"I chuck on cream so I don't get pash rash." 16 women share the pre-sex rituals they swear by.


Let’s talk about sex.

Sometimes it just happens but other times it’s planned out.

Maybe you and your long-term partner are going away for a romantic weekend or you have a date with a hunky guy from Hinge; there are some times you just want to be mentally and physically prepared.

Whether that’s a special perfume you spritz on, a shower and full-body shave or absolutely nothing at all, we are curious people and want to know details.

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So Mamamia decided to reach out to women with varying relationships statuses and ages to see what they do as their pre-sex “ritual”.

While some had full beauty routines and others went for a more relaxed approach, all and all, these ladies got candid about what they do before they get down and dirty in the sheets.

So let’s not waste any more time. Here are 16 real Aussie women sharing exactly what they do before they have sex.


Lisa, 28.

“When I was single and at the start of a relationship I literally had to have no body hair. Shower, then put on the best lace underwear and perfume. Married and three kids later, I can’t remember when I last shaved my legs or anything else, bonds cotton briefs. Honestly, it really matters what stage of life you are in.”

Emilie, 37.

“Nothing. #French.”

Brigitte, 30.

“Honestly, I think how much effort I put into the pre-sex ritual directly correlates to how confident I’m feeling in my body/self at any given time. If I feel really crap but need to rally, I’ll include more steps.

“I’ll shave, full-body moisturise (I’m guilty of not doing this often because I have so much surface area it takes too long and I hate being sticky), perfume, I wear mascara on top lashes ONLY cos we don’t need panda eyes, cream blush and no base products.

“Less makeup means looking less messy at the end. I also always keep a hair tie on the wrist! A quick mirror dance to sexy jams – always.

“Other times I’ve found myself unexpectedly on a night out in barely any makeup, full bush and I feel hella confident and pick up and couldn’t care less about my physical appearance. My pre-sex ritual is basically just me gassing myself up but sometimes it has to come in the form of a Venus razor and some Nair.”


Emily, 23.

“I have to massage my jaw before sex lol.”

Lily, 34.

“It totally depends on who the sex is with and how… familiar we are with each other. If it’s someone new/exciting – shaved legs, waxed hooha, moisturised body, clean as a whistle in every possible way, perfume, nice underwear. But if it’s a long-term boyfriend – teeth brushed, unless it’s morning sex, then you just turn over.”

Amy, 27.

“I’m in a long term relationship so it’s usually a shower and brush teeth, and chuck on some Amolin cream on my lips and chin so I don’t get pash rash LOL.”

Tessa, 26.

“I only sleep with women, so my absolute non-negotiable pre-sex routine is to trim my nails, brush my teeth, exfoliate my lips and spritz perfume in my hair and behind my knees (so when they sling your legs over their shoulders to go down on you it’s a full experience, hehe). If I’m feeling extra saucy I’ll exfoliate and moisturise my body, face mask and chuck on some winged eyeliner while listening to some sultry jazz. I don’t shave at all and honestly have found most of my partners love me for it!”

Emma, 29.

“Glasses. When to take off our glasses? We’ve been together for five years and it’s never ever sexy. Like “Okay, and we won’t be able to see each other in three… two… one.” The ultimate trust exercise.

“And like being all hot and heavy and then pausing for considered placement of glasses on a bedside table and never just thrust on the floor cause someone will stand on them cause we are both so blind.”


Alexandra, 24.

“I have a long-distance boyfriend so if it’s the first time it’s happening in a while I go all out!

“I have a long shower in the morning, wash my hair and use a homemade scrub on my body and legs before shaving every inch meticulously, and when I get out I lather myself in large amounts of the Loccitane Shea Body Butter (the best body moisturiser I’ve ever used!). I also brush the teeth, spritz Flowerbomb perfume, put my cutest matching set on and keep a hair tie on my wrist so I don’t have to go searching for one later!

If I have time I’ll usually do a face mask and complete a full face of makeup too. By the time I’ve been with him for a few weeks, I just shower and shave and spritz perfume.”

Ellen, 33.

“I’ve been married for 11 years and we have a four-year-old, so I’m going to say close the door properly? Otherwise, it’s pretty much just a quickie, so minimal preparation.”

Rosie, 27.

“I wash my hair first so it can air-dry naturally during… the act. Good for volume.”

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Caitlin, 34.

“It all starts with the atmosphere. Lighting what I’ve now dubbed my sex candle (Burning Rose by Byredo) and putting on the dedicated playlist (yep, I have two for this now). Mood lighting is put on as well.
“Then onto self care… of course there’s the usual suspects of shower, shave, moisturise, natural no-makeup makeup and lightly tousled hair, walk through a few spritzes of perfume.. then onto outfit which is generally sexy lingerie covered by some “I’m so chill and casual” loungewear….. a few mints, light lip balm and ready! Insert casual pose here.”

Bella, 26.

“I shower, shave, perfume, always wear a g string, and I don’t know why but love red lipstick. My partner showers and always makes sure he is trimmed and clean, smelling amazing.”

Lucy, 23.

“Shave my legs and the three hairs on my pubic bone that have survived laser, moisturise, brush teeth and spray some Burberry Her Intense.”

Em, 48.

“Nothing at all. In fact, I think there’s nothing hotter than sex after a sweaty run or bike ride. Then shower after. BUT, if I’ve been at work all day and I’m feeling a bit grimy, I don’t shower before sex but I’m reluctant to receive oral sex… which seems contrary but I think it’s because I’ve got all the happy hormones post-exercise so don’t worry about how clean or perfect I look for my partner.”

Hannah, 26.

“After being in a relationship for six years there’s really no spritzing perfume or pretty lingerie happening these days haha. I just like being showered and smooth for foreplay And maybe light a candle. Funnily enough though, I can tell my partner wants to get frisky because he takes the longest shower, washes his hair, flosses, trims his pubes – the works! I think he has more of a ritual than me.”


What do you do before sex? A whole beauty routine or nothing at all? Let us know in the comments.

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