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pippa July 31, 2022

Under no circumstances will I vote yes for something I know nothing about. Why would anyone do that? It’s giving the government a mandate to do whatever they wish. At the moment, there are ten indigenous members of parliament, which is a good representation.

Jacinta Price, the newest indigenous senator has a good deal to say on this question. Her mother Bess is a former Northern Territory senator. Bess was born under a tree and her parents didn’t see a European until they were in their teens. Jacinta is the real deal when it comes to the disadvantage of Aboriginal people in Australia. She lives in Alice Springs and often visits family members in Yuendumu. She’s definitely worth listening to on this question.

pippa July 29, 2022

@elishatraill, but who’s the arbiter of disrepute? Interestingly, three Manly supporters were asked whether or not they blamed the players sitting out for the loss of last night’s game. All three said they had no issue with the players. All three said the players  had the right to sit out the game if their consciences wouldn’t let them play. 

As I wrote elsewhere, I don’t agree with their actions, but I believe they have the right to follow their beliefs.

pippa July 29, 2022

@cat, as a Rugby League follower of more than 60 years, and someone who loves watching the girls, I agree with what you say. However, can you imagine the outcry if this had occurred during the Indigenous Round? The women have a hard enough time being recognised in such a male dominated sport, without any other issues being brought up to detract from them.

pippa July 27, 2022

@elishatraill, I think you’ll find that there are laws regarding dismissal of employees on the grounds of religion and cultural beliefs. I don’t have a horse in the race. I'm an agnostic and the gay population are just other Australians as far as I'm concerned. So, in the same way as I support your right to vilify the players concerned, I support the rights of those players to honour their religion and the culture that's been drummed into them since babyhood.

pippa July 27, 2022

@rush, you’re absolutely right! That didn’t occur to me and thank you for pointing it out. While those involved in the industry are generally supporting the jersey, the guys on Fox are not happy about the way this has hijacked the Women in League Round. Hubby and I are long time Rugby League followers and we prefer to watch the games on Fox because we prefer their commentary team.

Some of the former players appear as guests and all those guys are supporting the jersey, while acknowledging and respecting the point of view of the seven players.

pippa July 26, 2022

What REALLY annoys me about all this business at Manly, is the fact that this is supposed to be the Women in League round. It’s been completely sabotaged by the debate going on about a jersey. Obviously, the Manly club doesn’t give two hoots about women in the sport. If they did, they wouldn’t have chosen this week, of all weeks to bring out this jersey.

pippa July 21, 2022

@cat, she would very likely be outraged by what I said. I knew that when I wrote it. That’s because she has a different mindset from me. However, there are many thousands like me who wouldn’t care about the filming. I put this scenario to two different people yesterday, and weirdly, they both said the same thing. When I asked how they’d react, they both said:  ‘I’d smile for the camera.’

So Cat, maybe you could climb down from the moral high ground, and allow others to have different opinions from yours. You speak of hypocrisy in relation to me, yet you’re doing precisely what you’re accusing me of doing:  failing to consider the opinions and feelings of others. You might also note that I criticised her reaction, not her as a person. The same can’t be said of your replies to me. And after all your haranguing and preaching, I’m in no way offended, so you’ve been wasting your time.

pippa July 20, 2022

@laura__palmer, thank you for being so lovely. However, I really don’t think I’ll get flowers again until Mothers’ Day next year. My son brings me flowers and takes me out for breakfast every Mothers’ Day.  It’s the only time in the entire year that it’s just him and me.

I’m sorry about your anxiety. I know it can be crippling.  Please look after yourself.

pippa July 20, 2022

@chrissyinthemiddle, you are a sweetie, but please don’t fret on my behalf. There are those who need to bring others down to  make themselves feel superior. I’m a tough old bird and I’ll cope.

pippa July 20, 2022

@cat, well, you got one thing right:  I haven’t taken offence at any of the negative comments. As my mate Dr Anthony Dillon taught me:  Offence cannot be given; it can only be taken. Why would I choose to allow the negative opinion of someone who knows nothing whatever about me to adversely affect me?

Interestingly, the friend of more than 40 years that I went out for coffee with this morning, was telling me that she listened to a podcast yesterday in which Mia Freedman was talking to Leigh Sales. Leigh Sales posed the following question:  ‘When did it become wrong to express an opinion different from the prevailing narrative?’ Or words to that effect. They apparently then discussed the fact that if someone dares to disagree with many if not most people these days, those people jump on them and call them racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ageist or whatever other epithet suits the occasion. They might even call the dissenter hypocritical or lacking in empathy.
The thing is, those epithets are designed to shut the other person down. They’re designed to intimidate the other person so they’ll shut up and go away. But I’m made of sterner stuff. I don’t allow people who know nothing about me but feel qualified to comment on a list of character flaws I may or may not have, to make me feel bad. And Cat, despite your best efforts, I intend to continue to express my opinion whenever I wish.

pippa July 19, 2022

@laura__palmer, you’re probably right in some respects Laura. I can see how it could look that way to some, and I’ll admit that because of my age and fragile health, I have less patience these days with people who fuss about trivial things. And while many may not see this situation as trivial, I do.

