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Just every celeb rumoured to be belting out tunes on the new season of The Masked Singer.

Whenever a celebrity mentions that they're busy working on a 'mystery project' we assume they're appearing on some sort of hush-hush reality television show.

We notice our favourite celebs doing odd little things and because we're internet sleuths, we can't help but connect the dots.

And right now, all sneaky behaviour from celebs is pointing in one particular direction: An appearance on The Masked Singer Australia.

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The Masked Singer Australia has officially confirmed that we will be watching another season of the weirdly popular show, where celebs dress up in elaborate costumes in the hope to fool viewers at home whilst they belt out a song or two on our tellies.

The rumour mill has been churning ever since we figured out there would be a whole new season and we can't get enough of it. 

So in celebration of the show, we are going through each of the very possible celebs rumoured to be joining The Masked Singer this season.

Is Charlotte Crosby on The Masked Singer?

If you don't recall her by name, you most likely would recognise her face (or her iconic accent) as Charlotte from the UK reality hit show Geordie Shore.


Many are suggesting Charlotte has to be on the show, given she's been spotted trying to hide her identity and go incognito whilst in Sydney – the same place that The Masked Singer is currently being filmed.

Considering that Charlotte has already worked with the network previously, entering the jungle on behalf of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! it makes sense that she would team up with them again for a new show.  

Is Brendan Fevola on The Masked Singer?

The former AFL superstar, Brendan Fevola has been rumoured to have joined the show, and for good reason. 


In an interview with Fifi Box and Nick Cody, Brendan said he was ”supposed to go to Europe next holidays,” however, had to cancel the trip because of a 'mysterious reason' he couldn’t share any details about. 

This was when Fifi asked him point-blank if it was because he was doing The Masked Singer. To which Brendan replied: "Don't ruin it."

We think this sounds pretty suspicious! 

Is Andy Lee on The Masked Singer?

One half of the iconic Hamish and Andy duo, this Aussie comedian is well known for his appearances on television, working alongside Hamish Blake and writing children's books. According to his Wikipedia page, Andy Lee has also dabbled in music and song.


This is precisely why Andy would make the ideal candidate for the show. He's not only adored by the Australian public but knows his way around a mic. 

Place your bets, folks, because our money is on this man making an appearance.

Is Mischa Barton on The Masked Singer?

If you're a fan of Mischa, or like us, obsessed with the character of Marissa Cooper from the cultural phenomenon that was The O.Cthen you're likely aware that the star has been filming for her cameo on the reboot of Aussie hit show Neighbours.


Given the two projects are from the same network and Mischa has travelled a decent slog to get here, it would kinda make sense that she'd jump on this TV opportunity.

Many of the details about the show are still under wraps, however, we will be keeping a close eye on this one so check back in for all the updates.

Image: Channel 10.

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