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A very important guide to which MAFS couples are still together.

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We did it, guys. We've made it to the end of another chaotic year on Married At First Sight Australia. 

While it's obvious some MAFS pairs were doomed from the beginning (cya never, Natalie and Collins!), others have restored our faith in love.

So which couples are still together now that the journey is all but over? Here's absolutely everything we know.

Are Lauren and Jonathan still together?

Lauren and Jonathan. Image: Nine.


Well, by now we're all aware that Lauren and Jonathan did not end up living happily ever after. 

Early on, Lauren accused Jono of being 'too nice' while the groom thought that his bride was hot and cold with him.

In one interview, she hinted that they weren't meant to be. 

"He is a genuinely nice person and that's nothing like me. On paper, the experts got it right but there is something on paper you can't put into words," she told Kyle and Jackie O. "He is a gentleman but when we woke up the day after the wedding, the reality really hit. I just felt our personalities were different." 

Of course, if you were watching the Final Dinner Party on April 7, you would've seen Jono behaving... not particularly gentlemanly, as he sat beside his new girlfriend, former bride Ellie.

During the final week of the experiment, it was revealed Jonathan had been texting his co-star, and the pair entered a relationship as soon as filming wrapped up. In an interview with New Ideathe couple said they are both "so happy". 

"We're so comfortable with one another and we haven't spent a night apart since we got together," Jonathan said, later explaining that they had met up outside of the experiment when Timothy decided to organise a MAFS reunion on the Gold Coast.


But when Timothy and Cassandra cancelled, Jonathan reached out to Ellie to see if she still wanted to catch up.

According to him, they hit it off.

"The next day, because I'd had such a tough three months in the experiment, I woke up with a smile on my face and felt so happy," he said. "I went back to the Sunshine Coast, where I was living at the time, and messaged her. We met again in Brisbane and that's when we started becoming something."

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Are Ben and Ellie still together?

Ben and Ellie. Image: Nine.


Um, no. 

These two never found much of a spark and held differing views on what they wanted in life. Her biggest concern was that Ben was unsure whether he envisioned kids in his future. 

They cut it off officially on Sunday, March 3, when they left the experiment for good.

But of course, none of these things matter, as Ellie is now dating Jonathan, which Ben seems to be supportive of. 

In an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show, he said he believes the pair are a "fantastic" match and he wishes them all the best.

Are Andrea and Richard still together?

Andrea and Richard. Image: Nine.


The oldest couple on Married At First Sight quickly became one of the most beloved. From the moment Richard roared into his wedding on a motorbike, this couple proved to be delightful viewing.

But their dream romance soon turned into a nightmare as the couple ended up constantly clashing. 

The duo opted to leave the experiment at a Commitment Ceremony, both electing to leave after a week of feuding, and an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that they definitely did not rekindle things after they departed.

"They're no longer a couple," they said, before twisting the knife by adding that pair haven't "really kept in touch" since filming the show. And apparently, Andrea is not following Richard's private account on Instagram. 

Are Jack and Tori still together?

Jack and Tori. Image: Nine.


As the experiment's most controversial couple, Jack and Tori have remained resilient against the criticism coming from the other contestants, who have cast doubt over Jack's interest in his TV wife (Jack notably admitted during their honeymoon that there was no sexual connection between them), and called him out on several occasions for wildly inappropriate comments.

Despite all this, the couple are still going strong. According to Daily Mail Australia, Jack spent Christmas in Melbourne with Tori's family.


Tori's bridesmaid Lea, who was originally suspicious of Jack's character, has since said she loves them as a couple. On an episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, Lea told host Megan Pustetto that, "Jack and Tori are so compatible it's almost disgusting.

"He is a huge part of our family and they're absolutely end game." 

Alrighty then!

Are Jayden and Eden still together?

Eden and Jayden. Image: Nine.


Considering Jayden is the brother of 2022 commitment-phobic groom Mitch, we didn't have the highest expectations for his dedication to the experiment. In the early episodes, however, Jayden and Eden appeared to be the experiment's strongest couple.

There was one bump in the road when Jayden shared he had gotten revenge on a previous girlfriend's infidelity by having sex with her friend (while the girlfriend watched??), but they recovered — and appeared to be still going strong for months after the experiment wrapped up.

In October 2023 and then January this year, Mitch let the cat (or should we say dog?) out of the bag by posting a photo of Eden's pooch Cub on Instagram. And if there was any question over the dog's identity, he even captioned one post "good pal Cub", which he has since edited to read "What a guy!"

Considering how much Eden has spoken about her dog on the show, it was clear she was still with Jayden at the time, if his brother was hanging out with her cherished pooch so often.


However, something has shifted since then, which became clear when Eden was spotted catching up with Mitch's ex-MAFS bride, Ella Ding in March. Considering that Mitch and Ella didn't end on the best of terms, her new choice in friends was a hint that something had gone awry with Jayden.

"They were speaking about Jayden. Eden didn't seem too thrilled about the situation they were talking about," a source told the So Dramatic! podcast. "Eden said she was stressed about this week's episodes because there's lots of drama with her and Jayden."

Alas, the last two weeks have been very eye opening as reports say the pair broke up four times after filming ended. So Dramatic! reported that the pair were fighting after the reunion wrapped,with Jayden apparently dumping Eden over Christmas, which was just a few days after filming had finished.


"He would barely speak to her once they left the experiment," it was said on the So Dramatic! podcast.

"Jayden wanted followers to promote his boxing. He went in with a plan and fooled us. It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it. The only person who didn't buy it was Timothy."

However, Yahoo Lifestyle reported that breaking up with Eden made Jayden worry he would "look bad" so he "came grovelling" back to his bride, who took him back. 

Alas, despite reports that they are still trying to make it work, it looks like the pair are dunzo.

