we've had a squiz and can confirm there are tears in Poppy's eyes, but she also appears, happy? We're confused.

At her wedding, we saw Poppy completely freak out about leaving her children. Speaking to TV Week on Monday, she said she also panicked because she didn't feel an 'instant connection' with her TV husband.

The evidence doesn't look overly... positive. Sorry.

Natasha and Mikey - split (we're 99.99 per cent sure.)

Natasha and Mikey
Image: Instagram @tashki_

These two were also booked in for a Fitzy and Wippa interview, but only Mikey turned up.

"Mate, she's not here at the moment. Don't know why she couldn't make it," he told the hosts when asked where she was.

Fitzy then asked if Natasha "got up when you got up this morning?", to which Mikey replied: "I'm not sure. I mean, yes! I've let her sleep in and I'm doing the work."

Mikey, sorry, but your lying ain't great.

We can't say we'd be surprised if they've split - these two were already showing cracks on their honeymoon.

Natasha has been very vocal about Mikey not being "alpha" enough for her, and Mikey isn't thrilled with his bride's high maintenance lifestyle.

It does appear that there was some chemistry however, with Mikey admitting in an interview with the Hit Network they "hooked up" when the cameras stopped rolling on their wedding night.

Amanda and Tash - big fat NO.

Amanda and Tash MAFS
Image: Instagram @mafs.

Just from their trainwreck of a honeymoon, this one seems pretty obvious.

But for the purpose of proper investigation, let us lay out the post-show evidence.

So, there's a "now-deleted Instagram story" doing the rounds that was apparently put up on October 3, aka, just after the weddings.

The Daily Mail managed to get a copy and it said this:

MAFS story
Image: Daily Mail.

Given the sneaky Heidi (from last year's season) in the corner, it looks like this might be MAFS-related content.

Then there's the NW interview in which Tash says: "I’m quite quirky and edgy, and I’ll say things, then she doesn’t know what to do with me. She’s got a dad sense of humour and it’s dorky. Amanda can be very controlling too."

Amanda told the publication: "As soon as the cameras stop rolling, Tash doesn’t want to hang out with me. She doesn’t even want to watch a movie together – nothing! I can’t help thinking, ‘This is f***ed!’”

Yeahhhhh, we're calling it: there's no way in hell these two are still togetehr.

Hayley and David - um, yeah... no.

Hayley and David
Image: Instagram @hayleyvernon_

There's already been a bunch of red flags at their honeymoon, but apparently it only gets worse.

In leaked footage published by the Daily Telegraph, David is seen scrubbing poo off a toilet bowl using his wife's toothbrush.

Doesn't exactly scream "we made up over the whole wage/cigarette thing," does it?

Then there's the whole Karl Stefanovic telling off Hayley for admitting she's single. The finance broker appeared on the Today Show and Karl said: "I hope you find love if it doesn't work out with this silly fella from the country."

"Thank you very much, yeah," Hayley replied.

Allison quickly stepped in to say: "We don't know yet! We don't know that yet," with Karl adding in: "Channel Nine publicity are very angry with you right now."


Chris and Vanessa - probs not.

Vanessa and Chris
Image: Instagram: @vanessaromito_

This was another couple we had high hopes for.

But alas, the evidence suggests they're probably done.

Daily Mail reports that on October 3, a now deleted Instagram post from Chris holding a microwave meal read: "Back to eating dinners for one."

chris eating meals for one
Image: Daily Mail.

Three days later, a now-deleted Instagram story showed Vanessa out dancing with friends in Melbourne.


But, in our hearts, we know it probably means they've split.


Married At First Sight returns Sunday 7pm on Nine.

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