I now look at life as a challenge that must be endured every day. Flowers are my favourite things after dogs, but I’m no longer able to garden, and I always had the best garden in the street. That has been a major life change for me. To have no fresh, home grown flowers in the house is hard. I can no longer walk unaided, so I need a wheelchair to get about. That’s massive, considering I was superbly fit, and on a walk, nobody could keep up with me. I’m a retired nurse and used to race around the wards like a dynamo. All of these life changes are major and permanent.
That’s where I’m coming from Laura. The incident with the flowers was a fleeting moment in this woman’s life. I guess what I’m saying, is that in the grand scheme of things, this is not worth making a fuss about. To be fair, I probably would have always felt this way, because I’m a really laid back character, and I’ve never placed expectations on my family to behave in a certain way, let alone tell strangers how they should act, as long as their actions are legal.
Can I also thank you for replying in the way you did. You didn’t find it necessary to insult me. So many people become defensive, then nasty if opinions are expressed that are contrary to their own. And when push comes to shove, the reactions of anyone to this situation are a matter of opinion, not fact. With matters of opinion, there is no right or wrong. You may note that I didn’t disparage the people who commented before I did, all of whom have a different opinion from mine. They have a right to their opinion.

pippa July 19, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552, why is it that you find it so difficult to read a point of view different from your own? I read all the comments from other commenters, all stating a different opinion from mine. Did I find it necessary to answer those people and tell them they’re wrong? No, because they have a right to their opinion.

What I find strange is that you find it necessary to insult me. Why? I’ve commented on nothing apart from my point of view on a situation experienced by a third person. You’ve decided to use this situation, which has nothing to do with you personally, as a vehicle to have a go at me. Again, why? Does an opposing point of view scare you?
It’s a fact that people treat you in the way you allow them to treat you. The person who decided to patronise me would need to be very brave indeed. It’s obvious that our perception of what’s patronising is very different. And to me, that’s okay.

pippa July 18, 2022

@cat, oh dear! You know it never fails to astound me how the subscribers of this blog get all aereated if someone disagrees with them. They begin throwing personal abuse. Socrates had something interesting to say about that.

You may have noticed that I’m the only commenter who expressed an alternate point of view, and two of you have attempted to make me feel bad about it. I read all the other comments and made no attempt to disagree in writing with them, let alone vilify them, because they have a right to their opinion, even if I don’t agree. 
Do you not see the irony in calling me ‘judgemental’ when I’ve made no attempt to judge anyone? I wasn’t even judging the subject of the original discussion, I was simply disagreeing with how she reacted. Disagreeing with someone’s actions is not disagreeing with the person. It seems to me that you’re the judgemental one, calling me toxic and having few friends.
As to my having few friends, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m surrounded by loving, caring people of both sexes. This week alone I’m having two friends for morning tea tomorrow, and going out for coffee with another friend on Thursday. We always have so much fun, so bring it on.

pippa July 18, 2022

Back in the mid sixties, a close friend of mine got married at 19 because she was pregnant. Her new husband felt trapped and accused her of deliberately becoming pregnant to ‘trap him’. When she miscarried at 13 weeks, things got worse. On one occasion during a night out, he became violently drunk and began assaulting her on the footpath. A passerby called the police who attended very quickly. When they realised they were a married couple, the police said they had no power to interfere ‘between a husband and wife’. 

I don’t believe attitudes have changed much in the minds of some police officers.

pippa July 16, 2022

I’ve been married for 54 years. I’ve never placed expectations on my husband. EXCEPT:  treat me with respect. Treat me as you want me to treat you.

Marriage is not always a bed of roses. The two most important needs for a successful marriage after love, are a sense of humour and good communication.

pippa July 16, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552, and their perspective doesn’t invalidate mine. The fact that someone’s offended doesn’t make them right.

As we go through life, unpleasant experiences happen to all of us. We have a choice:  do we allow the actions of others to dictate our emotions? In my case, no. I’m in charge of my emotional well-being. Why would I let a thoughtless or nasty person dictate my feelings? The answer is, I wouldn’t. 

In the case being written about, the action of the young man was to give the senior lady a bunch of flowers. She CHOSE to allow herself to become offended and to feel patronised. Why? Because in today’s world those feeling offence are pandered to. Those like me that smile and say thank you don’t get articles written about us in Mamamia or anywhere else. We don’t need to be validated by others. 

The bottom line is that we always have a choice as to how we react to life’s unpleasant events. If we choose to adopt the negative response, we allow ourselves to become mired in that negativity. That’s not conducive to good mental health.

pippa July 15, 2022

Okay, I’m at least as old as this woman and very probably older. I’m rarely able to go out for coffee, because I’m in a wheelchair now. I’m having so many difficulties with my health that if a random person wanted to give me flowers, I’d be thrilled! Under no circumstances would I see it as being patronising, because I’m a positive person who sees good, not bad.

I find it difficult to understand why everyone’s so prickly now and seemingly looking for opportunities to take offence. If they want to film it, I couldn’t care less. I wouldn’t be interested in watching it, but if that’s what people like to watch, good luck to them. People need to relax and stop getting their knickers in a twist over something that doesn’t affect them.

pippa July 7, 2022

Always make the bed before leaving the house, never leave dirty dishes in the sink, when you leave a room, turn off the light and don’t leave anything on the floor where I can trip over it.

pippa July 4, 2022

We must also remember my skin niece Jacinta Price, recently elected as a senator to sit in federal parliament. Jacinta lives in Alice Springs and is the daughter of Bess Price, a former NT senator.

Jacinta has lived experience of remote communities when she was younger and has worked tirelessly for many years to bring awareness of the plight of Aboriginals living on country, to the Australian public. She believes strongly that it’s necessary to raise those living remotely out of the mindset of victimhood. She maintains that the indigenous are just as capable of living their best life if they’re given the right guidance. She refers to herself as a Warlpiri Celtic woman, acknowledging both her heritages.

pippa June 30, 2022

How did we meet? We met at a club through mutual friends. 

When did we get engaged? Just under two months after we met. We got married four days before the second anniversary of our meeting.
What happened? We’ve been married for 54 years. We have one son, a great daughter in law and two precious grandchildren. We’re each other’s best friend and more in love today than when we married. My secret? A sense of humour, determination to make it work, and good communication.