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pippa October 17, 2021

There’s a great couple of lines from a 1940s song called ‘It Was Just One of Those Things’ that I tried to keep in mind during my own dating years. 

‘If we’d thought of it, of the end of it, when we started painting the town,
We’d have been aware that our love affair was too hot not to cool down.’
Worth thinking about.

pippa October 10, 2021

Sorry guys, but I think I win. I worked for a specialist orthodontist as his secretary. The uniform included navy blue shoes. I bought a pair of navy Sandler shoes at David Jones with a 5cm heel. They were the most comfortable shoes I ever wore. The boss’s wife (practice manager) pointed out that the heel slanted towards the front of the shoe instead of being straight up and down. She said they were a trip hazard(?!) and to buy another pair. 

I bought a pair of navy blue suede loafers and she said they were too casual. Mind you, I worked in a different room, on my own, with almost no personal contact with anyone but the other staff members. I refused to buy another pair and left soon after to work for a general surgeon who didn’t care what I had on my feet.

pippa September 29, 2021

I cannot believe it’s taken Australian audiences so long to catch onto the brilliance of British television, especially the crime dramas. We’ve watched almost nothing else for entertainment for at least the last 30 years. If it’s not British, we don’t watch it. Suranne Jones has been a favourite of ours since she played Karen in Coronation Street about 20 years ago. Scott and Bailey was another vehicle for her talents.

As good as Vigil was, in my opinion, it still doesn’t hold a candle to Line of Duty or the original series of Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren. I notice your recommending The Fall. We watched that on SBS several years ago. Bloody thing gave me nightmares for weeks!

pippa August 28, 2021

If you place expectations on people, you will always be disappointed. And just remember, you are incredibly lucky to be in your position. Hundreds, if not thousands of women will read this who’d sell their very souls to be in your pregnancy bubble, growing a healthy baby.

pippa August 26, 2021

It seems strange to me that this woman preaches avoiding medication and living a natural life, but she has injections of filler.

Also, why would any thinking person blindly follow a 22 year old with no education on the subjects she writes about? It’s the Belle Gibson debacle all over again.

pippa August 25, 2021

Why is it necessary to describe the Jackman children as adopted? Being an adoptee myself and the mother of an adopted son, I can assure you that the Jackmans don’t look at their children any differently from the way other parents look at their biological children. It seems to me hurtful and discriminatory.

pippa August 25, 2021

This is the precise reason that I won’t read any printed matter or watch or listen to anything that is presented in emotional and passionate language. It’s always been my policy that if you have something to say about a topic that’s sensitive, you should just present it in a calm, factual manner. Obviously, when speaking of a death, it’s going to be emotional, but just stick to the facts, especially if the person is not personally known to you.

The use of emotional, highly coloured language is usually a deliberate attempt to lead the reader or listener down the path of judging the situation in emotional terms only. Everyone initially reacts to a horrible situation emotionally. That’s fine, but then, stop and consider the facts. 
People like the anti vaxxers like to promote their message loudly and often. This is so people don’t have time to adjust their opinion. In any situation where there are passionate believers on one or both sides, don’t just accept the rhetoric without stopping to analyse the facts.

pippa August 19, 2021

@anonymous, you do realise that the Fraser and Abbot governments were conservative governments, don’t you? Also, as someone who voted Labor for more than 50 years, I know for a fact that Roman Catholics, almost entirely, vote Labor. The Catholic Church is a major donor to the Labor Party.

pippa August 8, 2021

Patty showed his true worth in my view, when he told the Channel 7 interviewer that he was doing it for Australia, as a proud Australian. He didn’t take the opportunity to turn the victory into a political debate.

pippa August 2, 2021

@judymac, and that’s the very thing most nurses rarely do:  care for themselves. I speak from experience.

pippa July 17, 2021

Stop it! Just stop it! You’re torturing yourself needlessly if your husband is sincere. You have a choice to make:  you can keep rehashing this endlessly and ruin the rest of your life and, by extension, the lives of your husband and children if you have them, or you can come to your senses.

