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genevievejoy October 8, 2023

@vipope17 That's a bit harsh. I don't think they are crying poor at all. Literally no one expects to fall pregnant with quads. And for all we know, she had only 1 egg transferred and it split four ways. They could be identical quads. Either way, if you have nothing supportive or helpful to say, why say anything?

genevievejoy May 17, 2022

@cat ehhh not really. I bought my house for 540k- had I lived in a city, I'd have gotten something much, much smaller, but I still would have bought something for that price. Admittedly that was 2017- it HAS gotten tougher since than. But my point is you don't have to "sacrifice" fun to save your ass off in your 20's. Thinking you need to be spendy to have fun is a trap. And that's nice that your parents did that. Mine definitely didn't!! 

genevievejoy May 15, 2022

I think you've set up a false dichotomy here- that you can either have fun OR save up a house deposit. But that's not really true! Each to their own, but I feel like I got to have my cake- or coffee!- and eat it too. In my 20's I learned the joy of a fabulous op-shop outfit and clothes swap parties, a good thermos-stored hot coffee, and hosting fun free games nights and dinners with friends at home. I lived super cheaply in a run-down share-house with 6 others and am still close friends with some of them today. I bought my semi-rural, regional property as a 27 yr old single woman, and now at 32 get to do the takeaway coffees, brand new fantastic clothes, travel etc. that I skipped out on in my 20's. No regrets at all! Side note- if you think previous generations were living it up AND somehow buying houses, you're so far off its not funny. Overseas travel was rare before the 90's, as were takeaway coffees and fast fashion. They knew how to have fun on a budget back then, no doubt about it!! 

genevievejoy February 8, 2021

Such amazing grace in the face of all that pain. What a beautiful family. 

genevievejoy December 5, 2020

@grumpier monster wow. I loved being one of three. The backseat might have been squishy but 3 is also the perfect number for playing Corners. Good times...And I say that as the youngest child who always got stuck with the middle seat šŸ¤£

Genevieve McMahon December 14, 2019

The child will feel the sting all the same.

Genevieve McMahon November 18, 2019

I feelule this is just a random collection of female celebs with their daughters. Some of these girls look way more like their fathers e.g. Shiloh looks like Brad, and Willow looks like Will.

Genevieve McMahon March 31, 2019

This doesn't seem that strange to me. Unique, but lots of babies these days are given surnames as first names.

Genevieve McMahon March 24, 2019

Good advice! If you don't want to battle your son about maths and comprehension....don't! Getting a detention for unfinished homework is not the end of the world.

Hands up if you got a few homework detentions in your time and survived ;)

Genevieve McMahon December 14, 2018

What a beautiful baby and brave loving Mum! Thanks for sharing your story.

Genevieve McMahon February 7, 2018

That is so inappropriate šŸ˜• Iā€™d be furious too!

Genevieve McMahon August 30, 2017

Because opinions that actually are super unpopular don't tend to get published?

Genevieve McMahon July 27, 2017

I know what you mean, but hindsight is 20/20. In hindsight they probably couldn't afford a holiday to Bali that would include massive medical bills, a chartered flight, etc.

Yes, they probably should have purchased better travel insurance BUT people are not perfect and I think they've been through more than enough without having to declare bankruptcy as well. I'm glad people donated. There but for the grace of God go I!

Genevieve McMahon April 20, 2017

How's can that only be worth "up to 14 years". They tortured and murdered a child. What's more evil than that?

Genevieve McMahon April 9, 2017

The people in the examples above are displaying rude, antisocial behaviour for sure. But this trend of putting it all online worries me. These are minor offences & should be dealt with by airline staff.

Where is it all going? Are we entering a time when all our moments of rudeness lead to us being publicly shamed, sometimes even horrendously bullied & harassed? How rude is rude enough to deserve the public shaming treatment? Who decides? Haven't we all done something at least once we'd be ashamed to have splashed across facebook?

Who can honestly say they've never littered, for example?
Personally, I'm a bit over people " going public" with ever minor complaint.

At least these photos don't contain identifying images of people's faces, I suppose.

Genevieve McMahon April 7, 2017

Beautiful story. I think I'd like to read this book! šŸ“–

Genevieve McMahon March 26, 2017

The adult can figure something out. Kids are more vulnerable and their safety comes first. It's a great concept.

Genevieve McMahon March 19, 2017

Wow, wise comment!

Genevieve McMahon January 31, 2017

My thoughts exactly. As a teacher, it was hard not to be offended by this line in the article.

I at least do no want my students to "all think the same."

Genevieve McMahon January 30, 2017

Sorry, but how are standardized tests for 6 year olds supposed to help?
Those countries that top the list every year actively do not allow testing pressure for young children.
We need to learn from them.