The "stingy" wedding announcement that has guests furious.

Weddings are expensive, we get it.

But if you don’t even have it in your budget to feed your wedding guests, maybe it’s time to consider other options, like downsizing… or eloping.

One anonymous wedding guest has vented on a mumsnet message board, saying they’d been told there would be minimal food at the reception of an upcoming British wedding they were set to attend.

The guest asked the public if this was a “weird” set-up, and we can honestly say yes. Yes, it is.

“Going to a wedding in July where there isn’t going to be any food put on in the evening, despite it being a big wedding and an extra 70 evening guests joining the party,” they wrote.

“I thought that was quite bad, but on top of that the wedding breakfast which was billed as an afternoon tea has turned about [sic] to be a buffet at the side of sandwiches, scones and cake. I don’t know whether the tables will be called up one by one to get their food or if there’ll be 100+ people queuing at the same time.”

A “wedding breakfast” is what the British call the meal served just after a wedding ceremony, it’s not necessarily a breakfast.

Wedding Reception
A British wedding guest has been told there will be no food at the reception. Image: Getty

The guest then went on to say "guests will be starving", and accused the couple of being "stingy".

Apparently the couple had already told some guests they could just duck out for a pub meal if they wanted to eat.

"There is a pub next door and the couple have said that if people are hungry they can go there for a pub meal, so we may well do that," continued the disgruntled guest.

Unfortunately for the couple, other commentators seemed to agree with the wedding guest.

"Sounds really stingy to me, if you go I suggest you take emergency rations so you don't starve. It's ridiculous to expect people to survive all day and evening on a scone and bit of cake," wrote one person.

"If you can’t afford to feed your guests properly (day and evening) then you should either invite fewer so you can, or make the wedding no gifts but bring a dish. This sounds seriously stingy," commented another.

And it doesn't seem to be a one-off either.

"Yes guests will probably be starving! I once went to a wedding and the wedding breakfast never happened, they had only booked an evening buffet," wrote another commentator.

"Wedding was 2pm, so day guests were starving at this point - it was that bad some people even left the venue and brought bag [sic] happy meals for their children!!!"

Seriously, who doesn't attend weddings for the food? Also, for love, but food. This is just bad form.

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