The Project's Waleed Aly's just unleashed a furious smackdown on Kylie Jenner.


Waleed Aly has some feelings please and he’d very much like to share them.

You see, The Project co-host is not impressed with Forbes Magazine’s decision to feature Kylie Jenner on its cover.

According to the publication, the youngest of the Kardashian clan is set to surpass Mark Zuckerberg as “the youngest ever self-made billionaire” by the time she turns 21 in August this year.

And Aly’s not… into it.

“So in what way is she self made?” Aly asked on Thursday night’s episode of The Project.

“She didn’t have a lemonade stall somewhere and build it up.”

Weirdly, Tommy Little then defended the reality TV star and accused Aly of “knocking her down because she’s young”.

“That’s not why I’m knocking her down,” Aly replied. “I’m knocking her down because she is part of an empire that doesn’t do anything.”

Little then replied, “Well, they make money” and touché.


Aly wasn’t the only one who raised an eyebrow at the “self-made” claim.




This isn’t the first time Aly has become a lil’ bit enraged over the Kardashians.

In June this year, he took issue with Kim Kardashian personally lobbying US President Donald Trump to get Alice Marie Johnson released from prison.

Although she achieved her goal, Aly thought she went about it in completely the wrong way.

“She’s actually achieved nothing, she’s achieved something for one person in one case… I reckon this is awful, ”Aly said bluntly.

“You now have a president who effectively thinks he can do things by pardons. That’s the way he operates.

“Everything goes through him. I’ll just make a decision, ‘You’re saved, you’re not. You’re free, you go to hell’. That’s the way it works [but] that the opposite of the way it’s supposed to work.”