From $300 to $9500: Eight brides share exactly how much their wedding dress cost.

Anyone who is planning a wedding – or has planned a wedding – knows just how expensive it can be.

In 2019, the average couple is investing $31,368 (!) on their wedding, The Easy Weddings Survey reports.

Oh, and buying your wedding dress? Well, let’s just say a bridal gown is likely to be the most expensive dress a woman will buy and wear in her entire lifetime.

Side note – we asked the people how much money they think is acceptable to spend on a wedding dress and the answers might surprise you. Post continues after video.

According to Wedded Wonderland, the average cost of a wedding dress in 2018 was $5180, a 29.5 per cent rise on 2017, when the average cost was $4000.

Yep, it’s… a lot.

It’s for this reason we asked eight former (and some soon-to-be) brides to share exactly how much they spent on their wedding dress.

From $300 to $9,500, the prices certainly differ.

Here’s what they had to say:


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Cost: $5,000

"My wedding dress was an Elizabeth de Varga gown and cost $5,000. It is made of Italian lace, beading and pure silk. I didn't really have a budget and was happy with how much I spent. I still have my dress and hope to keep it forever."


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Cost: $3,000

"For me the cost wasn't just about the dress but also the experience. Every time I went for a fitting with Lilli Marcs in Paddington, Sydney, she made me feel so special and excited for the day. She's a really special woman with such a great eye when it comes to design. I would pay $3,000 again just for that tailor-made experience with her."


Cost: $1,450

"My wedding dress cost around $1,200, but I haven't had any alterations made to it yet. I budgeted $1,500 for a dress (but told the shop assistants $2000 because I didn't want them to think I was cheap haha! Also, if there was a REALLY nice one for $2,000 I could've been tempted). I never had a dream idea in my mind about what I wanted. So slapped a deposit down on a dress I thought was good enough for the price. Then I realised I really wanted sleeves. Luckily, the shop I got my dress from agreed to add sleeves at an extra cost. So all up it cost $1,450, plus alterations that I haven't had done yet – which may include a bustle, shortening the dress and hopefully nothing else!"


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Cost: $4,000

"I was happy with the amount I spent on my dress, it was Maggie Sottero's Sottero and Midgley collection so they are known for affordable dresses that are great quality. The way I saved money was by using a dressmaker in my area who specialised in Maggie Sottero wedding dresses. It saved me at least a thousand dollars! I really loved my dress and wish I could wear it again!"


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Cost: $1,999

"Having a decent sized bust and a fuller figure, finding a wedding dress was something I was a little nervous about. I had been eyeing off this one little boutique in Cronulla since before getting engaged and as soon as I could, I burst in there to try on every Anna Campbell dress that I could, even though I was scared I would only be disappointed. To my delight, I tried this little gem on first and instantly fell in love. The wide silk wrap around the mid section allowed for the dress to be as tight or loose as I wanted and the straps I actually had twisted and stitched so it gave my arms and decolletage a little more shape. It has beautiful crystal detailing below the bust which I highlighted with a semi-matching Anna Campbell hair slide. Price-wise, it was right on point. I didn't feel the need to go for a mega designer, I was more focused on something I loved and fitted me well. I couldn't have been happier."



Cost: $1,800

"I set a budget of $2,000 for my dress, but I actually ended up falling in love with a dress that was $3,300. I mulled over the dress for weeks but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money. Luckily, after going to a few more bridal shops, I stumbled upon an incredibly similar dress for $1,800. As my wedding isn't until next year, I haven't had alterations done yet – but I've been quoted $150."


wedding dress cost
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Cost: $300

"Mine was purchased in India at a store called 'Dulhan' which translates to Bride. I didn't want to go overboard cost wise because Indian weddings have several ceremonies requiring its own dress (all of them quite bridal!) This was within our budget because it was not very expensive by wedding standards. It helped me balance out the cost of the remaining dresses/jewellery that I needed. I was quite happy with it."


wedding dress cost
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wedding dress cost
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Cost: $9,500 (Total)

"I had two wedding dresses. One was a $7,000 Marchesa gown and the other was a $2,500 Elie Saab dress that I bought online the week before the wedding. I was planning on changing dresses for the first dance and the party part of the night, but I stepped on the lining of my main dress before the sit down part of the reception started and the seam ripped, so I had to change earlier."

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