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pippa February 3, 2024

Things have been a bit tough for me the last few months and when a friend sent me this last week, I couldn't stop laughing. I had another fit of hysterics reading this article when I saw the extra details. 

pippa February 1, 2024

@melbournewoman, since I wrote that, I've learned that Lucinda Light is not her real name, and she's a professional actor. That's her stage name. 

I think the reason I can't take her seriously, is that every time she opens her mouth, my sick sense of humour takes me back to Kath and Kel attending couples counselling, with Marg Downie playing the therapist. At the end of each session, Marg Downie would say, 'Now, who'd like a nice cup of Jarrah?' The voice, the inflection, everything is Ms Light. 

pippa February 1, 2024

It was sooo much simpler when a hen's party consisted of dinner at Miranda RSL, followed by Eden Kane in concert. 

Unthinkably boring I know to the modern generation, but standard in 1968. There were no hurt feelings all night, and we parted the same happy group of friends as when we arrived. 

pippa January 30, 2024

You’re probably going to hate me, but after watching Ms Light, I pressed the Pause button and told my husband that she’s one of the least authentic people I’ve ever come across. Having grown up on the NSW north coast where she lives, and returned there to live and work for ten years, I’ve met dozens like her. 

She’s cultivated her look and persona very carefully. The Byron Bay area is awash with people who look like her, but the authentic ones behave entirely differently. They don’t trot out life affirming phrases at the drop of a hat, they speak normally, they don’t need to prove anything. I’d be prepared to bet also, that she wasn’t given that name at birth. 

She’s probably a lovely person, but in my opinion, she’s not who or what she’s pretending to be, but desperately wants to be.

pippa January 28, 2024

This is what happens when managers heap fulsome praise on an employee, even if justified, giving them a sense of security that’s unwarranted. It’s much more common in America, because of the culture of affirming everything everyone does.

Also, the bullshit phrases churned out by the HR people were laughable. 

pippa January 26, 2024

@saggie, how dare you lecture me on domestic violence! I'm a survivor of a very violent relationship which saw me hospitalised! Only once, that's all it needed. 

You're deliberately twisting my words. I did not condone any form of violence to humans or animals. My comment wasn't based on this article alone. Perhaps YOU should reread MY original comment. I said two days, two poisonous mother in law stories. I wasn't speaking of the specifics in either article, I was speaking generally. 

I spent 42 years working as a health professional, most of those years as a nurse, some of those years in emergency in a Sydney teaching hospital. I gave the majority of my life to caring for people and you have the temerity to accuse me of condoning violence. My husband and I also volunteer for an animal rescue charity. You know nothing about me, yet you feel yourself qualified to assassinate my character. Without understanding my comment. And it really wasn't necessary to write three times that you weren't the only one who disagreed with me. One other person did, and that simply means that there are two people who didn't bother to read the first few words. 

Once and for all:  my comments were not based on either of the TWO articles, except that they raised the point that I read Mamamia every day and over many years, I've read many mother in law stories. Every single one has been the mother of someone's husband. I have never read an article about the mother of a woman treating her husband badly, or a daughter in law who treats her mother in law badly. 

pippa January 26, 2024

@mamamia-user-431308756, that’s absolutely right, but I think it would be naive to believe that had the British not settled Australia, our indigenous would never have discovered drugs and alcohol.

It should be noted that Australians of all creeds and colours have the same access to drugs and alcohol. They don’t all choose to succumb to them. 

Saying that Aborigines having access to drugs and alcohol is the cause of the problem, is implying that they’re helpless victims who can’t take responsibility for their actions. In the final analysis, the responsibility lies with the individual. Many thousands of Aboriginal Australians have access to drugs and alcohol and choose to either use in moderation or not at all. 

I’m tired of seeing our indigenous cast in the role of immature children, not able to think for themselves or make responsible choices.

pippa January 25, 2024

I’m a skin sister in law of a well known full blood Australian Aborigine and therefore a skin aunty to her even better known daughter. I adore them both. 

Their mob is large and contains, like all mobs and families, people with very different opinions. However, most of them agree on one thing:  they don’t give two hoots about the date of Australia Day. These are the Aborigines living on country, the ones living in appalling conditions that a date change will not affect one iota.
Ask them why they live this way and they’ll cheerfully admit it’s because of drug and alcohol addiction. Ask them if they want to change and live in nice homes with three meals a day and sending their kids to school every day and they’ll shudder. No way missus! This is the reality.
For the sake of our indigenous, city dwelling folks drinking the Koolaid of the (mostly white) activists need to ditch the rose coloured glasses. My view is what I’ve experienced, not read about or heard on the news.

pippa January 25, 2024

@saggie, I find it incredible that you can’t see my point. My point is this:  it’s not only women who have horrible mothers in law. My son’s mother in law did none of the things you mention. If these actions are the only criteria for shocking parenting, then no, she didn’t behave that way. 

