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8 pieces of clothing that won't make you feel invisible.

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There are approximately 8 billion people in the world, so if you sometimes feel as if it’s a struggle to stand out, just know that you’re not alone

Women are constantly having to battle between being heard and being seen, whether that's in the workforce or in their day-to-day life, and if you're a woman of colour, times that same feeling by 10.

It's rough out there, and you would think that by 2023, women didn't share this collective experience of feeling invisible.

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However, this is where the power of fashion lies. It may seem superficial, but expressing yourself through your clothes is not only an art form, it's also a way to escape the ongoing cycle of feeling like this world is far too big for you.

Through clothes, we feel confident; we stand taller and we take up space — and frankly, more of us need to be fearlessly and unapologetically doing just that. 

So that got me thinking, 'what are some items of clothing that make people feel their best?' and who better to ask than the Mamamia team?

From vibrant dresses to brightly coloured shirts, here is exactly what the women at Mamamia wear when they want to take on the world.

Tailored Trousers - Basmah Qazi, Senior Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Instagram @basmahqazi.

"Whenever I have days where I know I need to turn my confidence up a notch I always pull out my favourite pair of tailored trousers. They make me feel powerful and allows me to walk into a room knowing that I can take whatever is thrown at me. I love trousers so much I have a pair in every colour and cut."

Try this: MESHKI Textured Wide Leg Pant, $139.

A Mini Party Dress - Nicole Madigan, Senior Writer.

Image: Toby Heart Ginger.

"I love a mini party dress and this one is perfect in every way. Fitted but not too tight, mini but not too short and the perfect colour for my olive complexion. Love."

Try this: Toby Heart Ginger One Shoulder Mini Dress, $97.50.

A Short Sleeve Midi Dress - Alix Nicholson, Weekend Editor.

Image: Supplied.

"This Sportsgirl dress has become my spring go-to — I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it, it's comfy, it's cute, I'm obsessed with the print and the rich green... my only gripe is that it doesn't have pockets, but I can forgive it if when it looks this good!"

Try this: Sportsgirl Elle Linen Blend Printed Midi Dress, $99.95.

Bright Collared Shirt - Erin Docherty, Beauty & Health Editor.

Image: Instagram @erin.docherty.

"When it comes to my wardrobe, a solid 90 per cent of it is filled with black and blue clothing - I'm not usually too adventurous! But I have this bright pink collared shirt, and I love how it adds a splash of colour to my usual look, and always makes me feel great when I'm wearing it. Happy! Bright! Different! It's an oversized style and super versatile - I also love how easy it is to dress it up or down."

Try this: M.N.G Moss Blouse, $69.95.

A Printed Maxi Dress - Shannen Findlay, Content Producer.

Image: Supplied.

"I wear this dress whenever I feel like I need to put on my best face. It's so pretty and I always get compliments. I thought it was 'too much' at first but I feel really confident and beautiful every time I wear it."

Try this: Novella the Label Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, $259.

Flared Jeans - Nicole Madigan, Senior Writer.

Image: Supplied.

"I love a flare but rarely get to wear them because of my height (I'm short!). Flared jeans are super fun and fitted in all the right places. Throw on a pair of stilettos (preferably in a bright colour) and you're good to go."

Try this: Insight Lenny Flare Jeans, $60.

Statement pants - Isabella Ross, Senior News Writer.

Image: Target.

"There is nothing I love more than a statement pair of pants with a simple white t-shirt or top. They pack a punch and appear like you've put a tonne of effort into an outfit. I particularly love a patterned pair of pants."

Try this: Target European Linen Blend Flat Wide Leg Pants Eva Palm, $60.

A Matching Set - Alix Nicholson, Weekend Editor.

Image: Supplied.

"I have this hot pink set from Sportsgirl and I am OBSESSED with it. It's loud, it's bright, it demands attention and while I'm usually a wee bit more subdued in my clothing choices, when I tried this one in store, I had to add it to my wardrobe."

Try this: Sportsgirl Scarlett Printed Cami, $59.95; Sportsgirl Wide Leg Printed Pant, $79.95.

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