Lady Gaga is being trolled for daring to have a stomach at the Super Bowl.

Things were going so well.

Lady Gaga was nailing her Super Bowl half-time performance and the fans were going wild for the outrageous shoulders on her silver jumpsuit.

Lady Gaga's first outfit during her Super Bowl half-time performance. Source: Twitter.

But then the 30-year-old had to go and change costumes halfway through her nine-song medley performance and confront us all with her very confronting stomach.

For those who missed it, confronting stomachs are like regular stomachs... but way more confronting. (Mamamia's Mia Freedman has one and, similarly to Lady Gaga dared to bare it to the world last year, which is precisely when The Daily Mail deemed it "confronting".)


And before you go getting crazy ideas in your head, no. It is not enough for a woman to be a globally adored performer and recognised as one of the greatest living pop icons of our times. She also has to have a six-pack while doing it, damn it, or else it's all for nothing.

Naturally, the jerks of our planet have wasted no time in pointing out that Gaga both a) has a midriff that does not resemble a washboard and b) had the audacity to leave the house rather than laying down in the foetal position and question her worth in the world, heading to Twitter to share their views.

Sure, six Grammy awards are great and all, but they're no six-pack, Gaga.

lady gaga super bowl
Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl half-time. Source: Getty.

But because the world is a mystifying place and women apparently got confused about what our purpose is on this earth (spoiler: it's to be an image of sexual perfection without being "slutty" or having opinions or demands for equality), a number of viewers tweeted about how inspirational both Gaga and her stomach were.

Incredibly, President Trump is yet to tweet about it, but let's see what he has to say come 3am.