Donald Trump tweeted a confusing typo. Here are 20 things he might have meant.

President Donald Trump sent the world a message about the media on Wednesday morning. Or maybe it was about coffee. It remains unclear.

President Trump tweeted the phrase: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

It might have been “negative press coverage” or it might have been “negative press coffee.”

The social media platform has since exploded with possible interpretations into what “covfefe” might mean.

Here are our top 20 interpretations:

1 . The Long Lost Spice Girl: Covfefe Spice.

She was really hyperactive, but also quite modestly dressed.

2. The Name of Erectile Dysfunction Medication.

3. The Name of Sweet, Sweet Caffeine.

4.  The Names of Beyonce’s Twin Daughters.

5. The Name of The Person Who Will Pay For The US-Mexican Border Wall.

Covfefe better cough up the dough.

6. He Meant To Type “Coverage” But He Was Typing In Bed And Dropped His Phone.

Phone to the face. mate. Happens to the best of us.

7.  A Super Large Fez Hat.

Are you sick of your fez not covering your whole head? Invest in a Covfefe! They put coverage first.

Fez would be a cute name for a cat.(Source: iStock.)

8. The Sound Somebody Makes While Vomiting.

Covfefe. Covfefefefefefefe.

9. A Corvette So Exclusive Only Trump Can Afford It.

Trump might have meant to compare the media's constant mockery to that of a super car.

Look at that red hot Covfefe. I wish I could afford a Covfefe.


10. A Small Orange Animal With Tiny Hands.

Did you see that Covfefe at the zoo? They are so cute!

11. A New National Policy: The Covfefe Constitution.

The Covfefe ensures all members of the US have access to free advice as to how they can improve.

"Poor? Hungry? Sick? Work harder."

12. A Small Island Similar To Corfu But With More English-Speakers.

"Honey, let's take a vacay to Covfefe. I'm sick of all the hibbidy-gibbidy of foreigners."

13. President Trump meant confetti but got confused.

Covfefe - confefe - confetti. Easy mistake.

14. The Latest Hybrid Food - Couverture Chocolate + Coffee = Covfefe

He's a little bit fancy.

So many pussies, so little time.(Source: iStock.)

15. He Was Tweeting But Saw A Pussy [Cat] And Felt Compelled To Grab It.

Grab that cat by the kitty.

16.  He Sat On His Phone.

Happens to the ajoiafjofwojihabha of us.

17. He Asked Siri To Tweet For Him.

"Siri: I'm sorry. I can't do that for you."

Hungry for all things politics? Us too. Let us give you an update on what's going on.

18. President Trump Hired A Social Media Intern And They Screwed Up.

Hashtag soz.

19. President Trump Wants Somebody To Cover His 'Fefe'.

What his 'fefe' is remains a mystery to us all.

20. President Trump Meant Despite The Constant Negative Press Coverage.

But his soul made a break for it and he had to chase it down and gobble it up again.