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springsister September 1, 2020

When my brother died suddenly, 4 days before my birthday, I commented he would do anything to get out of buying me a family laughed, everyone else was mortified. Grief is personal.

springsister May 29, 2020

“There were times when I was in danger of closing my heart to her, as she has closed hers to me.”

I’m a daughter estranged from my parents for 6 years. My heart is not closed just because I don’t want to be involved in their life. I love my parents, I just couldn’t live my life happily with them in it.  

Gingergirl February 2, 2020

How does one use the bathroom in that gorgeous catsuit?

Gingergirl January 30, 2020

I quit my casual job of 5 years on the 29th. I asked my self these questions every day for the last 4 months. Having a anxiety attack the night before, and then again on the morning of my last day, my husband and I agreed it was time to go. I feel relief that I don’t have to go back but I’m also still quite anxious about the future. I have no skills and no other job to go to but this one was literally doing my head in.

Gingergirl January 18, 2020

This reads so very similar to my life except it was my father who was the violent narcissist and my mother who made excuses. The support of the ex during our divorce was demoralising and the continuation Of their support, emotionally and financially, of him even after 20 years still hurts. They blamed me for everything, I was always in the wrong and when my brother died, my mother actually said to me “It should have been you”. I cut off contact almost 6 years ago. Mother still tries to contact me and tell anyone who will listen that she doesn’t know why I won’t speak to them. She knows..

Gingergirl January 7, 2020

If he was 15 when he joined in 1985, he would have been only 37 in 2007, not 44. Still the youngest commissioner and a damn fine Australian.

Gingergirl December 1, 2019

The 5 year old was not “left alone in a hot car” Your headline suggests she was deliberately left in the car when she, in fact, got into it herself.

Gingergirl November 13, 2019

My husband and I flew to Sydney from Hobart for a registry wedding. I bought my dress, about 2 hours before the wedding, from Paddy’s market for $20

Gingergirl November 9, 2019

My children were similar. My son one, at around age 3, began having daily “accidents”. I thought he had regressed his toilet training but after several months I took him to the doctor. He was severely constipated and it was “overflow”. A short course of laxatives and he was fine. My daughter was the same..but worse. She had to take laxatives every day, have suppositories regularly, drink lots of water and still struggled. She was diagnosed with a slow bowel and now, at 29 years old, she still needs to take regular laxatives and control her diet to maintain healthy bowel function. Thankfully she never had to endure what this poor child has and I empathise with her mum.

Gingergirl November 9, 2019

I had a Mirena inserted to manage my menopause symptoms. When the insertion was too painful at my doctors office, I had it done a week later under general anaesthetic. It has been wonderful in helping with my symptoms. My daughter also has one, for birth control, which was inserted at her doctors office with nothing more than discomfort. She is happy with it. As with all medicines, particularly those that affect our hormones, results will differ for each person.

Gingergirl June 20, 2019

A wedding breakfast isn’t actually breakfast, it’s just the traditional name given to the first meal as husband and wife.

Gingergirl May 23, 2019

Bet she wishes she never looked at his phone

Gingergirl May 20, 2019

Have always admired this actress for her brave decision. I had surgery and radiation for cancer on my face and, like Christina, I see the results every day. My cancer will return, I can’t have my face permanently removed, but I hope it’s not for a few more years yet.

Gingergirl April 7, 2019

I started high school at age 11. The first year was great but the following 3, not so much. Academically I kept up, or surpassed, my peers but I suffered severe bullying based upon the fact I was physically “behind” them. I didn’t go though puberty until year 9 when my peers had started several years earlier. Typically, the teenagers at my school picked on me because I was different. Flat chested, no curves, I was called Conrad straight. Swimming lessons were the worst because it was obvious I was underdeveloped compared to others and I was always reminded of it. I was 4’11” when most of my peers were well over 5’, I was bullied about that too until year 10 when I finally hit my growth spurt. I guess what made it worse was my parents also commented on my physical appearance, as a joke they said, but I had no respite at home. I hope high school has changed and this young girl doesn’t have to go through what I did. Unfortunately I know it had not when my kids were in high school 10 years ago.

Gingergirl February 21, 2019

I was receiving disability but also working at short term jobs for several years. I dutifully advised my income each week but still I got a debt notice because Centrelink wasn’t able to accept that I wasnt working all the financial year, only sometimes, and assumed I was defrauding them. It took me 4 years to pay back. I have a chronic, incurable illness, I just don’t have the energy, or time, to fight them.

Gingergirl January 13, 2019

It was your fault you split the first plate but they should have asked before replacing. I would have asked at the time they brought out the 2nd plate, if it was free. The waiters that cleaned up should have asked if you wanted to order more

Gingergirl December 2, 2018

A similar thing happened to me and my partner. A friend had a thirtieth birthday dinner at a restaurant. I don’t drink and, because we assumed we were paying for our own meals, only ordered main course. My friend and his mates drank heaps and ate like kings, at the end of the night he announced we would just split the bill between the whole table. We were dumbfounded and then told we were arseholes for saying we didn’t feel it was fair. If people were upfront from the start it would make it so much easier when attending a dinner/party. I’d be doing what others here have suggested and charge her for your attendance!

Gingergirl July 30, 2018

I do too. I was 11 and a boy in school nick named me “Conrad Straight”...flat with no curves. Having an athletic build and being younger than my class mates, I didn’t go through puberty until I was in year 9, 14 years old. My mother also contributed to my body shame by commenting consistently on my “late” development and somehow making me feel like it was my fault. To this day I hate my leanness.

Gingergirl July 29, 2018

A “friend” asked me to be her bridesmaid and I was so thrilled as I didn’t think she like me as much as I likes her. A few weeks later we had a minor disagreement, no big deal, it happens to all friendships. However she called me Nd said that whilst she wanted me at the wedding she didn’t want me as bridesmaid anymore...I was devastated.

Gingergirl July 11, 2018

Ahh but private health doesn’t cover what Medicare does..try claiming your gp visit on private health

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