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The Voice is embroiled in a "cheating scandal" and excuse us while we cancel all future plans.



There’s a cheatin’ scandal on The Voice and it deserves our full attention.

At the centre of it is a gentleman named Denzel.

You see, Denzel likes to rap.

Watch Denzel’s controversial performance on Sunday night’s episode of The Voice. Post continues.

Video by Channel Nine

On Sunday night, three members of Team Kelly performed in the Knockout round, which was made up of rapper Denzel, Elsa and Amanuael.

The way it works, for anyone who has somehow managed to miss the 106 hours of The Voice that screens during prime time every week in this country, is that the judge chooses a song for each of the contestants.

This is inherently problematic, because judges appear to choose shitty songs for contestants they’re not that interested in, and great ones for contestants they want to take through to the next round.


Denzel, who last month told TV WEEK that he can’t sing, was given Childish Gambino’s This is America. 

Look. I’m no TV singing contest expert but I’m fairly certain there’s one person on the planet who can sing This is America and luckily it happens to be Childish Gambino. But… rules are rules. And it’s not the worst song choice of the season. A few weeks ago some poor dude was made to sing Hakuna Matata and I for one am still deeply traumatised.

After watching Denzel rehearse This is America, Kelly changed her mind. She told him instead to perform an original rap song, because, as she put it: “When it comes to hip hop specifically… you can’t rap somebody else’s feelings… it doesn’t make any sense.”


Ma’am. You know what doesn’t make sense? Forcing a man to sing and dance to Hakuna Matata like a warthog and then ELIMINATING HIM.

It’s not dignified.

When Denzel performed his original rap song, Boy George smelt injustice.

“It’s kind of naughty,” the 58-year-old said, arguing that there just wasn’t an “even playing field”.

Kelly fiercely defended her position, with fellow judge Guy Sebastian agreeing with her.

Delta Goodrem, however, sided with Boy George.

“That’s not fair,” Delta said. “I am all for original music… but there is about 40 other people in this competition who would kill to sing their original so why should we just say Denzel can do it?”

Good point Delta. 

Boy George then put pressure on the other two contestants to share how they really felt about Kelly’s decision.

“Step up, guys, come on!” he yelled, standing up from his ridiculously oversized chair. “Don’t just be compliant.”

He concluded: “Everyone’s been breaking the rules this year, everyone!”

Once the argument came to an end, and Denzel was unsurprisingly selected to go through to the next round, Kelly told producers she was really upset and “felt attacked” by the other judges.

But Boy George is still pretty pissed off.

He spoke on radio this morning to Kyle and Jackie O and said “there’s going to be more cheating” on this season of The Voice. 

Excuse us while we cancel all our future plans.