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From Geordie Shore to an ectopic pregnancy: Charlotte Crosby's life in the public eye.

In 2011, a 20-year-old woman, wearing stilettos, stumbled into the Geordie Shore house announcing to the cameras: “I am absolutely shitting me-self.”

Welcome, Charlotte Crosby.

The now-29-year-old is currently on Australia’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! But how did she turn her reality TV hilarities into world-wide stardom?

Here is the rise of Charlotte Crosby, a worldwide reality TV phenomenon.

Geordie Shore.

Geordie Shore followed eight single strangers socialising in a share-house in Newcastle, England. Cameras captured the contestants as they confronted new friendships, faux-mances and fights (and drank excessive amounts of alcohol).

The UK reality show was an instant phenomenon, famous for its ludicrous drama.

Charlotte Crosby was often at the epicentre of the Geordie chaos, making her a crowd-favourite from the start.

who is charlotte crosby
Charlotte Crosby and her Geordie Shore co-star, Gary 'Gaz' Beadle. Image: Getty.

She was hilariously candid, sexually confident and, often, heartbreakingly vulnerable. As Charlotte navigated growing up in her 20s with an international audience watching on, she cultivated a loyal following of fans who adored her for, well, being her.

With unashamed confidence, Charlotte did everything from have sex on television to walk around the streets of Newcastle naked.

Audiences loved her, even when a man called Gary Beadle wouldn't.

Gary Beadle was Charlotte's on-again-off-again romance. It seemed like every season of Geordie Shore, Charlotte would express her undying love to Gary, only for it to never fully be reciprocated.

Life outside of Geordie Shore.

In between seasons, Charlotte won the 2013 series of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Even whilst she was on Geordie Shore, Charlotte successfully leveraged her fame and released a clothing line with British online fashion retailer In The Style.


At the end of 2014, Charlotte famously released a fitness DVD, called Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz - which became one of the best selling fitness DVDs of the decade.

who is charlotte crosby
Charlotte Crosby's fitness DVDs was a best seller. Image: Social.

In 2016, after five years and 11 seasons, Crosby shared she was leaving the high-rating television show. The announcement coincided with a devastating episode in her personal life, after suffering from a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy  (when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the uterus) with then-boyfriend Gary Beadle.


Charlotte was going through the ectopic pregnancy at the same time she discovered Gary had cheated on her whilst filming a reality TV show in Thailand.

The revelation of his cheating and his alleged lack of support throughout her pregnancy loss was the final chapter in their romance.

Since then, Crosby has been in a slew of shows from Ex On The Beach, Just Tattoo of Us and, more recently, has been the star of her own MTV reality show, aptly named The Charlotte Show.

She's also moved on from Gary Beadle in her personal life, and started dating another reality star in the UK, Joshua Ritchie of Love Island fame.

After nearly two years together, the couple announced their split in November, 2019.

Charlotte Crosby on I'm A Celebrity.

who is charlotte crosby
Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher on I'm A Celebrity. Image: Channel 10.

In 2020, Charlotte Crosby entered the South African jungle as a contestant on Australia's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

As ever, she has brought her raw and real personality and reflected on her relationship with Ritchie.

"It's the best thing that could have happened to us. That relationship was all wrong," Charlotte told her fellow campmates Myf Warhurst and Tanya Hennessy.

"He wouldn't even hold me hand [sic]. There was no, like, affection; we would never kiss with tongues. It would be lucky if we kissed once a day... In bed, we never spooned."

Now, Charlotte is in a semi-romance with former Married At First Sight contestant Ryan Gallagher. The two have kissed in the jungle, however, Charlotte has shared her hesitations about being in another relationship so quickly after her breakup.


Watch: Ryan and Charlotte talk about the future of their relationship on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here. Post continues below.

Video by Instagram @imacelebrityau

“I think with all the excitement, I came in here, there was attraction and, all of a sudden, I had like no food in me system and I had clouded thinking,” Charlotte said.

“I was going light-headed. I got carried away. Then I remembered what me mam told us, ‘Do not be stupid and do what you always do’.”

“You know what I’ve learned in the past? My mam is always right. I can’t just jump into another one!”

Time will tell what will happen between the two. But one thing is for sure: Audiences will continue to watch as their favourite reality TV star shares with the world her life journey.

Feature image: Instagram.

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