"He has been such a douche to her since filming ended, but she will not admit it publicly... She's so heartbroken," an insider told So Dramatic! in March.

Later, an unnamed MAFS co-star said that Eden had "finally opened up" to her fellow brides about "what was really going on behind closed doors.

"Basically, he was gaslighting, manipulating, bread crumbing and love-bombing her after filming," the MAFS star said.

"Jayden sent Eden some really horrible messages over Christmas. It was textbook narcissism and gaslighting and just being an overall mean person. It was totally f**ked. We all told her that she could do much better than him and deserves better."

Are Timothy and Lucinda still together?

Timothy and Lucinda. Image: Nine.


Lucinda and Timothy had a bumpy ride with the groom struggling to open up and match his new bride's emotional intelligence. The couple showed glimmers of potential early on, but every few episodes, Timothy would say something that undid all their good work.

In February, Lucinda and Timothy were spotted together in Melbourne in photos obtained by Daily Mail Australia. That being said, Yahoo Lifestyle published photos of Timothy "enjoying a casual lunch with a mystery woman" that same month.


However, Lucinda gave away her ending with Timothy in a radio interview. When asked by New Zealand’s The Edge breakfast show if she would ever consider relocating, she replied, "I love this country, it's God's country. If I met a really..." she stated then trailed off, perhaps realising what she had been about to say.

Presumably, the next words she was about to say were "... nice man", seemingly confirming they were over. 

Later, she said in an Instagram post that she and Timothy were a "soul family".

"Love you Timbo. Soul family! What a farewell... cheeky little knobs, ripping our names off the door that was the portal into 'that version of us,'" she said. "Here's cheers to the future version of 'us' as dear friends. So glad I've got a Timbo in my stratosphere and sorry for any times on this experience I hurt you. I see you [and] you're awesome!"


Are Sara and Tim still together?

Sara and Tim. Image: Nine.


What happens when a man who loves Columbia, and a Columbian collide? This was the equation this season of MAFS tried to solve, and apparently the answer is: they fight a whole bunch.

Tim and Sara have had more ups than downs than many other couples this season, and following Sunday night's  Final Dinner Party, it looks like they are not only broken up but on very bad terms.

Daily Mail has since shared photos of Tim hugging (and bum-grabbing) another woman. 

Sorry, Sara! They'll always have... Columbia?!

Are Cassandra and Tristan still together?

Cassandra and Tristan. Image: Nine.


Cassandra and Tristan were one of the most likeable couples in this year's experiment. But that doesn't mean it was smooth sailing, as Cass struggled with Tristan not giving her enough (read: any) affection. 

They both opted to leave the experiment part-way through, and are no longer together.

Are Madeleine and Ash still together?

Madeleine and Ash. Image: Nine.


This intruder couple might be one of the weirdest in MAFS history. Madeleine is an ex-Home and Away actor and psychic medium who acted in a... truly bizarre fashion during her short romance with salesperson Ash.

She burst into tears at the sight of a field of cows on their honeymoon (after eating steak the previous night), and she gave Ash an unrequested reading during dinner, during which she repeatedly said that she loved him (despite having met him mere days before).

Madeleine doing the most. Image: Nine. 


The couple exited the experiment pretty quickly. And Ash has already given an interview, during which he didn't have the best things to say about his bride.

"She's really good at turning it on when the cameras are on," he said in a rogue interview with Daily Mail Australia

"I was like, 'Is she genuine? Like, why is she on here? Is she acting?' So it played into my doubts."

Ash also admitted that Madeleine wasn't the type he typically goes for in a woman. "In terms of what I asked for, in the looks department, it's not normally what I go for," he said. "She wasn't what I was expecting."

Are Michael and Stephen still together?

Michael and Stephen. Image: Nine.


Michael has had a rough trot on MAFS after he was matched with groom Simon, who did a runner before the wedding.

But perhaps it was all meant to go down like that, because Stephen was subbed in — and in many ways, they seemed an ideal match, though they definitely had their share of bumps along the way... Including Stephen saying he's not physically attracted to Michael, and a flirting incident between Stephen and a hairdresser. Yikes. Okay, maybe not that compatible after all?

The couple opted to exit the experiment, sadly failing to break the gay marriage curse that has befallen this show.

Are Jade and Ridge still together?

Jade and Ridge. Image: Nine.


This wildly attractive young couple injected a bit of 'deece' into the show. As intruders, mum-of-one Jade and proud bachelor Ridge started their romance a little later than the other couples, but despite Ridge making too many jokes (a bit of an ick), these two only went from strength to strength.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that the couple celebrated New Year's Eve together, and Jade follows Ridge's dog on Instagram. Ridge even told New Idea that he loved Jade's daughter like his own.


"I never thought I'd be able to love someone's child like my own. But meeting Vee, that's changed," he said. "I love Vee. I see her as my own, even though I know she's not, which is a shock to me. I never thought I'd get to that stage."

However, it's since been revealed that Ridge allegedly got two women pregnant before he entered MAFS... and yeah, this allegation is even wilder than their relationship. 

So Dramatic! claimed the groom was speaking to two girlfriends he had before MAFS during filming, and slept with both of them after the show whilst he was still with Jade. One of the women who said he got her pregnant told the publication, "Ridge went to Germany after Greece, and I went to visit my dad. I got home a week earlier and picked Ridge up from the airport, not knowing I was pregnant."

The source added, "But little did I know that he'd taken a detour on his way home to the Gold Coast to see [another woman], who he also ended up getting pregnant while we were still together. So both of us were pregnant at the same time."

According to reports, neither woman went ahead with their pregnancies, to avoid being "tied" to Ridge for life.

This article was originally published on February 23, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Instagram @edenharper, @lucinda.light