"I spent one cold, lonely night with this $40 vibrator. Here's how it went down."

I don’t really know how to start this. Partly because I’m afraid my half bitten off fingernails are going to give my identity away, but also because, how does one start a sex toy review?

Do we launch right into the bit about how the rabbit’s vibrations felt on my clitoris? Or like any good sexual encounter – with a penis, hand or toy – do we start slow? Do we have to get to know each other?

I guess all you need to know about me is I’ve only used one or two vibrators before, mainly because they’re so expensive and my fingers are free.

So when I came across the VeDO Wink Vibe Vibrator (in Orgasmic Orchid purple) and saw it only costs $39.99, I got… excited.

The possibility of orgasms on-call and change from a $50? YES. Please.

That said, considering how a lot of vibrators carry a price tag more than double that, I was concerned about the quality of the phallic shaped thing I’d be putting in me.

I’ve paid more for hot dinners. Would a vibrator that gives me change from a $50 deliver the happy ending I was after?

To find out, I flicked off the lights, got comfy on my back and thrusted on with things.

VeDo Wink Vibe
Haaaaave you met the VeDo Wink Vibe? Image: Mamamia Shopping.
VeDo Wink Vibe
He/She/It looks exhausted from an all night romp in this photo, don't you think? Image: Mamamia Shopping.

At seven inches, the Wink Vibe isn't 'terrifying veiny dildo' big or 'micro penis' small, but just right. And it's made out of soft, phthalate-free silicone, so there went my concerns about opening the packaging to find a pointy stick inside.

It feels smooth and silky, and I liked how there aren't pearl beads in a a see-through penis head or an actual rabbit with an actual face. Just a sleek, space-age looking shaft (is that what you call it?) and what could be mistaken for a funky coat hook. Neat.

As for the mechanics a.k.a the bits that get you off, the Wink Vibe's 'gently curved head' has 12 vibration modes. The 'rabbit tickler' has just three.

I'll spare you the details of exactly how I used the Wink Vibe, but I'll share the thoughts I had after using it.

If you're someone who gets off from G-Spot pleasure, this guy will Hit. It.

I found it a little difficult to differentiate between all 12 vibration settings but I definitely felt a slow, medium and 'holy crap don't stop but also slow down please'.

The one touch buttons makes it easy to switch gears without taking your mind off the job at hand, however I could've used a bit more to hold onto - I found the base of the vibe on the shorter end.


Side note - A sex column has gone viral after a guy asked for advice as to why his girlfriend was masturbating AFTER sex. Do we need to have a conversation about men and female orgasms? Post continues after audio.

The part I most enjoyed was the rabbit. Even though it's only got three settings, which I initially turned my nose up at because I'm someone who needs clitoral simulation to orgasm, I didn't feel like I needed any more than that. If it were a more expensive product, I'd be looking for different rhythms as well as speeds, but again, for $40 I'll make my own.

So, did I have fun? Yes, but not specifically because of the Wink Vibe. A few other things played a role too.

But vibrators are about as personal a purchase as you can get, which is why it's hard to commit to trying different ones when they're so expensive.

For this reason (among others... well, 12 to be specific), the VeDO Wink Vibe Vibrator is a winner. $40 is a low price to pay for what could be many cold, lonely nights spent together.

But if things don't work out, think of it like this - you'd pay more for a shit Tinder date, but at least with this you don't have to leave the house. Or put clothes on.

You can find the VeDO Wink Vibe Vibrator for $39.99 along with a bunch of other vibrators and sex toys over on Mamamia Shopping.

Have you tried this type of vibrator? What did you think?