'She'll be bullied.' The mum being widely criticised for her 'hideous' baby name.

Finding the perfect baby name isn’t an easy feat. Heck, it’s just downright impossible to pick one that everyone (including the entire internet) loves.

So when Jade and Joshua Jeanes revealed the name they’d picked for their newborn baby daughter, you can guess a lot of people had opinions about it.

But first, a bit of back story. See, 27-year-old Jade was obsessed with Disney films, a substantial amount more obsessed than your average Joe.

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At first, Jade contemplated the name Belle for her daughter, after the princess from Beauty and the Beast, but concluded it didn’t quite accurately convey her passion for Disney films.

And so, there seemed to be only one other obvious baby name option: Disney.

“Friends and family love the name, and I do too. I just really like the name Disney,” Jade posted in a Facebook mother’s group.

"I shall call you Disney and you shall love it." Image: Getty.

She also said the name Sonic, after Sonic the Hedgehog, would be her baby name choice if she had a son.

Although Jade and Joshua weren't at all troubled with the name, the internet decided to hack it down, calling it "hideous".

“Should have changed her name to Looney Tunes,” someone responded to Jade's Facebook post.

“I would freeze my eggs before naming my children with such hideous names!” said another.

"While it sounds cute those poor children are probably going to be bullied severely which is very unfortunate,” a concerned Facebook user commented.

But while most responses were harsh, negative, or genuinely worried for the future child's social wellbeing, others voiced their steadfast support for Jade and all mothers.

“I absolutely love it, as I love unique name’s and everyone who has been trolling you should be ashamed of themselves,” someone wrote.

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