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Everything we know about Molly from FBoy Island new relationship.

Our ladies have been working hard over the past few weeks on their quest to find everlasting love. 

Done with the dating scene back home, three women decided to shake things up and maroon themselves on an island, all in the hopes of cutting out the crap and finding a genuine connection.

There have been many romantic highs and lots of turbulent lows throughout the course of the show. And in case you're like us and want to keep a close eye on these relationships we've so heavily invested ourselves in then look no further. 

We have all the juicy details about our three ladies and their final choices. 

Watch FBoy Island Australia trailer. Story continues after post.

Video via Binge.

In a twist finale that had us on the edge of our seats, it was uncertain who Molly, the seasons golden girl would choose. 

However, it was all a calculated plan to shame a player and beat him at his own game. Molly was always going to pick the "too good to be true" Nick.


FBoy Island Molly and Nick.

Order was restored as Molly and Nick officially became a couple. 

It has resulted in the ending we've all been waiting for Molly, as the pair are stronger than ever and have confirmed they are still very much in love.


Image: Binge.

 Image: Instagram/Binge

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