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Could Timothy from Married at First Sight save The Bachelor? We had to ask him.

Timothy Smith was basically a producer's dream on this year's season of Married at First Sight.

The groom from Melbourne was hilarious, brutally honest, playful with his delightful bride Lucinda Light, and loved a bit of gossip with the girlies, but he also shared a vulnerable side rarely exhibited by men on this show. 

Throughout the season, Timothy opened up about his past trauma of losing his father five weeks before the TV experiment. It was raw, it was emotional, and refreshing to see. 

Timothy and Lucinda might have left the show before Final Vows but they will live on forever as one of the GOAT couples ever matched in the MAFS experiment. 

While we've had a wonderful chat with Lucinda (read here!), we were yet to meet the man, the myth, the legend himself: Timothy from MAFS. 

Until... yesterday! And let me tell you, this chat was as iconic as the man himself. 

"I was just on the phone with my counselor," Tim tells Mamamia at the beginning of our chat. 

We stan a man who is willing and ready to do the work on himself. 

Given his popularity during the season and his single status now, the obvious question we had to ask Timothy was: would he ever do The Bachelor... and likely, save the axed series in the process. 

"Would I do The Bachelor? Probably not. It's so tacky. I don't want to fight over a girl and I don't want girls to fight over me," he said. 

"I'd feel too much like a c**khead." That's one word for it! 


But never fear, Timothy has his eye on a different reality show. "I'd love to do The Block. From what I know, a bit of drama comes into it and I think it would be a hoot. I've flipped houses before and I know how to stir sh*t up." 

This is true. Speaking of drama, Timothy spilled on who he still speaks to out of his ex-MAFS co-stars. 

"I talk to Jono [McCullough] pretty much every day — if not twice a day," he admitted. 

Timothy and da boyz. Image: Instagram/@timsmith_melbourne.


"Micheal [Felix] lives in my neighbourhood so I always bump into him... I just gave Sara [Mesa] a call, I talked to Lauren [Dunn] yesterday and I talk to Tristan [Black] occasionally," he added. 

Oh no, this is not the father-son update we wanted.  

But Timothy has struck up a friendship with an unlikely groom. "I speak to Collins [Christian], he just gave me a call." 

What a... plot twist. 

The popular groom did want to set the record straight on one bride who he was romantically linked to. "I talk to Andrea [Thompson] a lot, but it's not like we're dating. We haven't dated, we never dated. It's really f**ked that you can't just have a friendship with a girl." 

Thankfully for eager MAFS fans, Tim shared that he's still close with his 2024 bride, Lucinda. "We see each other, I wouldn't say all the time but we went out to dinner two weeks ago. We're catching up next Saturday up in Brisbane — our paths cross every couple of weeks." 

Lucinda and Timothy on MAFS. Image: Nine. 


Timothy then revealed which 2024 contestants he has no interest in catching up with. And our man did not mince his words in this department. 

He said he does not speak to Andrea's ex Richard Sauerman, as there's bad blood between them. "I could take him or leave him on the show. As the show progressed, I just found him to act like a perpetual child," he said.

"I've seen how he talked about me after the show and Richard needs to take accountability for his own sh*t. That's Richard's biggest problem. It wasn't Andrea's fault they broke up, it was Richard. It wasn't Andrea's fault they weren't featured in the reunion. He wants to blame everybody." 

As for the controversial groom, Jack Dunkley? "I hope to never see that prick again," Timothy hilariously confirmed. 


Timothy has no intention of speaking to Jayden Eynaud either. "I heard he was looking for me on Saturday when I was up the Gold Coast which was quite funny. I don't know why he was looking for me, probably because I talk sh*t about him [laughs]." 

There were two others on Timothy's no-fly list. "Ridge [Barredo], I have no interest in seeing. Tori [Adams], I have no interest in seeing," Timothy said.

As for the future of Jack and Tori, Tim was surprisingly optimistic. "I was completely wrong about them, they are actually perfectly matched for each other," he said.

Against the odds, Jack and Tori are still going strong. Image: Instagram/@torileighadams.


Okay, maybe not that optimistic, as he added, "I don't wish them anything but good luck, goodbye and good riddance." Lol.  

Timothy looks back at his time with "no regrets", as he says he was completely himself throughout. 

"I can't act on the show because I can't act," he joked. 

"People meet me now, I grabbed something off Facebook Marketplace and the people were like 'holy shit, it's actually you, I didn't think you'd be shopping on Marketplace'. 

"But I like a deal! I'm not going to pay retail [laughs]. They were very cool people."

As for Timothy's life post-MAFS, he's got his head in the right space and he's ready to do some healing. "I'm doing a lot of therapy right now," he shared. 

He's also no longer working as a distiller or in real estate but has a YouTube series in the works. "I'm doing something pretty cool starting next week. I'm doing a social experiment," he teased. 

"It's not funded by anyone and it's going to be a lot of fun."

I literally cannot wait for what Timothy has in store. If it's anything like his MAFS antics, I'll be watching every episode. 

Feature image: Ten/Nine. 

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