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An "alpha" bride and a Texan groom: Everything we know about the Married at First Sight 2022 cast.

It's that time of year again.

As we settle into the rhythm of the new year, there's one very important event that marks a return to life as normal - and it's the premiere of Married at First Sight. 

This year, the infamous show will be kicking off on January 31 with eight couples from around Australia, and there will no doubt be just as much drama as we've come to expect from the last few seasons of Married At First Sight.

Watch the teaser trailer for season nine of Married at First Sight. Post continues below.

Video via Channel Nine.

So, with two weeks to go, we thought we'd round up all the people who will be joining the Married at First Sight cast in 2022, including where to find them on Instagram. 

Here's what you can expect. 

MAFS Olivia Frazer, 27, and her Instagram.

Olivia, 27, is a teaching student from NSW.

According to Channel Nine, she has struggled with self-confidence for years following a gastric sleeve surgery at 22. 

Her dating life took a pause so she could focus on being her terminally ill father's carer, but she's now ready for love.

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MAFS Ella Mayding, 27, and her Instagram.

Ella, 27, is a beautician from Victoria.

She's described as "hot and edgy", with a need for sexual chemistry in her romantic relationships.

MAFS Domenica Calarco, 28, and her Instagram.

Domenica is a 28-year-old makeup artist from NSW.

She has been married before and is described as outgoing, feisty and passionate, which feels like some drama-filled foreshadowing, if we do say so ourselves.


MAFS Holly Greenstein, 36, and her Instagram.

Holly, 36, is a cinema manager from NSW.

She's looking to find love so she can become a mother, and her previous relationship ended when her last partner told her he didn't want any more children. 


MAFS Samantha Moitzi, 26, and her Instagram.

Samantha, 26, is a fashion brand manager from Queensland.

She's a "strong and independent" career woman who would love to be matched with an equally driven older man.

MAFS Selin Mengu, 32, and her Instagram.

Selin, 32, is an executive assistant from NSW.

She's also a single mum to a three-year-old, and her wedding day will also be her first date in three years. 


MAFS Selina Chaur, 32, and her Instagram.

Selina, 32, is a hairdresser from South Australia.

She's described as funny and bubbly, but has always grown up feeling on the outer as one of the few Asian kids in school. 


MAFS Tamara Djordjevic, 29, and her Instagram.

Tamara, 29, is an operations manager from Queensland.

She's a self-described "alpha" who's "confident, sassy and outspoken, and will tell anyone what she thinks of them".

And if we read between the lines, we all know what that means.

MAFS Anthony Cincotta, 38, and his Instagram.

Anthony, 38, is a pro-wrestler and salesperson from Victoria.

Anthony is a father of one nine-year-old girl. He's keen to find a woman who will challenge him emotionally and intellectually, and can match his passion for life.


MAFS Cody Bromley, 30, and his Instagram.

Cody is a 30-year-old personal trainer and swim coach from NSW.

He's from the Northern Beaches and spent his 20s travelling the world, and now at 30, is ready to settle down.


MAFS Al Perkins, 25, and his Instagram.

Al is a 25-year-old carpenter from NSW.

He's never been in a serious relationship, and is the life of the party while still living at home with his mum.

MAFS Brent Leon, 33, and his Instagram.

Brent, 33, is a hospitality manager from NSW.

He's described as confident, charismatic and sociable, with his one deal-breaker in a partner being "bad feet". Yes, really.


MAFS Jack Millar, 26, and his Instagram.

Jack, 26, is a financial planner from NSW.

He's described as a peacemaker with a great moral compass, who really, really loves dogs. (Us too, Jack.)


MAFS Jackson Lonie, 30, and his Instagram.

Jackson is a 30-year-old plumber from Victoria.

He's a sensitive guy who would love a girl with nice eyes and a smile. Plus, he considers himself a bit of a class clown.

MAFS Mitch Naud, 26, and his Instagram.

Mitch, 26, is a financial planner from Queensland.

He's never spent more than two consecutive nights with a girl in his life, and is keen to get off dating apps to find a partner.


MAFS Andrew, 39.

Andrew is a 39-year-old personal trainer and motivational speaker from NSW.

He's also twice divorced with a two-year-old daughter who he co-parents with his ex-wife. Andrew would love to find a woman to have more children with, plus he's from Texas, so we'll be enjoying an American accent this time around.

Image: Nine.

Feature Image: Instagram.