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‘I was ready to hate Timothy on MAFS, but he’s saved the season.’

Timothy has truly turned things around in the past week of MAFS. He's gone from the angry man who yells a lot at dinner parties to one of the best contestants on this season, well besides his incredible TV wife Lucinda

Last month, Timothy was snapping at Lucinda at the Commitment Ceremony, telling her "don't even talk to me," after she opened up about how she was feeling to the experts. He also had an outburst at Jayden, referring to the young groom as "nothing" in an argument.

But this week's couples' retreat in Byron Bay has shown glimmers of a new and improved Timothy. And I'm absolutely obsessed with him. 

Timothy has become one of the girlies finding an unexpected bond with Lauren and Sara. And what have they bonded over? The mutual hatred of a man, of course. That's on girlhood!

Timothy confided in his girlies that he wanted to look out for Tori, a humourous change of heart considering he's spent most of the experiment exchanging insults with the bride.

But Timothy now thinks Tori deserves better than her controversial groom Jack and he's got gossip to share with Lauren and Sara. Earlier on in the experiment, Jack apparently bragged to fellas about how attractive his ex was, even parading her photo around the group.

This paired with Sara's claims that Jack had been inappropriate with her made for quite the gossip session. 

Sara and Timothy have a girly catch-up. Image: Nine. 


As Sara and Lauren confronted Tori with their new information, Timothy moved on to defending another contestant from Jack: gentle king, Tristan.

Timothy and Tristan have forged an adorably father-son bond this season — they're the unlikely bromance we can't get enough of. To solidify their friendship, Timothy even gifted Tristan a matching Byron Bay hoodie. I'm not crying, you're crying!

The only bromance we care about. Image: Nine. 


Back in a girlie chat with Sara and Lauren, Timothy shared that Jack made a body-shaming comment that was likely directed at himself and Tristan, a groom who has spoke at length about his insecurities.

During a pool day, Jack had cruelly taunted the men.

"I had my shirt off [by the pool]... Jack walks in and says 'Oh, I see the whales are here today'," Timothy told the women in a story later verified by Jonathan. 

The women were left shaken with Sara replying "That's so f***ing rude," as Lauren added "What a pig." Amen!

Earlier in the episode, Tristan had spoken about feeling uncomfortable sitting around the pool. "I hate being the dude with weight issues, it f***ing sucks," he said. "I wish I could just feel confident."

On the final night of couples' retreat, Tristan called out Jack for the body-shaming comment, leading the charge as others jumped in to say that those sorts of comments are unacceptable.


It's just so damn refreshing to see one man defend another from the sort of bullying that most men have been taught to laugh off. For generations of men, they've been bread in a culture of toxic masculinity where it's normal for men to bully and belittle each other.

In any other season, the rest of the boys could have laughed off Jack's disgusting comment as 'banter' or 'locker room talk', but thanks to Timothy, the remark was rightly called out for what it was: harmful body-shaming. 

Between holding problematic men accountable and stirring up constant drama, Timothy has become the GOAT of the season.

The outspoken groom capped off his incredible week with an emotional breakthrough with his wife, Lucinda.

The couple have been getting on famously lately. "There's nothing not to like about Lucinda," Timothy said at the most recent Commitment Ceremony. He's not wrong!

Then on couples' retreat, he opened up about the death of his mother, brother and father, telling Lucinda that "the biggest thing I lost was myself," before breaking down in a flood of tears and fleeing the Byron cottage.

Upon returning, the couple had a lengthy hug that Lucinda regarded as one of the best hugs she's ever had. 

It might be baby steps with these two, but we're rooting for Lucinda and the unexpected saviour of the season, Timothy.

What do you think of Timothy? Tell us in the comments section below.

Feature image: Getty. 

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