It must be wonderful to believe that only physical actions cause pain. The emotional turmoil my son’s mother in law has caused to her daughter - and continues to cause - is also terrible. 
My mother in law was wonderful and my husband turned to my mother when his own mother died on his 31st birthday, so I have no axe to grind.
I firmly believe in the saying that it doesn’t matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides. On this forum however, it seems that the only side that counts is the one that believes and agrees with everything the article says.

pippa January 24, 2024

Two days and two poisonous mother in law stories. Both mothers of men. Are mothers of women always perfect? My son would beg to differ:  he and his wife will celebrate 16 years of marriage next month and are blissfully happy. I just love seeing them together.

Unfortunately, his mother in law is unable to stop interfering in everything from child rearing - their kids are 14 and 12 - to home decor. My husband and I just let them get on with their lives. What happens in committed relationships should stay there. It’s nobody else’s business.

pippa January 22, 2024

I find this trend incredibly concerning, and much hand wringing is occurring on the part of parents and others worried about the obsession with something that shouldn’t be of concern at this age. 

How did this happen? I’d suggest there are many contributing factors, some of which are discussed in the article. Of most concern is the fact that girls are being coerced into worrying about something at a much too early age. Why then, does the last paragraph begin with the words, ‘Let’s make sun protection sexy ……’? Surely that’s something else tweens shouldn’t be thinking about. And maybe, just maybe, this is another contributing factor.

pippa January 10, 2024

The biggest losers in this situation are the grandchildren. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is so unique and special. I believe it’s incumbent on parents to make sure their kids are loved by as many people as possible.

pippa November 28, 2023

@anigozanthos, if someone is unkind about others, you can rest assured they’ll be unkind about you when you’re not there.

pippa November 25, 2023

My husband's grandfather died in December 1971. Hubby's family had always lived with his maternal grandparents, as it was a two family house. Pop and Hubby's parents were avid gamblers on dogs, horses and trots. 

The day after his funeral, I'd driven hubby to catch a 4.30am train to Sydney where he worked and I arrived back home at 5am. Being so early, I went back to bed and quickly fell asleep. I suddenly woke up lying on my left hand side looking directly at my bed side clock. It was exactly 7am.

With no surprise at all, I thought, 'Pop's here.' I turned onto my back and he was standing at the foot of the bed. He said, 'Tell Ted (hubby's father) to take 10 and 10 in the double in Sydney today.' I said, 'Are you sure Pop? Half the time there aren't 10 horses in a race.' He said, 'Just tell him.' and disappeared. The conversation was mental, no words were actually spoken. Also, I knew and still know nothing about racing of any kind. 

That night, I was gobsmacked to hear on the sporting news, 'And a pair of tens got up in the double in Sydney today.' And no, I didn't tell my father in law. I didn't want him to think I was a nut. 

pippa October 28, 2023

Every human is the sum of his or her parts. The fact that he committed this senseless, horrendous crime, doesn’t mean he was all bad. 

His parents must be suffering so many negative emotions: guilt, horror, confusion and deep grief.

People are not black or white. There are thousands of shades of grey in all of us.

pippa September 30, 2023

Wolf, except for the arriving early. 

pippa September 24, 2023

I’ve been married for over 55 years. I’ve been retired for 11 years, I’m physically incapable of sitting anywhere quietly, let alone in a corner, and I have all the independence I want.

My marriage has been far from perfect, but there’s one difference between me and the ‘celebrities’:  I went into marriage with a determination to make it work. If I make a commitment, I stand by it.
If you don’t want to go into marriage with a serious commitment, don’t get married, and whatever you do, don’t bring children into it.

pippa September 22, 2023

@snorks, I cited my source but my comment wasn't published, so I'll try again:  Productivity Commission. 

pippa September 19, 2023

@gu3st, you keep quoting left wing media sources as the great truth we should all believe. Not one thing I've stated I heard or read on mainstream media. I don't watch or read any Murdoch news. I'm staring down barrel of 80 years of age and I've been politically active since the age of 16. I voted Labor for over 50 years and the Coalition got my vote in three elections. The voting age was 21 when I began voting, so I've been voting for almost 60 years. I'm now apolitical, because politics is now rotten to the core and there are very few politicians I trust. Let me assure you that the footage I saw of Anthony Albanese dancing in his Voice, Treaty, Truth tee shirt did not come from 1986. 

My stance on the voice has nothing whatever to do with politics. I'm personally connected with the Aboriginal people. I have a deep understanding of and love for them. I understand their world and their customs and I'm also aware of their frailties and those customs which actively work against some of the objectives necessary to close the gap. 

Nobody hires me to put forward an opinion. My opinion is based on truth and knowledge. My motivations to do anything may be peculiar to you, but they're based in truth. Again I ask:  do you have facts in favour of the yes case? Please present them if so and we can have a debate. 

pippa September 19, 2023

@snorks, the figure is at the lower end of what is spent. 

Do some research and you'll find all the agencies. These are mostly small concerns in country towns, but they're still receiving government funding, regardless of their size. When it comes to indigenous affairs, I know what I'm talking about. I've been involved for years.