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Take a look back: These were the very best viral moments of 2017.

There were live TV slip-ups, a lot of celebrity pregnancies and, as much as we hate to admit, way too much coverage of Donald Trump every, freaking, day. But whether you loved it or absolutely loathed it 2017 was an, ahem, interesting year to say the least.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, we present the moments we could not stop watching (over and over again) this year. Apparently, no one else could either.

1. The BBC interview feat. kids who just want some airtime

Before his BBC interview, Professor Robert Kelly was an unknown face. Then, he appeared on BBC, and suddenly, his face was EVERYWHERE.

Video by BBC

2. Jacketgate

When Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock berated colleague Julie Snook for not complying with outfit requests, she didn’t expect the off-air footage to be leaked and be watched millions and millions of times.

“I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white,” she began. Oh, and it BEGUN.

Video by Channel Nine

3. The ‘how on earth did that happen’ Lala land/Moonlight Oscar’s mix-up

The “most dramatic moment in Oscars history” happened at this year’s awards, and we are glad we got to witness it. Well, not actually witness it in the flesh  – we wish – but you get what we’re saying.

ANYWAY, long story short, La La Land – which pretty much won every Oscar anyway – was wrongly announced as the winner of Best Picture, when in actual fact Moonlight won. YIKES.

Video by Channel Nine

4. #MeToo

2017 will be defined as the year of the movement #MeToo – the movement where women have bound together to come forward, speak out and support each other about sexual harassment and abuse. New voices are still coming forward to this day, and TIME Magazine even named their ‘Person of the Year’ as the ‘Silence Breakers’.

In the wake of a particularly terrible time in the entertainment industry, especially in Hollywood, there truly is and will continue to be a reckoning. All in all, the message? You are very much not alone.

5. Michelle Obama’s legendary side-eye at Donald Trump’s inauguration

When Michelle Obama woke up to see Donald Trump be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, we don’t think she anticipated her facial expression to become THE story of the day. And that it did.

6. We still don’t know WTF ‘covfefe’ is

It’s not uncommon for Donald Trump to naturally baffle us, make us tilt our heads and ask ourselves “huh?!”.  At around midnight in Washington DC back in May, Trump tweeted a sentence that kind of left everyone… puzzled.


“Despite the negative press conference cofvefe.”

That’s it. He left his 31 million followers hanging off a word he made up (or its a typo) just like that.

Don’t bother looking for the tweet now, it was deleted shortly after – after everyone in the whole flippin’ world had already seen it, screenshotted it and (more probably than not), mocked it.


7. Cash me outside, how ’bout… NO. MAKE IT STOP

If you couldn’t stop saying this every now and then for a few weeks, you weren’t the only one. 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli coined the (stupidly annoying) phrase ‘cash (read: catch) me outside’ during her brief appearance on Dr. Phil.

Apparently it was the perfect retort for any social comment. Apparently.

Video by Dr Phil

8. The Loop’s awkward, excruciating New Year countdown that left us scratching our heads

It was that moment on TV where you sit there and think to yourself… what on earth did I just spend my time watching?! Was it real? Was it fake? Was it just so bloody awkward because it’s The Loop?

If our New Year celebrations are anything like this, count us out.

Video by Channel 11

9. The naughtiest thing British PM Theresa May has ever done is…

“What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?” a reporter asked Theresa May in June this year.

“We used to run through fields of wheat,” she replied. “The farmers weren’t too pleased about that.”

Oh, we’re sure they weren’t.

Video by ITV News

10. Penny Wong burst into tears when Australia voted ‘YES’

The long-awaited result of Australia’s stance on same-sex marriage was finally announced. When it was, Penny Wong’s head dropped into her hands and she began to sob. YES was finally a reality.

This is the moment Penny Wong – Senator for SA found out Australia voted YES and my heart is full <3 <3 <3 <3

Posted by Michelle Andrews on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

11. Beyonce’s dramatic and completely over-the-top (in classic Yoncé fashion) Instagram pregnancy announcement

Beyonce’s 2017 was a big, yet private one. Even though she featured on heaps of tracks and gave birth to twins, it was how she announced her pregnancy that saw her reach icon status.


C’mon people, it’s Beyonce. It’s go big or go home. How else would she announce a pregnancy if it wasn’t completely over-the-top?

12. Lady Gaga’s Superbowl half-time performance was ICONIC

Lady Gaga’s half-time show was nothing short of sending the internet into a meltdown. If it wasn’t her outfit, the fact that her jump from the top of the stadium was turned into a viral meme, or that she absolutely killed it, there was always something to talk about.

The world is better when Gaga spreads her magic.

Video by Channel 7

13. The many expressive faces of Winona Ryder at this year’s SAG awards

Despite Stranger Things winning and co-star David Harbour delivering one of the most stirring speeches at an awards show ever, Winona Ryder’s, er, vast array of expressions was what stole the show at the SAG awards.

I mean, she’s an actress. Portraying emotion is what she does for a living, right?

Video by Channel Nine

14. Natasha Exelby’s on-air TV blunder. OOPS

It is what we are pegging as the funniest TV news anchor blooper of 2017, and man did it make us smile every time it popped up on our social media feeds. Natasha Exelby (she’s still in our thoughts) had an average, everyday moment broadcasted on television. You know, the one where you daydream, or someone catches you doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing. Yep, that one. Who knew a pen could be sooo interesting?


15. Andy Murray corrected a journalist’s ‘casual sexism’. Won the praise of women around the world

Scotsman, tennis champion, former worldwide number one and the same bloke who just so happened to have no patience for a reporter’s casual sexist comments at a press conference earlier in the year.

At a Wimbledon press conference, Andy Murray was quick to shut down the reporter who disregarded the Serena and Venus Williams’ past successes.

“Andy, Sam is the first American player to reach the semi-final of a Slam since 2009,” a reporter said.

“Male player,” Murray clarified, before hitting back with: “I think Venus and Serena have won about four each.”

Video by Wimbledon

Now, I don’t know about you but… I’m excited for the HELL YEAH moments and the OH DEAR GOD NOs coming next year.

Bring. It. On.

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