Andy Murray had no patience for this reporter's casual sexism.

Ranked as the number one men’s tennis player in the world, Andy Murray had no patience for a reporter’s casual sexism during the press conference following his Wimbledon loss.

The British champion was defeated by American Sam Querrey during the quarter finals on Friday, and fielded questions from journalists about the match and his hip injury. One particular comment, however, didn’t sit well with him.

“Andy, Sam is the first American player to reach the semi-final of a Slam since 2009,” a reporter began.

“Male player,” Murray interrupted.

“I beg your pardon?” the reporter responded.

“Male player, right?” Murray said.

“Yes, first male player, that’s for sure,” the reporter said with a laugh, while Murray sat facing the media with a completely straight face.


The 30-year-old, who has routinely brought attention to gender inequalities in tennis, clearly was not amused.

It’s not the first time he’s had to remind a reporter of the achievements of women in the sport. Following his win at the Rio Olympics in 2016, a BBC journalist commented that Murray was the first person to win two Olympic gold medals for tennis.

“I think Venus and Serena have won about four each,” Murray responded.

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Last week, Murray also criticised Wimbledon’s practices when it comes to showcasing matches on centre court. Currently, two men’s matches, and only one women’s match are played on the prestigious court.

“I think ideally you would have two men’s and two women’s on Centre, potentially starting the matches a bit earlier would allow for that,” Murray said.

In 2014, the tennis great became the first high-profile player to hire a female coach, two-time Grand Slam winner Amelie Mauresmo. At the time, he wrote on his website: “Have I become a feminist? Well, if being a feminist is about fighting so that a woman is treated like a man then yes, I suppose I have.”

Indeed, it would appear he has.