The touching, hidden meaning behind Erin Molan's baby daughter's name.

For so many parents, naming their first child is a time-consuming process, as they try to create the perfect name for their baby.

Television presenter Erin Molan is one of those parents, and has shared the deeply personal meaning behind the name of her baby girl Eliza Emily.

In a touching tribute to her sister, The Footy Show host told The Sunday Telegraph that her big sister lost a little girl named Emily a few years ago, so the name was a beautiful way to honour her loss.

The first part of the name, Eliza, was what Molan’s mother had always wanted to call Erin and her sister – and had started calling Erin’s daughter even before she was born.

“Mum named her Eliza at the start when we fell pregnant,” Molan told the publication. “My mum loves the name Eliza… but dad didn’t want a bar of it.”


The first time mum, who is engaged to policeman Sean Ogilvy, opened up about her love of motherhood.

“There are moments I should be trying to sleep, but I can’t help but listen to her breathe. It is intense, but incredible,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

“She is beautiful, she is divine. If not getting sleep is your only issue, then how lucky are you as a parent. We are so blessed.”

The working mother gave birth on the 6th June, just hours before the State of Origin.

The 35-year-old says she hopes to return to work at Nine News, The Footy Show and 2GB at the end of the month.