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birdie October 28, 2020

The creeping cancer of political correctness.

birdie October 28, 2020

Look am I the only one wondering why physical examinations were necessary? A woman who’s just given birth is usually pretty messy down there. A quick look at their underwear, with them wearing it, should have been more than enough. This behaviour is appalling and totally unnecessary. However, given the prevailing attitude to women in that part of the world, it’s not surprising.

birdie October 22, 2020

The article itself hit the nail on the head in regards to a solution to this problem. The social worker said when talking about another child suicide that ‘The family didn’t give us any information.’ Therein lies the problem.

I’m in daily email contact with a group of twenty plus people. Most of them live in the NT or WA. Two of them are social workers in WA. Every one of them is indigenous or married to an indigenous spouse. Daily I’m shocked by the incidents they write about. I know what I’m talking about. My knowledge comes from those who are on the front line, not a sanitised second or third hand source. Closing our eyes to the truth is never going to stop these outrages.

birdie October 18, 2020

The New Zealand economy is in a perilous state and ‘empathy’ isn’t going to fix that.

While socialism’s great in theory, it doesn’t work in practice because, as a famous female prime minister once said words to the effect of:  ‘Socialisms all very well, but sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.’

birdie October 6, 2020

I have my hair cut every six weeks at a cost of $30. That works out around $25 per month. That’s it.

birdie October 3, 2020

I’m 75 years old and I’ve had more flakers than you can count, although I do believe that this behaviour is more common now than when I was young.

My advice is this:  as you go through life, friends will come and go. Once they’ve let you down three times, walk away. They won’t change and you’re just devaluing yourself by maintaining the friendship.

birdie September 28, 2020

I had to have a hysterectomy at 28 due to severe endometriosis. My husband and I had been trying for six years but after multiple miscarriages, we succumbed to the inevitable.

My mother in law informed me I was no longer a woman! Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one. As a nurse who topped the state in anatomy and physiology in my second year exams, I had a pretty good grip on the practi

birdie September 21, 2020

Good grief! Does anyone really care about the state of the marriage? How credible is an ex friend with an axe to grind? 

However, my greatest reason for saying she has little credibility, is the statement that they’re wanting to ‘fleece the nation’. Trump was a billionaire when he became president. His entire presidential salary is given to charity. Contrast that with the Clintons and the Obamas. Both couples were lawyers when they entered politics. Hillary was a legal aid solicitor. Hardly the most lucrative job in the world. Both families are now millionaires.
Channel 9 has really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this story. 

birdie September 12, 2020

I was cheering for Irena from day one. I’ll admit to bias because I’m a retired nurse. She handled the argument with Bella in a mature way, while Bella behaved like a five year old. Irena just seems genuinely nice and mature, so I choose her.

birdie August 23, 2020

Just another symptom of the disease of entitlement sweeping the western world. So many people think they’re entitled to have what they want with little to no effort or inconvenience on their part. Whatever it is you think you’re entitled to for free, just remember that someone has had to put in some time and effort to make it available in the first place. It’s up to you to recognise that and pay them.

birdie August 19, 2020

Oh please! Michelle Obama’s no longer relevant. She grabbed the opportunity to slag off Donald Trump. No class! A classy person would have concentrated their speech on praising the Democratic candidate. You know, being positive and ensuring that her audience was made aware of how great Joe Biden is and why he’d make a great president. Probably an uphill battle but at least she could have tried.

Instead, she followed the standard Democrat line of drawing attention to what they see as Trump’s failures. I’ve been following world politics for almost 60 years and I’ve never seen anything as disgusting as the behaviour of the Democrats for the last four years. Do they have any policies? The only one I’m aware of is the Green New Deal and god knows I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open. You can’t run a country on one policy.
When I see the Democrats and their hangers on concentrating on running their campaign by telling us their policies, concentrating on how good they are and staying away from trying to score cheap points by carping on Trump’s perceived failures, I’ll begin to take them seriously.

birdie August 15, 2020

I’m sad for you because I know your loss. I’m happy that your Christian friends and family gave you so much love and support.

One of my nieces lost twin girls at 22 weeks. She and her husband had been married for over a year when she fell pregnant. Her parents are deeply religious and their Christianity rules most aspects of their life. When my sister called me to tell me about the babies’ death, she said it was a punishment for the couple because they had sex before marriage. When I pointed out that the babies were conceived after marriage, she said that was irrelevant.
Thank goodness my niece had me for support because she got none from her parents!

birdie August 15, 2020

Is everyone seeing therapists these days? How common is it? Do people no longer have friends or family they can talk to if they need help? 

I’m reminded of an incident in my own life about 20 years ago. My son was travelling home from afternoon shift after doing a couple of hours overtime. It was 1am and he was driving along a straight stretch of the Pacific Highway when a car passed him at high speed. Almost immediately, the driver lost control, the car crashed into a power pole and broke in half. The driver obviously hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt, because he was thrown onto the road. His skull completely split open but he was still alive, fitting constantly. 
To compound the horror, when my son called 000, they insisted that the only suburb of that name was in Brisbane, despite the fact that our suburb of that name was much older. My son was 19 and there was just him and the poor dying young man. Luckily, a truck driver came along and stopped to help.
My son arrived home about 3am and woke me to ask if we could talk. I listened and told him that his being there and the driver losing control because he swung out to pass him, was not his fault. The driver chose to speed, he chose to pull out and pass. We later were told that the driver’s blood alcohol  was four times the legal limit.
His Dad and I talked with him frequently over the next week or so whenever he wanted to talk. My closest friend suggested that our son really needed to see a counsellor because of the trauma he’d witnessed and the depth to which it had affected him. I asked him if he’d consider seeing someone and his reply was:  ‘Mum, why would I want to see a counsellor? I’ve got you.’ 
Does this not happen any more? Are parents or friends not available?

