LET US EXPLAIN: Who the "how bow dah" girl is, and why she's all over your feed.

“Cash me outside. How bah dah.”

Seen that one recently? All over your newsfeed? In every second meme on your social media channels? It is, of course, the latest piece of footage to gain worldwide fame and notoriety for doing not a whole lot.

Alas, we’ve had nearly four weeks of 2017 but the year’s catchphrase is all but determined: How bow dah?

So where did it all come form? And how, like other peculiar things, did it go so viral so quickly?

13-year-old Danielle, the star of the meme, appeared on Dr. Phil back in September of 2016. She, like any good Dr. Phil guest, was a troubled teenager who made the home life of her family hell. She talks openly about being violent towards her mother and has a penchant for stealing cars. Charming and all the rest, yes.

Danielle also has this interesting way of speaking: It’s not an accent as such, but intonation her mother thinks she picked up “off the streets”.

So, we have a 13-year-old with a sizeable attitude (hello, we’re on Dr. Phil) and a unique accent. And a very giggly audience.

This didn't really fly with Danielle who thought the audience's giggling was really, very annoying.

"All these h*es laughing like something's funny," she said.

Then, she added: "Catch me outside, how about that?"

Except, it didn't sound like that at all. It sounded much more like this: "Cash me outside, how bow dah." Her mother politely informs the audience that what Danielle really means is that she wants to sort it out "outside". Like in the "car park".

It took a month or two for the footage to surface and for the video to cement itself firmly in the throes of pop culture, but Dr. Phil's  video of the incident has now been viewed more than 18 million times.

Aaaaand, that's all there is to it. Really.

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