Coming to your senses involves having a conversation with yourself along the following lines:  this horrible, unthinkable thing happened. I can’t change that. I can allow it to ruin our lives, or I can put it firmly in the past where it belongs. You say that your marriage has improved. What a bonus! For God’s sake look to the future! You’re young, with years ahead of you. Happy years if you make the right choice. If you can’t put it behind you, leave the marriage for the sake of your own mental health and that of your family.
And before anyone reading this starts lambasting me for not knowing what I’m talking about, this happened to me 47 years ago. We’ve now been married for 53 years and there’s been no further infidelity. Everyone who knows us says we’re joined at the hip and our lives are so happy and fulfilling. This can be your future too if you make the right decision.

pippa June 21, 2021

Well, comments like Bindi’s are a sure way to bring healing and peace. With her level of privilege, I simply refuse to cast her as a victim. If she chooses to spend time thinking about how terribly she’s been wronged, that’s on her. I’m in complete agreement with the family member who said it’s a private matter. Her only reason for posting that comment, was to put on the victim’s cloak of ‘poor me’.

pippa June 20, 2021

My parents died within five months of each other. The shock and grief were overwhelming at the time. But I was 62 and a lot more equipped in every way than two teenage girls.

I’m so  sorry this happened to you but stop making excuses for the ‘friends’ and family. They are, as you came to believe, arseholes. The family members were the grownups, it was incumbent on them to care for you.

By the way, my husband of 53 years is in hospital fighting for his life. His heart is operating at 30%, which is bad. So while I think about, laugh about and miss my parents every day, this grief is so much worse.

pippa June 9, 2021

@lizbette, so would you stop travelling in a motor vehicle because people have died in road accidents? Not all men behave badly and those who do are in the minority.

pippa June 5, 2021

My husband retired far too young at 56 and regretted having done so. However, he found an interest in the Ulysses Club and made new friendships with men with a shared love of motorbikes. I continued working for another 10 years and retired at 66. I’ve now been retired for nine years and we’ve never been as close as we are now. We’ve been married 53 years and life is just so settled and comfortable now. While that may sound boring to some, neither of us are in particularly good health, so it suits us. 

pippa May 29, 2021

@jen89 my husband was incredibly supportive of my studying and career. He did his share of housework and childcare, so they’re not all bad.

pippa May 28, 2021

There must be something wrong with me.I’ve been through the pasta necklaces, second hand junk from the Mothers’ Day stall at school, the handmade cards, all of that. I loved it! As I was a nurse for most of my son’s childhood, there were many years I was at work, but we made it a great day anyway.

He’s now 43 and never buys me a gift for Mothers’ Day. That’s because we do something far more special. He arrives with flowers at around 8am and we go out for breakfast. Just the two of us. It’s the only time each year when it’s just us. Usually it’s my husband, our daughter in law and two grandchildren as well. We both treasure this time and we find plenty to discuss and reminisce about. This year it was Expo 88  and the week we spent in Brisbane.
I’ve never begrudged anything about marriage or motherhood. I loved it, even though I worked full time shift work. I loved nursing, but I loved my time with my husband and son more.

pippa May 21, 2021

As I understand it the legal position on this is clear. An engagement rings is a gift given in contemplation of marriage. If the marriage doesn’t occur, the woman needs to return the ring. However, if the marriage does occur, the contract has been fulfilled, so the ring belongs to the woman.

pippa May 17, 2021

I tried this diet and the weight literally fell off! However, I was concerned about the lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. As a big eater of fruit and vegetables, I missed them and found the diet to be a bit boring after a while.

The worst side effect for me was constipation. The keto diet contains almost no fibre and I can’t see how that’s a good thing. Good bowel health depends on a diet rich in fibre, so that’s why I stopped it after a month.

pippa April 26, 2021

In no way am I diminishing the beliefs of any religion, but I wish someone could give me a convincing answer as to why this self denial is necessary. I was raised a Christian and from a small child never understood why one Christian religion forbade the eating of meat on Fridays. I knew that it was because they believe Christ was crucified on a Friday, but it didn’t make sense when I was 10, and it makes less sense now, although I believe it’s no longer a thing.

My point is that all these restrictions are the edicts of men from the dim, distant past. What possible difference can it make to our place in the afterlife - if that exists - if we have a drink when we’re thirsty or don’t go to confession? I just don’t get how obeying these laws makes you a better person. Especially when I see so many people of all religions behave one way in their place of worship and cheerfully commit crimes and treat others badly in their everyday lives.