birdie August 11, 2020

Let’s be honest here. If Joe Biden is elected president, we’ll have a situation where Kamala Harris is the one actually running the country. If you’re in any doubt about this, google Biden’s interview on The Voice answering questions about inappropriate behaviour. He constantly wandered off track and didn’t complete one sentence.

birdie August 2, 2020

I’m a cranky old bat whom most of you would probably regard as being past her use by date. When I read comments on social media complaining about their rights being infringed, I think back to the stories told me as a child by my English relatives about living in the south of England and London during the war. Hiding under the kitchen table because there wasn’t enough warning to get to a shelter. Night after night spent with the kids sleeping in the underground. No idea where your male family members were or even if they were still alive because they were off to the war. Rationing of food and clothing.

I once nursed a very elderly lady who told me that before the war, she took four teaspoons of sugar in her tea. When rationing began, she stopped taking it because her four growing children needed it more than she did. My very first shoes were fourth hand, having passed through three older cousins because it was impossible to buy things like that. Every stitch of clothing I wore for the first five years of my life, including nappies, was made by my mother.
The generation before mine sacrificed a hell of a lot but, in the case of my family at least, I never once heard a word of complaint, either during or after the war. As a matter of fact, stories were told of the sometimes hilarious results of the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy encouraged by the government.
Now, my ears and eyes are being assaulted daily by people banging on about the terrible inconvenience, not to say infringement of their rights because they have to wear a bloody mask! Dear God people, just suck it up and get on with it! It’s a small price to pay to at least attempt to slow the spread of this virus and it isn’t forever. Just thank your lucky stars you’re living in a time and place where something as simple as this can lead to so much whining from so many people.

birdie August 1, 2020

I simply cannot close this article without commenting. I know much more about adoption than the author and I’m amazed and bewildered in equal measure. The reader may think I’m arrogant because of the statement I’ve just made, but I’m perfectly justified in making it.

Adoption is commonly referred to as a ‘triangle’. I’m sitting on two points of the triangle. I’m an adoptee and my only child is adopted, so I’m also an adoptive parent. In addition, my only living sibling is an adopted sister.
I can never remember a time in my life when I didn’t know I was adopted. It’s been a very small part of my identity in my living memory. Never was I told I was ‘special’ or ‘chosen’. I was simply the oldest of my parents’ three children, another adopted daughter and their own biological son, born when I was 11 years old, whom I loved to bits and who tragically died suddenly last December.
If my sister or I wanted to discuss our adoption, if we were worried, or had questions, Mum and Dad were open and free with discussing it. Other than that, adoption was never mentioned. It wasn’t a big deal. It was a fact of life and, while we never tried to hide it, we didn’t make it a core part of our being. Our birthdays were celebrated on the day we were born and I frankly find the practice of adoptive parents celebrating on ‘adoption day’ disrespectful and cruel. No child wants to be different, whether it’s good different or not and I know two families who’ve done this and both adoptions have been unsuccessful. The children are adults now and screwed up.
Our son was raised in exactly the same way as my sister and I. We’ve always been extremely close and he’s been happily married for more than 12 years and has two children of his own. I asked him recently whether or not he’d consider searching for his biological family and he said he can’t see the point. His Dad and I are his family as far as he’s concerned and he has no wish to complicate his life with another one.
Maybe my son, my sister and I have accepted our adoptions as a fact of life and not agonised over them because all three of us are practical, logical people by nature. If being otherwise leads to the angst that appears to have dogged the author’s life, I thank my lucky stars we are that way.

birdie July 30, 2020

I find Ciarran to be the most revolting example of the male that I’ve struck in a very long time. I didn’t like him from the minute he walked onto The Bachelorette, as I could see he was a poser with a very high opinion of himself.

My husband and I have watched his antics in Paradise with increasing disbelief that anyone could think them remotely okay. ‘It is what it is’, is the biggest cop out saying ever to be introduced into the English language. I too am waiting for some of the guys to speak up on behalf of sanity and decency.
I should add that my lovely hubby is about to turn 75 and grew up surrounded by the ‘bro code’ in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It was strong in those days but, as the song says:  ‘But that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone!’

birdie July 28, 2020

Seriously Laura! Why would you let this bother you? It’s your life, your family and nobody else’s business. You’re doing yourself and your gorgeous bub a disservice by allowing others, strangers, to control your emotions. You just do you and ignore those who have nothing else to do but trawl social media looking for something/someone to criticise to make them feel better about themselves.

birdie July 26, 2020

How dare the president of the United States expect that people will behave in a respectful, responsible manner? When did it become okay to loot and burn other people’s property for any reason? What’s it to them if there are soldiers on every corner? Protesters need to be reminded that if they want the benefits of living in a civilised democracy, they behave like civilised humans with consideration for others.

Stop making excuses for civil disobedience. Regardless of who the president is, it’s still illegal.

birdie July 24, 2020

I’m a mother of a son much older than yours. I know this would be a very difficult thing to do, but for his own sake, you need to report him to the police. This would get him help. This can’t go on. Your younger children are suffering and you need to protect them.

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