We asked for your ghost stories and wow, you delivered. Here are 4 of the creepiest.

Ghost stories give me the heebee jeebies. 

And yet I... can't look away. You too? Yeah, I'm...not surprised.

Idk why I enjoy having the s**t scared out of me, but the spookier, the better, right?! 

And you know what's better than some urban legend told around a campfire? (Jokes, I don't camp – now that is scary.) A frightening story that comes direct from the person it happened to.

I'm talking about real life ghost stories, and when the hosts of the Out Loud podcast put the callout to you, the listeners, to share your own creepy yarns, you did not reject the call. 

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And, wow, guys. Just wow. You've had some terrifying things happen to you! Or at the very least, you've been decidedly paranormal-adjacent.

Here are some of the best stories that slipped into our DMs and inboxes – and have definitely kept us up at night.

'When we went to bed at night, the banging would start.'

"When I was at Kent University in the UK in the early 1990s, I lived on a street called Martyrs Field Road – so called to remember the Canterbury Martyrs who were 16th-century English protestant martyrs executed for heresy (by burning). I lived in two different shared houses on this road over two years and experienced ghosts in both houses.

"First house: Every time we all went into our own bedrooms at night, the banging would start. We'd all come out of our rooms and ask who was doing it – everyone denied it. In the morning we'd go downstairs and things would have moved in the kitchen and lounge.


"Second house: when we weren't in the house, the TV would come on. We'd return to see the TV on, and it was always set at channel 13. We'd turn it off. When we turned it on again, channel 13 was no longer tuned in and it just showed white noise.

"It definitely freaked us out – although as late teens/early twenties, we tended to dismiss it. However, in the end in both cases, we asked local vicars to pray for our house to remove the spirits. And it worked! After that they didn't return.

I don't know if I believe in ghosts–- I'd say not if you asked – but I can't explain these phenomena."

- Natasha.

'There was a child running around his bed.'

"My partner’s ghost story is honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever heard and gives me the chills every time I remember it. And while I'm not a 'believer' in ghosts, I truly believe this story to be true, as my partner is not at all dramatic or the type of person to make up a story like this for the fun of it.

"My partner is a cochlear implant wearer and always takes his implant off at night to sleep. Without his cochlear, he has absolutely no hearing but can feel vibrations in the air and objects around him very well. For example, without his cochlear, he can feel the vibration of someone walking down the hallway and often knows who it is before he sees them from the feel of the vibration.


"Anyway, one night when he was a teenager, he woke in the middle of the night to the vibration of a child running around his bed. For a second he thought it was his younger brother or sister. But then he realised the footstep vibrations were going entirely around the bed... even though his headboard was flat against the bedroom wall, meaning the footsteps were going through the wall on one side and coming back in on the other. He was too terrified by this realisation to open his eyes and stayed as still as he could till they stopped, just as it was starting to get light outside."

- Rosie.

'My sister, my dad and I all saw the same figure in the mirror.'

"My grandmother's house was incredibly haunted. She lived in a little farmhouse that she and my grandfather (d. 2002) purchased together right after they got married in the 1950s – her entire adult life, until she was put in assisted living for dementia. She and my grandfather raised all five of their kids, including my dad, in that house on Long Island, New York.

"Growing up, there was an understanding that the house was creepy, but especially the upstairs hallway. There was a mirror at the end of the hallway, and every single time I walked down that hallway (which was thousands of times), I always got the feeling that someone was going to be looking back at me in that mirror. 

"When I was about 10, around 2004, my parents had gotten divorced two years prior and my dad was living at my grandma's. My sisters and I spent weekends there with them.

"My grandma had a piano in the 'formal' living room with a long mirror above the piano, spanning the width of the instrument. I looked up to read notes on the piano and I saw a figure standing in the middle of the room, in the mirror. This was 5pm in winter, so it was getting dark, but I was totally lucid – and even though I was only 10, I know what I saw. The man was tall, wearing overalls and a hat, and he had a very sharp and narrow jaw.


"Later that night, I told my two older sisters this story in the privacy of our shared bedroom and my sister told me, 'I've seen the same man. I saw him standing at the bottom of the staircase holding a shotgun.' We then filled in details about the man that we saw – she brought up the narrow jaw before I did. 

"She also used to have dreams that the closet door next to her bed (the same bed my dad slept in as a kid) would open up and she would walk down into Hell.

"We told our dad these stories over the years, and he would always tell us not to worry and reassure us that we were safe. Years later, when we were older, he told us HIS ghost stories. Turns out, he used to have the exact same dream that my sister did about the closet door. On another occasion, he got a horrible sunburn on his back and was lying face-down on the bed in the middle of the day to rest when all of a sudden, he felt what he described as a rolling pin going up and down his back. He shot up, thinking it was one of his siblings playing a prank on him, but no one was there.

"My sister lived with my grandmother in that house during her final years before she moved into assisted living, and for a little while by herself after grandma moved out. She had a friend over one night (I was sleeping over as well) who was sleeping on the couch, and all of a sudden, a light started flickering on and off in a 1-2-3 kind of fashion, almost like morse code. The friend took out her phone to record it, and had a 58-second video to show us the next morning. When the friend got up to check on the light, the switch was turned off.


"When we went to watch the video, we saw the lights starting to flicker, but then the video stopped – it just didn't play after three or so seconds. She'd never had this issue with her phone before. We tried sending it to our phones, and it did the same thing.

"The house sold in 2017, but the buyers quickly put it back on the market."

- Grace.

'I saw a large figure standing in the doorway.'

"We had a house built in a new housing development area 20-odd years ago.

"Now, I had always considered myself to be a rational thinker with the belief that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything that may seem a bit out of the ordinary.

"But after a year or so in this new home, I started to experience 'things'.

"A tap on the shoulder whilst sleeping. That cold rush of air that came out of nowhere and didn't make sense, and on more than one occasion I'd look up and see the shadow of a large manly figure in the bedroom doorway – broad-shouldered with a large head.

"Of course, I’d brush this off as weird lighting or imagination. As you would. Just common sense, right? I didn't mention it to my husband or my three children – I didn't want to freak anybody out.


"Sometime later, my teenage daughter, who was/is also very practical, mentioned a shadow in her doorway. It matched the same description. It was brought up at the family dinner table and my youngest son, probably around 14 or 15 at the time, said that on a few occasions, as he'd gone downstairs early morning to meet his mates for a surf, he 'imagined' he'd seen the silhouette of a large German shepherd dog at the bottom of the stairs, and on one occasion a very large man standing next to it.

"Fast-forward a few years – no more sightings of the man or his dog – and a new friend popped over for a coffee. She proceeded to tell me that this housing estate was built on old farming land and that many years earlier, her car had broken down on the main road just nearby.

"Being a long way from town, and needing a landline to call for help, she climbed under a fence and up the hill to the only dwelling in sight, a rundown old farmhouse. She said a huge German man with two German shepherds answered the door and let her use the phone.

"I'm still not open to clairvoyants, but definitely will not brush off other people's experiences with ghosts like I used to."

- Julie.

Do you have a ghost story? Let us know in the comments below!

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